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President address on 130th Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam

25 December 2007

I am feeling proud to address nation through you on the 130th birthday of Quaide- Azam. I remember that when I was standing on the same place seven years before, only two entering points were working and there were wild bushes, garbage and dust all over the ground. I asked the Corps Commander to give this mausoleum a gift from Army to whole nation and convert its exterior in a best one.

I can say it proud fully that Army made this mausoleum a beautiful garden in such a less time and with such a less cost. Thousands of people come here daily and they pay homage to Father of Nation. Governor has said that it is the first time that President and PM has come here for the first time, it is correct, it should have happen before. I think President and PM should come here every year and prove before Quaid’s soul that how they have developed Quaid’s vision, Quaid’s thoughts and ideals and how they are acting in accordance with all this. They should tell nation by standing at the Quaid’s tomb that how they are progressing with Quaid’s vision.

Today, in this court of Quaid’s, before you people and before the whole nation, I want to prove that in last seven years how government of Pakistan has taken Quaid’s vision forward. All of us know very well about Quaide- Azam, I do not need to repeat it. He was an internationally known personality.

I want to prove it with a quote from book “Few individuals alter the course of history, few have still modified the map of the world, hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation state, M A Jinnah did all three”. This was his greatness.

I appreciate PTV, Minister of Information, Secretary Information, all artists and compares for presenting such a beautiful program on this important event. Through the subject of this program “Rehber-e-Tariqi-o-Kamal”, we are paying tribute to Quaid. We should think while paying this tribute that how we are taking Quaid’s vision along us, and how we are taking Pakistan to the progress while having his vision in mind. I was thinking of Quaid’s personality, my own views,

I want to highlight some important points of Quaid’s personality, most important of them is honesty and integrity, secondly logic & reasoning , clear thinking about everything, thirdly steadfastness which he showed in everything, no compromise on principles, fifth point is dignity and honour at all costs, sixth point personal example; example of his own personality before nation, and the last point which is highlighted in all his speeches and thinking is moderation and enlightenment . These are very prominent features of his personality which I think every Pakistani should emulate, should follow.

 I want to say that since the time we came in power, we are taking Quaid’s vision and idea along us and take guidance from his thinking. Now as a proof I want to tell that what we did and then we will see it as a reflection of Quaid’s ideas. Firstly I want to shed some light on Pakistan Movement, I will highlight some important points, and for me Pakistan Movement started in 1857. In 1857, when 2 we fought our war of independence, Muslims were defeated and Mughal Empire ended, Colonialism started and after this defeat Muslims became deprived and underdeveloped and thinking developed in Muslims that they should not acquire knowledge from English and they should live in their own state and all this situation took us to underdevelopment.

At this time Sir Syed Ahmed Khan emerged and gave Muslims enlightenment, and gave call to seeking progressive knowledge but he was opposed a lot, and these were the internal elements which I called obscurantist. These elements opposed progress but we should thankful that those elements were defeated and Sir Syed’s thoughts towards acquisition of Knowledge and Muslims started to raise, in 1906 Muslim League was established and today is Muslim League’s 100th anniversary, in continuation of Sir Syed thoughts’ Ali Garh University was established and Ali Garh movement was started, it was due to Ali Garh Movement Muslims spearheaded Pakistan Movement and Pakistan Resolution was passed and it were passed in the light of Quaid’s and Iqbal’s thoughts and it was an important turning and new era started and this time too obscurantist opposed the creation of Pakistan an obstacles were created in the way of Quaid but they failed and Pakistan came into being with the efforts of Quaid.

And today we are proudly breathing in an independent Pakistan, If there had been no Pakistan, no one of us had been in this position and you had no future. Now you have your future in your hand and this opportunity has been given by Pakistan and this should be preserved and enviously guarded. Quaid is not alive but we get guidance from his speeches.

First of all, his thinking about three important sectors: Education, Economy, and Defence of the country , sovereignty of the country can be maintained until and unless it is protected and secured,

Quaid said it on March 2, 1941 and I quote “there are at least three main pillars which are to make a nation worthy of possessing a territory and running a government, one is education , next no nation and country can progress without making their economy powerful in commerce, trade and industry and lastly when you have got knowledge of life by education and you have made yourself strong economically and industrially then you have got to prepare yourself for your defence, defence against external aggression and to maintain internal security ”.

Now I want to tell that what we have achieved in last seven years and on which way we are heading to. First of all I’ll talk of defence, as I said of us will exist with the existence of Pakistan.

Today I want to tell you proudly that Pakistan Army is strongest at this point of history and I am sure about it. By every passing day this strength is increasing, wither in conventional sense i-e army, navy, air force, and there were days when with every passing day we were getting weaker in comparison to the threats we were facing. If we look at the unconventional mode then Pakistan is a nuclear power. We have tested our whole missile power and the security and safety of our missile system is that much strong that if any nuclear attack is done on Pakistan, it will not be affected. So I am sure that there is no threat against Pakistan and Pakistani nation is fully prepared to face any threat. But there are some internal elements which are damaging Pakistan like termite.

I quote Quaid “defence from external aggression and defence from internal threats”.

Today we have to face internal threats, we have to make sure that if Al-Qaeda, militant 3 Taliban or any element in Baluchistan rise, Pakistani nation and Armed forces will fight them and will not let them rise, and eradicate them so that Pakistan can progress with full integrity. Nobody could challenge writ of the government, secondly, economy is the root of everything, if it is not on the right track, and Pakistan cannot progress. We have turned around the Pakistan’s economy and have removed the label of failed and defaulted state.

Pakistan has progressed a lot. Our GDP growth is one of the best among Asian countries; few countries have shown 4% in previous seven years, our GDP and Per Capita Income has doubled; now Pakistan is in the list of middle income countries. If we look at the other countries, our exports are more than double; our remittances have increased more than 400%. Our FDI has increased 800%, the tax and revenue generation target will be one trillion, it has increased 350%, PSDP has increased 400%. These indicators show strength of economy,

Pakistan is the only country of world that availed IMF’s facility of PRGF and then left it.

 Many development projects can be seen around, if we talk of dams, canals, airports, ports, brick lining of canals, all these mega projects of millions are in progress. They will complete in 2/3 years. Many fly-overs have been built in Karachi, Kamal is a dynamic Nazim and he has invited me to come over here next month, there is a series of fly over from SITE to Shahrah-e-Faisal and there will be uninterrupted traffic, I’ll inaugurate Bagh-e-Qasim in Clifton which will be the most beautiful garden of the world, all this became possible because the economy of Pakistan is progressing.

Now I want to have a look at the educational sector, government of Pakistan is fully aware of education’s importance and we have formulated a holistic strategy for it.

I’ll again quote Quaid regarding education on Nov 27, 1947, “There is an immediate and urgent need for training our people in scientific and technical education in order to build our future economic life and we should see that our people undertake scientific and commerce and trade and particularly well-planned industries but do not forget that we have to compete in the world which is moving fast in this direction.”

This was his thinking about education. We have formulated a comprehensive plan for education and we are implementing it also. We are improving the quality of primary and secondary education. And the technical education, which Quaid referred to Economy progresses with the help of education and not alone with the production and energy resources, if you have oil and does not have utility, you have marble but you sell it in raw form at cheap price and it is resold to you after finishing at much higher price.

Nine universities are being established in Pakistan, these are the best universities of developed countries, and two degrees will be awarded to students, one Pakistani and the other of university’s parent country. A degree achieved from these universities will be equal to the degree of university’s parent country. The students of these universities will be the degree holders of the level of those advanced countries. We are opening technical institutes and are molding our education according to our industrial requirements with the help of a national institute of NEFTECH at district level.

I want to tell Quaid that we are heading with his vision. Now come to the status of women.

I’ll again quote Quaid which he said on March 10, 1944 “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by 4 side with you, we are the victims of evil customs, it is a crime against humanity that our women are in the four wall of the houses as prisoners, I do not mean that we should imitate the evil of western life, let us try to raise the status of our women with Islamic ideals and standards.”

Now what we are doing in this connection, I do not want to go in detail, we did the political empowerment of women, and we gave them 33% representation at local government level and 20% at national level. So now the destiny of women in their own hands and they can raise their voice for their own rights and can fight for these rights and I am with you.

We are giving them economic empowerment, mainstreaming them so that economically independence will be achieved among women. We have done lot of things in this connection. First of all we emphasized on the girls education. And today girls are doing better in education as compare to boys. Therefore, boys should wake up. I also want to say something about mainstreaming that we have provided 10% percent special quota to the women in civil services.

Also there are four Pakistani women pilots in the Pakistan air force. And today in Pakistan Military Academy, 31 girls cadet are in Kakul. Also I want to tell you that when the Pakistan Military will take over this guard, six would be girls there. So this is main streaming and economic empowerment for the women so that they will come forward and go along with men.

Thirdly is the removal of injustice from the women. Removing it through the legislation against the women, this is a historic moment that women has been given after 27 years that this Government has taken courage and have passed the bill for this women protection bill. I want to congratulate the women who are present here for passing on this bill. This is the first step. Other steps would be taken where we consider that there are social injustices against the women, we have solve all these and made legislations. And InshAllah will be done. We also pass the bill on honour killing. And also passed the bill on women bails, though which thousands of women have been freed from the jails. I have been proud of this fact and the whole Government is proud on that and the Nation should be proud of it.

This was the thinking of Quaid-i-Azam about the women.

Now I want to talk about the minorities and I want to quote Quaid words.

Press conference July 1947, New Delhi, I quote, “Minorities to which ever community they may belong will be safe guarded, their religion, faith or belief will be secured, there will be no interference of any kind with the freedom of their worship. They will have their protection with regard to the religion, faith, their life, their culture, they will be in all respects the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction or cast or creed”

We are moving this though of Quaid. I am proud that first of all we have empowered the minorities and did their main streaming politically. We have given then joint electorate system and have given them the fixed seats. We have given them fixed seats from the Senate down to the local government system. We have nationalized their educational institutions which resulted in destruction of those institutions, now today we are de nationalizing those institutions. Now they have improved a lot. We should have the ability and confidence to make the change. 5 Also today I am also proud that Sikh is also in the Pakistan army along with other religious background cadets. And tomorrow, a Sikh cadet will also take the duties of the guard here at Quaid’s Mazar.

We are also liberating a Pakistani society; give them freedom, so that there would be freedom in thinking. We have initiated that process. In this I feel proud that first of all the empowerment of people of Pakistan. We have empowered the people at the grass root level. Secondly the empowerment of the youth of Pakistan, we have reduced their age of voting from 21 to 18. They have the equal right to elect their own leaders. We have empowered the parliamentarians.

There was a fourteenth amendment came here according to which if a party member say anything against the party then he looses that seat from the party. We have empowered the opposition as well and allowed them to give their views and we know that they are either lying or distorting the facts. We have given the opposition a seat in the National Security Council. This is the empowerment of the opposition. Then we have empowered the media. Today there are 50 TV channels are operating. S

o I feel proud that where ever you go e.g. if we are in Japan or US you will always find a Pakistani channel there. We have also empowered the judiciary. Today there is no interference and politicization in the judiciary. In the end I want to tell, ladies and gentlemen that it is a duty of every Pakistani that we should be the custodians of the vision of Quaid-i-Azam. And move forward with his vision. And stand against those who act against those visions.

Today only those elements are creating hurdles, which I called the narrow minded people, and they are creating problems in the way modern Islamic state. They are creating problems who are against the modernization of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan as well, and they were defeated. Those who were against the vision of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal were also defeated. Those elements are also rising against the enlightened moderation. They will be defeated again InshAllah. Those elements were against the creation of Pakistan, they were against the thinking of Quaid-i-Azam.

This minority have no right to create hurdles against the majority who are in favour of the vision of Pakistan. And we will InshAllah will not give them the right and this Nation as a unit will oppose those elements. InshAllah those elements will face defeat the coming elections. So we want Islam which will bring Pakistan forward and also the whole Muslim Ummah will follow the path of Pakistan.

And this Nation will defeat those elements that will come in the way of progressive Islamic estate of Pakistan. There are elements in the society who misguide the students of the Madrassas and bring them to streets for protest and strikes. Those are innocent students and this should stop. Those elements are trying to disturb the law and order and integrity of the Country. Those activities would not be allowed in Pakistan. We want to make and see Pakistan a modern, progressive and dynamic Islamic state.

I have full confidence that this Pakistan would be made in accordance with the vision of Quaid-i-Azam. 6 In the end I would like to quote Quaid again.

Which is in Islamia College Peshawar 12 April 1948, and I quote. “Our duty to the state comes first, our duty to our province, to our district, to our town, to our village, and ourselves comes next. Remember we are building up a state which is going to play a full part in destinies of the whole Islamic world. We therefore need a wider outlook and the out look which transcends the boundaries of provinces, limited nationalism, and racialism, we must develop a sense of Patriotism, which should galvanized us and weld us all in one united and strong Nation.

That is the only way in which we achieve our goal, the goal of our struggle. The goal for which millions of Musalmans have lost their all and laid down their lives.“ I pray to God that may Allah give me and the Government the ability and guide us so that we will take forward Pakistan according to the vision of Quaid-i-Azam. I want to tell that our intentions are high and our resolves are very strong, we do not afraid of any one.

This Pakistan would be made according to the wishes of Quaid-i-Azam. May God bless you all. Quaid-i-Azam Zindabad.

Pakistan Paindabad Thank you.


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