Posted by: Administrator | 7 March, 2005

President Message on Universal Children Day

4 March 2005

“As Pakistan joins the international community in observing the Universal Children’s Day we reaffirm our determination and sincere commitment made to safeguard the Rights of Children. Pakistan as a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) always been in the forefront and International initiatives aimed to protect the rights of the child and fully supports the promotion of a child friendly environment. Islam enjoins upon us the sacred task of care, protection and development of children.

In pursuit of our religious as well as international obligations, the Government is fully cognizant of the need for protection and development needs of children, who are our greatest resource. As an Islamic Republic, we are under obligation to observe the best interest of children and provide them accesses to development opportunities without any discrimination and regardless of their status, caste, colour, creed or language.

On this occasion, I express solidarity with the children of Pakistan and reaffirm my pledge for their welfare, protection and development to help them become useful citizens of this country and also productive members of the global village. The Government is carrying forward an agenda for substantial reforms, which will have a positive impact on the lives of children in the future.

I would like to emphasize that the task of child welfare requires partnerships of all the public and private agencies. I call upon the civil society, NGOs, and philanthropists as well as the international development partners, the media, the corporate sector and children themselves, to come together and play their role in the national efforts to improve the lives of children.

I urge the Federal and Provincial Governments to strengthen mechanisms that are dealing with children and ensure that child protection system are in place and at par with our national and international obligations. I would also like to place on record our appreciation of the UN and Non-Government Organizations for their efforts for advocacy of child rights, and I hope they will continue pursuing this important mission……………

May Allah be with us in our endeavors. Amen”.


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