Posted by: Administrator | 10 March, 2005

President Message on World Food Day 2002

16 October 2002

“I am pleased to note that World Food Day is being observed today with a most apt theme ‘Water— Source of Food Security’ in light of the present global scenario of food insecurity and poverty.” Calling water a ‘precious and finite resource’, the President said that although water covered three quarters of the earth, only freshwater was accessible to a fraction, of which about 70 percent is used to produce food.

In Pakistan, intense competition took place for water resources between agricultural, industrial and domestic consumers. With a growing population and developing economy, Pakistan’s demand for water is ever increasing. Unfortunately, over the years, no effort has been made to augment the country’s existing water reservoirs, which have depleted due to silting and other factors.

Protracted drought and desertification, over the past few years, has further had an impact on this finite resource. “A comprehensive programme for expanding storages through environmentally safe and sustainable approaches has been launched.

Alternate technologies are being explored not only to derive maximum benefits from all the available water resources, but also to reduce the negative effects of excessive use of irrigation water on soil and the environment.

Despite the severest of droughts, with the benevolence of Allah and appropriate policy reforms, we have been able to, not only; achieve self-sufficiency in our main food grain, wheat, but also to export sizable quantities of it.”

The country was bound to share its know-how and resources with other states in working towards the achievement of this common goal, to which we have jointly committed in the declarations of the World Food Summit of 1998 and the follow up World Food Summit of June 2002.”


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