Posted by: Administrator | 9 March, 2005

President Message on International Drug Abuse Day


26 June 2005

Pakistan had almost won its war against poppy production but now had a new battle against alarming levels of drug addiction. Local and international agencies had been effective in reducing opium production and trafficking and Pakistan is “now being quoted as a success story.”

Pakistan says it has cut opium production from 700 tons in 1979 to around 10 tons in 1999, and aims to become poppy free this year. But it is now among the world’s most drug-addicted countries, with cheap opium from neighboring Afghanistan fuelling the habits of millions of users, mostly among the poorest sections of the community.

“Apart from reducing supply, we have to concentrate on drugs demand from within the country which requires special efforts,” “The growing number of addicts within the country is a challenge which has to be tackled in the coming years.” But he said “drug abuse remains a major concern.”

“With an estimated four million drug users, Pakistan has probably the highest number of drug addicts in the world, A particular problem (is) the rising number of injecting heroin abusers,” he said, adding this risked “epidemics of blood borne diseases” and viruses such hepatitis and HIV/AIDS


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