Posted by: Administrator | 19 February, 2005

President speech at Launching Ceremony of JF-17


“It is a big honour for me today to be present here at this very momentous occasion which I would call history in making for Pakistan Air Force and for Pakistan. First of all I would like to congratulate all engineers, technicians, personals and others who associated with this process for their commitment, dedication, expertise and for their professionalism with which they have approached this whole programme and now brining it to fruition. I would be a remiss if I did not express my special gratitude to China who is our long standing, time tested friend for their collaboration in this project. This project demonstrate long tested, very time tested and deep relationship that Pakistan has always had with China and which is growing from strength to strength which will be further strengthened with the visit of PM Wen Jiabao today for about three days into Pakistan.

 Besides several other areas of collaboration between China and Pakistan I singled out in the area of conventional weapons. So far the area of Air Force is concerned we had a symbol of joint production K-8 and on the army said we have Al Khalid tank which stands as the symbol of Pak-China friendship in the conventional weapons production. Now this third mile stone of JF-17 is being launched today.

It is an honour for Pakistan and it shows the deep rooted friendship between our two countries as Ex- Chinese Defence minister said, “It is deeper than the ocean and higher than the mountains”. We will continue with the relationship on the same platform of being deep standing and long standing. Thank you very much.

Kamara started with the overhauling of Chinese and French aircraft many years back. We have come a long way since then. I think we stand at the thresh hold of a very major leap ahead. It is a leap ahead in acquiring indigenous manufacturing capability. This is a very major leap ahead that we are launching today.

The JF-17 will form the back bone of Pakistan Air Force in the future and I think it will meet the operational needs of the Air Force in the foreseeable future. I am glad that it incorporates advanced technology which is latest available in the world today. We have selected avionics and very diverse range of weapons which make JF-17 very potent force to recon with.

I would like to salute all the past and present leadership of the Pakistan Air Force for showing such vision for foreseeing the necessity of replacement of aging air craft fleet that Pakistan Air Force has today. It is well in time when this aging fleet is to be replaced, the JF-17 will be on board. That is the vision of the leadership of the past and present. I salute your vision and your seeing the necessities and requirements of the Air Force and catering for them well on time.

The local manufacturing of JF-17, which has been taken as the decision of the govt, would lead to several off set benefits. To count a few first of all we will acquire expertise in the aviation industries and indigenous expertise in aviation industry and then the acquisition and reliance on indigenous capability. Our own capability in high technology weapon system in the conventional area will be enhance many folds.

Thirdly the development and the growth of the private sector will be enhanced through the up coming facility of this JF-17. We have heard from Air Martial Aurangzeb that it is going to create job opportunities. The numbers of people are already under training and the number of people will be trained in the future. These are the job 2 opportunities which will be available for the people of this area and Pakistan which will help in eradication of joblessness and poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Not the least, the socio-economic development of this area. All the construction is coming up and infrastructure is coming up. It enhances the development of the area. So this facility will contribute in the socio-economic development of the area. Lastly, off course, an advanced technology infrastructure will be developed and then it will be present at kamara and this will be a source of encouragement not only for Pakistan Air Force but for Pakistan as a whole.

Pakistan stands for peace but regards our independence very jealously. We want peace but we want peace with honour and dignity. We will never compromise on our honour and dignity. This peace with honour and dignity is translated into mission of Armed Forces of Pakistan. Our strategy is a strategy of defensive deterrence and this deterrence has been quantified into numbers in the conventional field and the unconventional field. We are determined and resolved that we will never compromise on this minimum deterrence level which is quantified for conventional and unconventional weapons.

I am very glad to say in both the areas whether it is conventional or unconventional and we are maintaining that deterrence level. Therefore we are guarantying peace with honour and dignity. We have evaluated the threat to Pakistan in coming 15 years and we have taken countermeasures in our development strategy for next 15 years for the entire Armed forces of Pakistan. Let me assure this gathering that govt of Pakistan will show resolve and has also resolved the resources to meet this 15 years target to maintain our defensive deterrence strategy. The acquisition for the Pakistan Air Force has not ended with JF-17.

We have several objectives and targets which we have enunciated and identify for ourselves and for the Pakistan Air Force. We will go for them. One of them is acquisition of the high technology high tech air craft. Acquisition of F-16 which will come through does not deter us at all and doesn’t stand in the way of getting high tech aircraft from other sources that we know. We will have the diversification in the high technology air craft also.

I would like to see Pakistan Air Force reaching its past glory. The past glory where I remember in the 1965 war I have said that at the Naval War game. There was a time in 1965 during 1965 war and I remember that when the armed division was to cross Roohi Nalla in Kasoor sector and go for the depth of our enemy .One of our tank overturned at the bridge when we were heading towards Khem Kiran and that delayed armed division. The day light came and I can never forget that sight when the armed division with the hundred of tanks and thousands of vehicles was absolutely in the open. I rememberd it as I was a gun position Officer with six guns which were absolutely opened with hundred and thousands of other guns. The Indian Air Force came but then it were the star fighters F-104 and Saber Jet of Pakistan Air Force which challenged Indian Air Force.

I remembered that hardly few bomb was dropped on us and barely a few causalities and loss of equipments and vehicles which could be counted on our fingers tips. A stage came when people, men and including me were dancing on the ground while Pakistan air force was meeting the challenge of Indian air force in the skies. That was the state and level of expertise of the 3 potent force of Pakistan Air Force. That is the level which we need to get back. That is the glory that Pakistan Air Force must need to get back so that the Army feels comfortable on the ground. Now with the expanded trice of connotation of warfare, Army and Navy feel comfortable on the sees and on the ground, that the Pakistan Air Force is adequately equipped to meet any threat from the enemy’s air force.

Therefore the saying of Quaid-i- Azim is very apt. He says, “A country without strong Air Force is at the mercy of any aggressor. Pakistan must build her Air Force as quickly as possible. It must be an efficient Air Force, second to none”. Therefore this is a very significant step towards meeting this requirement of Quaid and INSHALLAH we will meet it. We will meet it with all its dimension. This is a higher level of middle tech air craft but we will have a higher level air craft. We will have the other requirements of the Air Force fulfilled to be able to put into practical shape what Quaid said in the future.

I assure Air Force of all Govt’s support for this project for its competition and its moving forward. I am very glad that very soon that JF-17 indigenous produced air craft will get air bourned from this facility that will be the pride for Pakistan and Air Force. I look forward to that occasion. In the end I would like to commend the efforts of every one all those who are involved in conceiving, planning, training and in the execution of this project now and as it goes on in the future. It has been an honour for me to be a part of such a ceremony which gives strength to Pakistan, to the defence of Pakistan.

I would end by saying Pak- China friendship Zinda Bad and Pakistan Painda Bad.


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