Posted by: Administrator | 16 February, 2005

President’s address Nowshera Public Meeting

2 March 2005

I appreciate your feelings. I am proud that you have come from far off to listen to me. It is matter of pride for that you have extended respect to me. I am grateful for you. I want to tell you about my personnel association to your locality and family association to Sherpao Family. I have my own association to Nowshera. My brother had first posting as Assistant Commissioner Noshehra. He served the locality for four years. Hayat Muhammad Sherpo elder brother of Aftab Sherpao appointed him Personal Senior Secretary in recognition to his services to the area. He was with Hayat Sherpao at the time of martyrdom. I used to have artillery courses in Artillery School Nowshera. I used to play cricket in the ground you are standing at the moment in my youth.

On Cherat Hills, I have served in SSG for more than three years. We used to come from Ziarait Kaka Sahib on foot. We used to walk in the areas of Pabbi, Jalo Zai, Dagh Ismail Khel. I used to run more than 36 Kilometers from Cherat towards Peshawar. This area is familiar to me. I used to have parachute jump in Pabbi areas. I am happy to be here. I have realization that I am talking to brave, daring, courageous, fearless, hospitable and live hearted Pakhtuns of frontier.

This nation has played a key role in Pakistan struggle. Their role is remarkable in freedom movement. In every time tested hours, they scarified their blood for this land. Pakistan Army is proud of you. Pakistan has PAF academy is in Riaslpur, Armour School & centre Nowshera, Artillery School, ASC and Engineering Schools Rasialpur. This is area of army.

I am proud to visit the land Khushal Khan Khatak and Kaka Sahib. Both are the pillars of Islam. They did a remarkable service to area. They did not use Islam for own purpose. They hadn’t exploited Islam for own benefits like some elements do today. They didn’t teach hypocrisy to this area. I am proud to talk a courageous and hospitable nation on sacred soil. I am grieved about the recent loss of human lives and property by rain and floods in the province. I am pleased that Governor, Interior Minister is doing hectic efforts for in relief work.

Prime Minister also visited the affected areas. I have directives to provide maximum relief to the affected areas. I want to tell you everything in detail. I am here to take you in to confidence. I am very open and straight. I have come here for Jirga. I will ask good prayer and you will reward me well wishes. I will be very straight to you. Important thing is relation with Afghanistan which has direct link to Pakhtuns. I always demand every where for the due share for Pakhtun nation. I demanded at certain time world was against Pakhtuns.

Now world recognized by all sections this reality. No one can ignore Pakhtuns. We have best terms with Afghanistan on political, diplomatically and commerce fronts. Rehabilitation work is in progress inside Afghanistan. It has provided huge opportunities on economic front. Skilled labor is getting employment. We have $ 1 billion trade with Afghanistan. Afghan Markets are full with Pakistan goods. It is paying advantage to every one. Election inside Afghanistan were held with great success.

President Karzai thanked me a lot for role of Pakistan and Frontier for successful elections. The forth coming parliamentary election will held with same success and we will cooperate with them. On West boarder, we need peace. It has special reasons. It is linked to prosperity. We need peace in province for development. Pakistan is hub of the region. All trade to central Asian states like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan Afghanistan will be passed through this area. It also provides pass to west of China’s Singkiang and Oikoi region which has huge investment and industrialization.

On our east, India, they too have trade links. Pakistan comes in centre. It is very expensive to go beyond Pakistan. The central Asian states want to reach sea routes through Pakistan. Indian gas demand will be supplied through Pakistan. The whole economic activity depends on Pakistan. It all depends on geography of Pakistan. We haven’t utilized this geographical strength. We have linked Gwadar Port set up through roads and rails. It will pay fruit to Pakistan. The maximum share will be for Frontier. The maximum benefit will be enjoyed by Pakhtuns.

We must examine the developments in the region. Those undermining the situation should open brain to understand the developments benefiting the country and province. We need peace to get advantage. This will not be gained if peace is not sustained. You should assess your strengths. Nothing can be gained with out peace. We need to sustain peace. You should stand against such elements which are floating hetaerism, division, terrorism and extremism. Don’t let them allow to erupt the environment of development and progress. You must realize the realities. In frontier province, extremism and terrorism is being promoted.

In tribal area of frontier, Wana foreign 2 terrorist are residing belonging to Al-Qaeda or another terrorist group. Tell me, can you enter and reside for ten years in any other country. Without visa you can’t enter any country. But they are residing without any permission. Since we are hospitable, Pakhtuns are most hospitable in Pakistan. But if the guest misuses the hospitality, we can’t afford. I am told about clues linking alleged residing in our country. The terrorists residing in Wana have links to all terror activities occurring all over the world in Spain, Africa like bomb blast or suicide attacks. They tell us that clue has traces to foreigners living in WANA. They defame us in the world.

They misuse our name for exploiting the world through terrorism and extremism. They are not our well wishers. They ultimately slander us in the world. Suicide killing attempt on me or Prime Minister, terrorist activity in Texila, Murree, and bomb blasting in different parts, all the links are towards foreigners residing in Wana. Mastermind was residing in Wana and other cities of the country. These terrorist masterminds have logistics base in Wana where they have complete arrangement of food, ammunition supply, weapon, and training. I

I am telling you truth, not fiction. It is outcome of probe. This is not our hospitality to allow the terrorist to conduct destructive actions. I ask it should be gained from guests. If some elements support them, and allege the Army for not being a Islamic force, these will lead the province to destruction. I request you to reject them. They will lead Pakhtoons and country to destruction. Tell your fellow locals we need Progress. Progress requires need of moderation and enlightening approach. The hetaerism, conflicts, division and disruption will lead us to dismay. We need them at all. It was happening in Wana. We have to launch Operation against them on political and military fronts. We ask them to surrender with amnesty. I asked governor, we promised to allow them to live here peacefully. No one surrendered.

They abducted Chinese Engineers. They killed them. They were working on Gomal Zam project for your benefit. It is not our tradition of hospitality to kill innocent workers working for our future benefits. This is issue of truth and justification against such elements. Tell me either we are true. You are a Jirga. You decide about the outcome. This is your army. This army belongs to Pakhtuns, Punjab, more than 80,000 thousand Sindhis and 10,000 Baloch are working for it. This doesn’t belong to one province. We must discourage the elements spreading hetaerism. Tell your fellow country men don’t give them vote. They will ruin Pakistan. They are against the integrity of Pakistan, progress of the nation and the poor. Your interest lies not to favor them. You must vote those moderate elements.

 Now I tell you about dam. Frankly it has no personnel interest for me. I am thinking for Pakistan and people. Dams are certain for the country. To eradicate poverty, we must develop agriculture. It will develop farmer. Until and unless farmer is happy and prosper, country can’t make progress. Farmers are 70 per cent of the country. Without water, agriculture development is out ruled. Dams are inevitable.

Dam is not for water, but for electricity production. It is cheapest source of energy. IPPs electricity cost Rs 5 per unit. While hydro electricity costs only 50 per cent. Just see the difference of price. You demand WAPDA for reduction in electricity rates. It will drown the WAPDA. Power tariff should be reduced for progress, commercialization and industrialization. It can happen when we produce cheap electricity. This issue is associated to water, agriculture and electricity. It will be cheap and excess quantity. We are also focusing Thermal electricity through coal. We have set up 300MW coal power units in Thar. We are setting up a plant on solid waste, coal and thermal. It will produce 500 MW of energy. Dams will produce 4000 MW electricity. It will provide excess power with logic and justification to reduce the tariffs. Dams have question of location. Kalabagh and Bhasha has feasibility.

In coming ten years, we need one dam. But we must have farsightedness for future. It has huge cost in trillion dollars. In next 10 years, we will over come the deficiency of silted reduced capacity of Tarbela. But in 25 years we need two dams. One dam will only provide water to canals. Question is not of KBD or Basha. We have to work on both Dams.

On Basha, the road expansion is must for Karakoram Highway of 250 kilometers. After the construction Bhasha, 150 Km roads need to be relocated and constructed as present road will drown to water after filling the dam. This road was built with mutual cooperation of China and Pakistan. Many lives were lost for the eighth wonder of the world. Pakistan has to rebuild 400 km new roads in case Bhasha is opted. We have no technical design of Bash. Road construction will take three to four years. The water flow is also question. Flow to Basha is 50MAF as it comes first on Indus. Terbella has 60 MAF, while KBD has 90MAF flow. River Kabul and Sawat River with plan 3 of Munda dam join Indus on Attock.

We wasted water in past as Kabul has record flow in the history. The whole water flowed to sea. It has made political issue in Sindh and frontier. These are baseless allegations. Some claim Nowshera will drown. I want to ask can I allow Nowshera to drown. Army can’t afford it at all. Member technical committee Shamusmulik resides in Nowshera. Will he drown his house? If KBD is full to water, it will be below thirty meters from Nowshera. Water never flows upward. Some say, KBD full to capacity, will overflow Kabul River. They are wrong. Munda dam will control the Swat river water. Tarbela dam can also stop the excess flow. We will control the huge flow of water from three sides and there will be no chances of flood in Nowshera. Some claims displacement of huge population in Frontier.

It is fact that 80,000 population from Punjab will be displaced, while from Frontier only 35,000 will suffer. They will be compensated. You can ask the Mangla affecties residing in huts are now getting houses. All displaced will get houses. In Punjab area of 30,000 acre will be under water, while in Frontier only three to four thousands acres will be under water. It will benefit Frontier to have a canal. This canal will irrigate Tank and DI Khan area. You will get share of water according to the accord. You will get due share 3,000,000 acre feet water. It will reduce poverty.

Agriculture sector will improve. I have a request before you. You are a Jirga. I request you think every aspect and decide about the Dam. I come here from long distance because you are hospitable. It will benefit you ultimately.

Trust on me, believe in me. I will not let you down. I will work for your progress. The decision will be taken in your due interest. Leave the decision on me; it will be taken in your and country’s interest. Now I want to talk about an other issue.

If we want to play a role in Muslim Ummah, We need to project a solid character to lead the Muslim community. I have met all Muslim world, they are asking us about future of Ummah. They demand our role. They consider us bigger and strong country. Bring the bigger country, they want a role from us in Muslim Ummah. We should show light and progress. I ask should we play a role or be silent? It is our status to play a role for betterment of Muslim Ummah.

Many foreign dignitaries are visiting Pakistan. Recently Malaysian Prime Minister was in Islamabad. Prime Minister China, Japan and other countries are expected in coming days. This is status given to us by Almighty. We must play our role, otherwise we will defy his blessing. We can’t play the role with terrorism. Our path is moderate and enlightening. We must show moderation. We have to launch a movement against terrorism. Some elements project a wrong picture. They say moderation is non Islamic. They claim that we are weak Muslims. Moderation is not vulgarity or obscenity. It is not true picture. In my view, No one have contract of Islam. We all are Muslims, we are a ideological country. All have equal rights to live. Minorities have equal rights to live peacefully.

God blessed me with many favours. The doors of Holy House (Khana Kababa) were opened for me. Last time the door of forgiveness (Toba Ka Darwaz) of Khana Kaba was opened to stair up to roof. It is same place, Hazrat Bilal used to give ‘Azan’. I went their and raised Takbeer, promptly responded by Muslims busy in ‘Tawaf’. On my each presences in Shrine of Holy Prophet (Roza Rasool) the doors are opened to step in to internal part of shrine (Roaza) for prayer.

Some believe that I am presenting myself as superior. But I have no right to say my self as superior and others inferior. Leave it up to Almighty. I ask to launch a movement against those elements giving Islam bad name. They present bad picture to world. World perceives wrongly that Islam is religion of extremism. In fact their misdeed gives mistaken picture about our holy and peaceful religion. Don’t allow to use mosque for abuse and to blame others. The best thing in Islam is character. Tolerance is necessary in our deeds. Bring harmony in the society. Islam teaches to bring integrity and solidarity. We have to show solidarity. It will raise the image of Islam and Pakistan. I ask and request you to give vote to good people.

Local Bodies is silent revolution. Do cast the vote to man of character, those who have deep feelings for poor. Don’t vote extremist and intolerant elements. Each country has two pillars economy and military. Earlier our economic front was weak. But we have saved ourselves from complete collapse. Trust in me for the future prosperity. Don’t forget this soil. This is your identification in world. You are strength of the soil. You must work for its strength. I say Pakistan comes first. This is your identity. It is your recognition in world. Its stability and strength is your stability and strength. You all have to work for it. I promise gas supply to every locality demanded. 4

Stadium will be built on this ground. One Cadet College is under construction in Swabi the village of Nishan-i-Haider winner. Federal Government College will be set up here.I received an email from a youngster of Pabbi College, I will ask District Nazim to consider the matter immediately. Scrape Drainage Program will be planned for lands of the areas of Pir Subak and Misri Banda to benefit you. The compensation of land will be examined. PM will also be informed. I am grateful you arrival from far off places. I am grateful that you listen me. Pakistan Paindabad


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