Posted by: Administrator | 24 February, 2005

President’s Speech at the inauguration of Supply of Natural Gas to Murree

31 August 2006

Bismillah. I am very pleased that I come here for the second time. I came here before when the project was launched and I addressed to you at that occasion. You have welcomed me again with the same enthusiasm. I applaud you all and I am thankful to you all.

In less than one year, SNGPL has completed this project and this natural gas has reached at your doorstep. On this occasion, I applaud the Chairman, Engineers and workers of SNGPL for this effort. I congratulate them all for completing this project in less than one year. We are thankful to them. I congratulate the people of Murree on this occasion and this natural gas will bring prosperity in your life.

 You will get the cheap gas and this beautiful place where the tourists come from all over the world and also from every part of our country will come more often and the tourism will be promoted here. The availability of cheap gas to people would help reduce deforestation. I also request you all that use gas and stop cutting the trees. Because this is for your own interest as the tourism will promote here and you will get the benefit of it. One of the examples is the gas which was provided in Ziarat. And now the cutting of trees has been decreased a lot there and there is an improvement.

Similarly here this will become more beautiful and plant as many trees as you can. The Government has four times more resources to spend on projects of public welfare. Punjab Province has Rs.100 billion for the development project – an amount which used to be spent on the development programme of the entire country. My effort is to improve the economy of Pakistan and give maximum benefits to the people. We have the resource and we will spend it on the people’s welfare.

The Government has allocated Rs.415 billion for the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the current financial year.The Government is working to provide, gas, power and clean drinking water to the entire population by December 2007. While the Government plans to install water filtration plant at union council level, efforts were being made to provide clean drinking water to every village of 1000 or more people that would require a total of 28,000 such plants.

Provision of clean drinking water will help check incidents of water-borne diseases. For the last three to four years, the district Murree got 4.5 million Rupees from Kushhaal Pakistan Program. We will increase this allocation in the coming years. A road network in the area would not only be improved but also expanded. I directed to undertake study of construction of fly-over in Ghika Gali to ensure smooth traffic. Soon there will be special snow clearing equipment to overcome problems of movement in the area during the snow season. The entire collection of the Toll Plaza established at Satra Meel will now be given to Murree to be spent on the welfare of its people. Earlier, the Tehsil would get only 33 percent of the total earnings.

I also direct the DCO for setting up of a car park in camp office to facilitate people and I also announce a technical training centre to impart necessary skill to the youth of the area. So our effort would be to promote the technical education and you should follow the path of technical education. So that they can earn their own money through the business. Murree would soon have a 200-bed hospital and funds for its construction have already been released. I also announce the extension of Murree gas pipeline to Galliat and eastern parts of Abbotabad. On the demand of the people, I direct the SNGPL to make gas available to all the rural parts of the Tehsil.

A sustainable democracy has been introduced in the country and power has been devolved down to the grassroots level. The local governments completed their four-year tenure and their elections were held for the second time for the next term. Senate has successfully completed their term. The first time in the country’s history the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies would complete their tenure and elections would be held in 2007 after five years. I request you to elect those who were committed to their welfare and wanted the continuity of development process in the country.

A true democracy has been established here and this true democracy will InshAllah sustain in future. I want to tell the poor people of Balochistan who are suffering from a sense of deprivation for the last 50 years that the Government is committed to their welfare. The Government’s resources were for the welfare of people of Pakistan, including those from Balochistan who had been a victim of neglect in the past. What we have done for the province in the last five years is more than what was done in the last 50 years. We are undertaking mega projects in Balochistan worth Rs.135 billion which will usher in an era of prosperity in the province.

There are many projects undertaken in Balochistan including the Gwadar Deep Seaport, construction of coastal highway linking Karachi to Gwadar and Mirani and Subakzai dams which were nearing completion and would be inaugurated soon. The water will be used for irrigation and this will benefit the people of the area. The Government completed a scheme worth Rs. 8 billion to overcome the problem of water shortage in Quetta. The Government is also laying a network of roads in the province. We are constructing of 900 km road that will link Gwadar with Turbat.

There was a demand of linking Balochistan with Punjab, the Government is constructing metal roads between Zhob and D.I.Khan and the one that will link Quetta with Loralai and D.I.Khan. This has not been done by the previous governments. Katchi Kanal was also being built at a cost of Rs.40 billion that would bring a vast barren area under cultivation. Besides these mega projects, there are also small projects to provide comfort to the people and in this regard he mentioned about the allocation of Rs.100 million each for 26 districts in the province.

Thousands of people were forced out of their land to live in extreme poverty in other areas. Some 18,000 to 20,000 people have now returned to their ancestral lands and the Government was giving 10 goats to each family to make their living. There are 30,000 jobs for the Balochi people and provision of gas to Qalat, Ziarat, Noshki, Sibi, Mastung, Jaffarabad, Naseerabad and Gwadar during the last four to five years. We have done lot of development projects in the last 5 years which had not been done by previous governments in last 50 years. We have given rights to the people of Balochistan.

This is what we are doing for the people in Balochistan and we giving people their rights which were denied to them in the past. The Government was spending massive resources on the development in Balochistan and people will see the results on ground in the coming years. My message to the people of Pakistan is to love Pakistan. No one would be allowed to work against the country’s integrity and sovereignty. I am thankful to you all and I request you to support the Government in the development projects underway in your area.

Thankyou Paksitan Paindabad.


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