Posted by: Administrator | 4 March, 2005

President Message on Labour Day

1 May 2005

“Let us, on this day; resolve to eliminate all forms of exploitation and oppression. Urging the employers to have an enlightened approach in dealing with laborers, there is an urgent need for the aspirations of the employers and the working class to converge in order to increase productivity and promote the well-being of all. Without economic development of the country we cannot realize the objective of a modern dynamic and moderate Islamic welfare state.

I, therefore, urge all Pakistanis to work hard for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. The employers on their part must ensure good working conditions to the employees. If we have to enter the World Trade Organization regime as a prosperous and self respecting nation, we should deal fairly with our workers and also improve their skills in terms of service. May 1, is observed every year to pay tribute to the entire working class and to reaffirm our commitment to uphold and enhance the dignity of labour.

No covenant upholds the dignity of labour as firmly, as Islam does. The best way to ensure the welfare of the working class, therefore, is to follow Islamic injunctions. As we celebrate May Day, let us pledge that we will strive in accordance with the teachings of Islam to rid our country of all discriminations against labourers and workers. For the first time in the history of our country, workers have been given the right to participate in the decisionmaking process at the grassroots.

For this purpose, the devolution of power plan was introduced, that ensures representation to all segments of society. Workers and peasants under this devolution plan are elected on seats reserved for them in the local government elections. With this system in place, workers will now be able to contribute to their emancipation by participating in the political decision-making, ensuring the well-being of not only the working class but other sections of the society as well.


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