Posted by: Administrator | 5 March, 2005

President Message on Christmas

25 December 2005

“It is my proud privilege to greet the followers of the Christian faith the world over and in Pakistan on the joyous occasion of Christmas, the birthday of Prophet Jesus (A. S). The message of Prophet Jesus was one of love, peace and harmony.

He showed us the path of virtuous living. It is therefore incumbent upon us to practice the spirit of peace, love and brotherhood, which are common to not only Christianity and Islam but to all religions of the world. There is an urgent need in the world today more than ever for removing distrust and misunderstandings among the followers of different religions and fostering greater understanding, tolerance and respect for all.

In this regard, Pakistan has initiated and is actively engaged in a dialogue with world powers for the resolution of political disputes, forming the root cause of extremism, with justice and equity.

We have proposed Enlightened Moderation as a practical and long-term response for achieving sustainable peace and harmony in the world and a means by which the West and the Muslim Ummah can work together for the mutual benefit of humanity.

Domestically, the Government of Pakistan has rejuvenated efforts to create a congenial environment in the country, where all segments of society may live in peace and tranquility, irrespective of their religious beliefs. On this day, I would like to acknowledge and place on record the gratitude of the entire nation for the patriotism and tremendous contributions by the Pakistani Christians for the progress and development of our beloved country.

I also reiterate the firm commitment of the government to uphold the rights of all minorities living in the country as enshrined in Islam and the Constitution of Pakistan. We are committed to building good relations with all minorities, duly safeguarding their rights & privileges.

I once again wish all Christians the world over a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year”.


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