Posted by: Administrator | 15 February, 2005

President’s address to Multan Rally

26 February 2005

I am grateful to you. Your presence has honored me. I am thankful to Chief Minister Punjab, Federal Minister Bosan and elected MPs of the area for organizing a public meeting to have direct interaction. It is also rejoicing that coalition partner PPP is also present. It is indication of strong partnership to work for the progress of the country. I have deep association with Multan.

As Lieutenant and Captain, I served in this beautiful city. This is city of saints and spiritual leaders who projected and promoted the true sprite of Islam with tolerance. They spread true values of Islam. They taught the message of tolerance and affection. This is city of Bahauddin Zakryia, Shah Rukhn-e-Alam, Shah Shams Tabrez. I have realization that it is very lively city.

I still remember the Flood Light Football Tournament at the same Venue. I used to watch this event. I want the initiation of such events that brings life to city. National Cricket Team Captain Inzamamul Haq belongs to Multan. We all should be proud of it. Multan is centre of South Punjab. It has history of centuries. In Azerbaijan, I visited Historical place Multan Sarae (lodge) on the name of your city. I presented them famous Blue pottery of Multan. Theyplaced that gift there.

It indicates our old history and traditions. It reflects the linkages of this part of land to rest of the world. It indicates the solidarity with central Asia. It is our bright history. I am aware of the deprivation of South Punjab. This necessitates the attention for practical development. Just words are not enough. I appreciate Chief Minister Punjab for focusing the special attention to Multan and South Punjab. Education, Health and communication links are prime focus. This area is getting more than its due share. For this keen interest, I acknowledge the Punjab government.

They should spend maximum on development projects to get rid of the past deprivation. It should continue until South Punjab attains the developed level of North Punjab. I promise my full support to Chief Minister and Parliamentarians for this pace of development in the region. I want to take you into confidence about country. Pakistan is no more the old Pakistan. It is not a beggar country. It is not leading towards backwardness and deprivation. It is not same Pakistan which used to ask rulers what they demanded and what they got on their return from foreign trips. Now we are no more beggars but a donor country. Now we have resources. Inshallah we will share our resources with the poor Muslim countries.

In last few years we have passed through a critical stage of our history. Our solidarity and integrity was at stake. Now Pakistan is a progressing country. We are leading towards enlightenment and development. We have broken the begging bowl. Years ago we used to be blamed for getting aid from IMF. Recently we have refused to the aid of 20 billion from IMF. We need no begging or aid. We have our own resources. There was a time when no one knew about Pakistan in the world. We had no importance. Now we are recognized in the world. We have identity in the world community. It is necessary to have importance in the world.

We have to play a certain role in Islamic Community. We have to lead the Islamic countries. If we are strong on political and military fronts, we can play better role for the Ummah. Strong Pakistan can share resources for the development of the Ummah.

We were in isolation in the world. Now world has realized our importance in the international matters. They visit us and ask our consultation on different issues. Eritrean President, Malaysian PM visited us in last few days. PM China and PM Japan are expected soon. They want exchange of views on different matters. They seek Pakistani role in world affairs. Now I elaborate you the internal picture. If we want economic development, we must have stable internal situation. We must review the internal politics. I think it is only critical area for us.

Democracy was not working in Pakistan. I have introduced the real democracy. We have introduced the local bodies system. It is silent revolution. World admits that this LG system will pay a huge benefits to nation. They are trying to learn from our experiences. They have teams to study our LG system to implement the system in respective countries. It is different from past.

Through LG system the power has been shifted to district level. This has given financial, political and administrative powers to people at their levels. It has empowered common man in decisions making. Now all the development projects are decided by the elected representatives at their district and union council level. Nazims have done well; the benefits have reached the common man. But poor work of some Nazims has hurdled the transferring of the advantages to people. Now election of LG will be held this year, in the coming months. I request you to elect true and sincere people. Sincere people work for your benefits. We 2 have empowered the provinces. They are utilizing the resources for you.

 I again appreciate his contribution for true utility of resources. I have only one vision for the uplift of common man. They are getting benefits. We have to work more for them. This all is useless, if the country is not economically stable. After the economic stability, we can spend the money on the people. The prosperity of the country is necessary. I tell you country is prospering. We are focusing the on nation’s uplift. We will eradicate poverty. I promise to alleviate poverty from grass root level.

All progress depends on agriculture sector. The development of South Punjab and Pakistan is associated with uplift of agricultural sector. I want to tell the salient features of the Kissan Package. Earlier ZTBL was providing loans of 25 Billions. It was less than demand. Now according to new policy, other banks are also allowed to provide loans. It has reached the target of 90billions. It will reach the target of 150 billion in the next year. These loans have limit of one million for small farmers. The 80% of loans has been provided to small farmers. ZTBL are not authoritative to arrest any defaulters. No one can arrest the default farmers. Your respect has been restored. If some one teases you, bring it to notice. Cotton is crop of the south Asia. We have achieved the target of 150 billion bales. This is the record achievement of our history.

If government will fail to act properly, the price might go down. Inspite of higher production the govt has managed to keep the prices stable. Price has been maintained at average 950 rupees. Farmers are getting price for their labour. They have earned 40 billions this season. If, the vision is clear, Almighty also pays dividend. Now rain has increased the probability of good Wheat crop and we pray for good yield. It will bring benefits to farmers. Water channels are being bricked in the country. It will reduce the wastage of water. I want to assure that on water reservoirs, you will hear good news. You will have extra water for crops. The benefits will be shifted to farmers. You will have water flowing in canals all round the year. I

 realize the lack of Jobs in the city. Foreign investors are coming to Pakistan. Skilled labour has enormous jobs opportunities. We are lacking the skilled labour. I encourage the setting up of factories in villages. It will provide employment. This is an ideological country. Our ideology is Islamic giving full rights to minorities. Pakistan’s ideology is not extremism and backwardness. We need an idea for progress and enlightenment of the country. Pakistan was created with the ideology of tolerance and respect. It is the demand of time. We need moderation and enlightenment in the society. Extremism is leading to destruction. We should discourage those elements using mosques for promotion of abhorrence. We must stand against them. We must speak against them.

I ask for your role to discourage extremist elements. In forthcoming elections, don’t cast vote in favor of extremist elements. This will be against the development of the country. You must elect moderate elements. Extremist elements are those who strive to impose their own will on others. They have no idea about the basic teaching of Islam. They object on me.

Almighty Allah has favored me with everything. The doors of Holy House are always opened for me. There is none enjoying these blessings. I had the privilege and honor of standing at the place where Hazrat Bilal used to make call for prayer. I went there and said the Takbeer. People responded with full voice. No one has this special honor. On my visit to Madina, doors were opened for me to go inside the Roza Rassol. It is Allah’s blessing. They should have no doubts about me.

We must leave it to Allah. We are not living in space. We have to live in this world peacefully. If we don’t follow the world, no progress is possible. We will remain backward, if don’t share with the world. This is era of coordination. We must strengthen our political and military pillars. We have to discourage extremism and terrorism. If you stand by me in this struggle, I promise to remove all hurdles in the way of progress of the country. We will have no hurdle to eradicate poverty and economic boom. I have listened to the demands of the city.

 Multan airport terminal and runway will be developed and expanded for big planes. Cargo complex for mango export will be constructed. Northern and Southern bypass will be constructed. The 23 crore rupees required for land purchase will be allocated. Gas and electricity will be provided to the neglected areas of Multan. I will direct HEC to set up Women University. It is hub of three provinces and deserves a women University. Multan is ideal for TV station and in South we will definitely have TV station. It will soon be set up in city.

I received an email message from a student on website for improvement of GC Multan. I have asked the Nazim to look into the matter. I am grateful that you came to hear me. I know you have come from far off places. I am grateful to you. I pray to Almighty to save Pakistan from extremism. Allah will be our guardian.




  1. Mush should be charged with treason. he has destroyed the country in exchange for $$.

    He admits in his book that he sold Pakistanis for about $300mil. My question is why did he do that, did he include any of his relative in that bunch, why should we believe that he is right for the country?

    he should be put on trial.

    even I can do better job he can.

    Gazoo Martian, Chairman
    Pakistani Patriots,
    virtual today, actual tomorrow

  2. Gazoo Martin,
    For your very kind information Gazoo, Musharraf NEVER said that he sold Pakistanis, as you put it. Misinformation hurts one’s credibility, more than anything else.

    Read his book, he writes “Since shortly after 9/11- when many Al-Qaeda members fled Afghanistan and crossed into Pakistan. We have captured 672 and handed over 369 to the USA. We have earned bounties totalling millions of dollars…..”

    Understand few things – he wrote:
    1- Al-Qaeda members CROSSED over into Pakistan
    2- We handed over only 369 out of 672

    Musharraf RETURNED back foreigners/aliens/terrorist to their own countries or alternatively, to the NATO forces in Afghanistan. These foreigners for whom you feel pain, crossed over into Pakistan, WITHOUT legal passports, and destabilized Pakistan flaring extremism and suicide bombings. They were members of Al-Qaeda – Tajiks, Uzbeks, Arabs, Afghans, Chechans, etc.

    I ask you, why were only 369 handed over from total 672? Why not all 672? Hence proven, he handed over only NON-Pakistanis. Not one single Pakistani was handed over.

    Those who misguide ordinary Pakistanis should be held for trial, for lying!

    Long Live Musharraf

  3. What about Kansii & Aafia Siddique,

  4. oye Gazoo, idhar bhi rola dala howa hay…. 😀

  5. Dear Najeeb Ullah,

    Aimal Kansi, was arrested in Pakistan by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1997, when Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister, and was taken to the USA for trial.

    First of all, what was the policy of government under Musharraf?

    1- 31 Dec 2009: Former president Gen Pervez Musharraf had also turned down a US request for extradition of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was wanted in the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl.

    2- In his address, Musharraf refused to hand over Pakistanis wanted by the Indian side.

    “We have been sent a list of 20 people wanted by India. If we are given evidence against those people, we will take action against them in Pakistan under our own laws,” he said, adding “there is no question of handing over any Pakistani.”

    Now regarding Afia Siddiqui a US citizen. The media is responsible for contemplating on an issue they were simply unaware of. Their sole objective at that moment was to target General Musharraf’s personalilty. This led to creation of rumors and distortion of reality.

    1- The US admitted she was ARRESTED in Ghazi in July 2008. Means she was NOT ‘handed over by Pakistani intelligence’!

    2- On July 17, 2008, SIDDIQUI was detained by Afghan authorities in Afghanistan. She was arrested by Afghan authorities. This is the FBI website.

    3- According to her former husband, as per The Guardian report, “Most strikingly, Khan claimed to have seen his ex-wife with his own eyes. In April 2003, he said, the ISI asked him to identify his ex-wife as she got off a flight from Islamabad, accompanied by her son. TWO YEARS later he spotted her again in a Karachi traffic jam. But he never went public with the information. “I wanted to protect her, for the sake of my children,” he said.

    4- “I am sure they are around Karachi and in contact with their maternal family as both Aafia and the children were seen around their house here and in Islamabad on multiple occasions since their alleged disappearance in 2003. They may be living under an assumed identity just like Aafia and Ahmed had been living [as Saliha and Ali Ahsan] for five years before they got arrested,” believes the father.

    5- Khan’s explanation is bolstered by the one person who claims to have met the missing neuroscientist between 2003 and 2008 – Afia’s uncle, Shams ul-Hassan Faruqi. Back in Islamabad. Over tea and biscuits he described a strange encounter with his niece in January 2008, six months before she was captured in Afghanistan.

    6- The former husband Dr Amjad Khan speaks after six years.

    7- On GEO Capital Talk program, listen to what Afia Siddiqui’s sister said. She clearly says, that she does NOT know where Afia was arrested from, confirming that Afia is in Ghazni arrested.

    Afia’s sister testimony contradict those reports that say the she was on her way to ISB and disappeared. If she had disappeared, the sister would have said so.

    It’s clear from all the above references, her former husband Dr Amjad Khan, her Uncle Shams Faruqi and her sister – Afia was hiding in Pakistan, probably underground, till January 2008, as FBI had issued a global alert for her.

    8- FBI soon issued the first global “wanted for questioning” alert for the couple in March 2003. “At that time, the agencies did not know we were divorced and I was also unaware of Aafia’s involvement with two other terror suspects, Majid Khan and Ammar Al-Baluchi. They wanted me to persuade Aafia to appear for the interview with them and clear the charges leveled against her just as I had done. That is when she went underground and it later became apparent why she chose to ‘disappear’,” disclosed Dr Amjad.

    9- Dr Aafia’s eldest son Ahmed who was arrested in July 2008 in Ghazni, Afghanistan, along with his mother had told the Afghan investigators that they had arrived by road from Quetta two days before.

    10- This is what the PPP Deputy Attorney General Shahid Iqbal Qureshi told the Islamabad High Court, on 16 October 2008.

    “Since Dr Aafia was not arrested from Pakistani soil, Pakistani laws are not applicable to her,” he said.

    Lastly, we would like to publicly express our sincere regrets for what a woman had to go through. We feel sorry for her. We condemn US policies in this region and worldwide. However, no one should put the Security and National Interest of Pakistan at stake, to cross over into any other regional country, without legal documents.

    I hope your questions are answered.


  6. Against your reply to Gazoomartin’s question. I would like to ask you, as you have mentioned in your answer.

    Those 369 of 672 were handed over because they were non-Pakistanis and crossed our border.This is what you have written, right? Now my question is that those 369 people violet Pakistanis law not the American Laws. I believe that under Pakistani laws they would have been charged and punished. What was the point to hand them over to US? Don’t you think that Musharaff bypass Pakistani law (which is in its capacity is a crime)? I understand that under Pakistani constitution he has some authorities but bypassing criminal law is not granted in the constitution even to President then he has break the Law and also is violated Constitution which is as per law an offense of treason. I would appreciate your reply.

  7. Dear Kashnex,

    Pakistan has extradition treaty with several countries and we are bound to follow them. Secondly, those that are NOT Pakistani citizens cannot be kept or detained in Pakistan indefinitely, under any law. Their respective Embassies should be contacted and the citizens handed over. Incase a country is NOT interested in taking back its citizen, Pakistan has to hand them over to country where an act of crime or terrorism took place.

    If you could kindly quote, the accurate law that you are referring to, maybe we could clarify better.

    Going by same definition – why do we seek the repatriation of Dr Afia Siddiqui, when she was a US citizen or dual Pakistani passport holder and arrested in Afghanistan?

    Thanks and Regards,

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