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President address at Pakistan Day

23 March 2007

My dear brother and sisters: Assalam-o-Alaikum. Today is Pakistan Day and I would like to congratulate the whole nation on this occasion. I feel proud and honoured to be addressing this elegant parade. I pay homage to Parade Commander for commanding this graceful parade. I want to congratulate all military and civilians who are present here. We changed the parade venue this year so that the general public does not face problems in the flow of traffic and in my point of view this change has been successful. My brothers and sisters the significance of Pakistan Day dates back to 1940 when under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan Resolution was passed at Minto Park in Lahore.

And in this Resolution, a separate homeland for the Muslims of this region was demanded. Thus, after nearly 7 ½ year’s, Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into existence. Our Country is based on an ideology.

According to Quaid’s vision, the minorities have equal rights like any Pakistan and their property and lives are secure in this Country. My brothers and sisters, we got independence 60 years ago.

 Today, we should promise that we would make Pakistan a stronger Country and take it on the path of progress and prosperity. We would make our Country so strong that it is able to fight any internal or external threat.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan and our weapons are for peace and we do not any offensive intentions.

You have seen JF-17 flying today. It is a new induction in Pakistan Air Force – an example of Pak-China cooperation and a successful achievement by the grace of God. We are proud of JF-17 and Pakistan Air Force. My brothers and sisters, we would make our economy strong by eradicating unemployment and poverty thereby emerging as a healthy and educated nation. On this occasion, I want to pay homage to all Armed Forces of Pakistan.

 Our whole nation is proud of them because of their determination and devotion to Pakistan. Apart from Country’s defence our Armed Forces have been successfully overcoming threats and challenges. I would like to quote a few examples.

During the time of earthquake in 2005 till now our Armed Forces have shown an examplenary performance. They have saved thousands of lives in the relief and rescue operations. Even now Armed Forces are leading in the reconstruction and rehabilitation process.

Another example and maybe some of you do not know about it is that when one or two years back Sukhar Barrage in Sindh was about to be damaged and swept away. It was due to the courage of engineers of Pakistan Army that the situation was under control; otherwise Sindh would have been converted to a desert.

Today, Pakistan Army is fighting with 2 terrorism and extremism whether it is in FATA or Balochistan. Our Armed Forces have scarified their lives for this Country.

Therefore, I salute Army, Navy and Air Force of Pakistan and I am proud to be their Chief. By the grace of God, our economy is stronger than before and has never reached a level which it has now. We are moving in the forward direction.

Our Government has dozens of developmental projects in the pipeline and you would see their results in 1-2 years. We are spreading a network of telecommunication, industries, irrigational system, electricity, water and gas throughout Pakistan at a speed, never done before. Then there is a white revolution in Pakistan’s diary.

In the social sector, Government is focusing on health and education and a lot of funds have been allocated for their improvement in the Country. All these developmental projects have a common goal i.e. job creation and poverty elimination. My brothers and sisters, in the end I want to briefly comment on law and order situation in Pakistan.

Currently, we have a judiciary case and it would be solved legally and according to Pakistan’s constitution. I want to appeal all lawyers to let the legal and constitutional requirement be fulfilled. Do not give it a political image. On the other hand, spreading of terrorism and extremism in our society is an internal threat. It cannot be handled by a single person or single force. Therefore, I appeal every Pakistani individual to stand up and save the nation from this danger.

My brothers and sisters, according to Quaid-e-Azam’s vision the future of our country is a developed, moderate, prosperous and powerful Pakistan. It is our duty to turn this dream to reality and I promise this nation that we would take this country to a successful level inshAllah as envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam or Allama Iqbal. With all this, may Allah be our protector. Armed Forces of Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistan Paindabad.


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