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President’s interaction with the Parlimentarians

25 April 2005

Prime Minister, Ch Shujaat and all the ministers, ministers of state MNA’s, senators ladies and gentle men Aslaam o’ Alaikum First of all I would like to thank you and also am thankful that on my invitation you have all come together on this lunch. Its been a long time that I have been meeting some of you people individually and not collectively. So I thought that some exchange of views were due because many things have happened and are happening and for that reason I thought to give my views on that and also to meet you all and in an informal atmosphere. I thought to talk to you people. I would like to congratulate on the completion of half of your tenure in Govt approximately from October 2002. I am sure that you people will establish a new record in the history of Pakistan and this assembly will complete its full tenure.

My purpose of talking is that whatever is happening in the whole world, region and the country and you people by the grace of god are representing a nation therefore and you should be proud that you are the representatives of the 150 million people of Pakistan and the stability, progress and solidarity is in your hands. You should be proud but at the same time should feel the responsibility too that where do you want to take this nation.

First of all I would like to take a overview of the key issues of the country and what has been done what is happening and the views I have in mind for the future. The importance of this is that I have stated this a few times back and will again like to repeat and I don’t say it for the sake of saying so but I say this after an analysis, after interaction with international leaders, after interaction with international media which is the pulse of this world.

I have formulated the views that where this world is heading are we with them or are we going in some other direction? And it is very important because for me we are standing at such a stage where there is a very odd situation on the other we can fall in a ditch. In my view it is not plain that if we don’t do right we will keep on moving no we will fall. If we move correctly, then in my opinion we are heading towards the skies. This is the odd junction right now and we should be aware of it. Let’s take a view internationally.

By the grace of God we do have a stature of where do we stand right now but at the same time we are also being viewed with a magnifying glass that who we are and I have convinced them to a large extent that we are a moderate progressive Islamic state and they have partly agreed but they are constantly keeping an eye because whatever indications they get their alarm bells ring as to what they are saying is different from whatever is taking place right now. They are unsure whether whatever is told to them is correct or not or are they just trying to cover things up. We are under a microscopic watch and this is what I am stating to you very frankly and honestly.

In Ummah we are playing a key role and every one Saudi Arabia, Mr. Badavi Malaysia all are looking forward to us to take a lead role. This is the reason the eminent persons are going to come here and meet us and May I say that these eminent persons who have been represented by Mr. Mushahid for the purpose of restructuring and I have been told that whatever ideas are coming are coming from your side. This has been said by the secretary Gen of Turkey etc. and these ideas have been accepted.

 So this is our role. We are guiding OIC in restructuring. This is our role our future and we will accept and restructure OIC and take it forward, work for the betterment of Ummah. This is our role and the world is watching and is looking at it positively. The world is watching that if Pakistan is moderate progressive Islamic state & will it generate a momentum in Islamic Ummah towards the betterment?

And believe me I am not saying this to keep you happy but this is what is true and is my assessment through international media.

Now economy, all macro economic indicators are positive and fabulous. Our GDP growth will certainly be much more than 7%, so this is very good growth and all other indicators no matter what you take foreign reserves, fiscal deficits, exports, revenue generation, KSE, international credit rating all are good. And investment is continuously coming our way. All the people of the world are coming and hotel reservations are full. They are looking towards Pakistan as a destination.

All the people from gulf are coming. Our hotel industry, telecom 2 sector, IT and industrial sector is growing 18.7%. All industries e.g. leather, sports goods, surgical instruments, textiles, cars motorcycles air conditioners, tractors, washing machines and fans are all expanding. Our agriculture sector is growing record, cotton bail of 14 and a half million and we started with 11 million 2 years back which was the record. So where is 11 and now we are at 15 approximately and despite 15 people are getting a price which have been maintained around 5 billion per pound. Wheat will be a bumper crop from around 21- 22 million tons so all this is contributing to our progress. Investment as I said is coming in all sectors.

Now the contentious issue on which there is so much talk is very disappointing because people do not understand. Issue of poverty and related to it three things are related to it and I will give you my views on it. First poverty and the second is joblessness and the third thing is price hike or inflation. These are three different things. Poverty is it increasing or decreasing three needs to be a factual study of it. But what I say is that if your per capita income is from 422 $ – 670 $ then I am sure that 200 $ increase in the per capita is there to decrease poverty. People are giving this statement just like that. Nobody has done an analysis over whether poverty is increasing or decreasing. There is an increase in the per capita income then how is it that poverty is increasing.

Now the 2nd thing is joblessness all the factories are running on a hundred percent capacity, new factories are in place building and construction are in place and there is difficulty in finding of the skilled labour people aren’t available in telecommunication and they are giving incentives to get people. Same is happening in the IT sector so how it is that joblessness is increasing and why it’s a question. Joblessness has decreased. So relate poverty and joblessness and how is it that I think Toyota firstly was running a single shift and now three shifts are running Other than that look at agriculture. There due to cotton crop 45 million Rs have been injected. If the wheat exceeds 20 million tons 25 million Rs are injected. In the last 2 years 243 billion Rs have been injected into the agriculture sector and rural economy.

I have asked the governor of the state bank and he told me that there is a decrease in joblessness at the rate of 2.9% and there have been about 2 and a half million jobs increase. Now we need to carry out a very correct assessment because all the indicators are showing an increase. The crop gets better the money goes to the farmer so ultimately he is the one who is getting the benefit. So this misnomer. What the opposition or any one else says. Yesterday I was giving an interview he asked me the same issue and I asked him to give me the source on the basis of which you are saying so. Nothing he was just giving a vague statement.

Third item inflation yes indeed inflation is on the rise. Lets differentiate what’s going on. decrease in poverty and increase in jobs and rise in inflation there is no doubt. Now I took the figures because this has been written in many of the news papers. In them if you compare from 99 till now then there is some 50% increase in it. Now please try to understand the phenomenon why aren’t we doing any ting. Two things are to be mentioned here, there is an oil price increase internationally because we are importing oil so there is an increase everywhere and 2nd issue other than oil is your development it self. It is a simple matter of demand and supply. If the demand will increase and the Supply will be less than there will always be a hike in the price today there is a demand of 83 billion barrels a day of oil and the supply is 72 million dollars a day.

There is a gap of 11 billion barrels inflation will increase and keep on increasing and we should know that we have to face it and make a strategy. Now when you come to yourself then development. Lets take agriculture. In this the support price of wheat in 240 Rs in 1999 this is what I know because I took a decision in then and did the support price as 300 and wheat went up to 19 million but definitely the result went I the hands of the farmers. Now the wheat support price is 400 and the benefits are reaching the farmers where there is 70% poverty. He got more money and because he is getting more money therefore the price of wheat will increase.

2nd thing when they will have 60 billion Rs because of wheat or cotton then they are buying in the market. The purchasing power ha increased. They are buying and the demand is increasing and when the demand will increase the price will increase too. Go to the shopkeepers and everyone is happy because his things are being sold but then the demand is increasing we have to increase the supply. When wheat 3 will come in the market then the price will fall automatically. So these are the issues of inflation. The fall out of our economic growth is inflation. This is an international phenomenon and we must organize our selves against it. All the ministers and chief ministers should control and keep the prices under a check and especially when it is affecting the poor. The things that matter to the poor i.e. electricity and gas there is no increase in their prices they are under control. Up till 100 units there is no increase. We should cut down the import of oil and for that there is a panned strategy working and moving forward.

We are making electricity from coal, converting oil into gas even making energy from wind i.e. in the area of Thatta that a firm is putting a wind mill and we are also working on nuclear energy. Now we have to reduce oil dependence further so that inflation is controlled. So this is the strategy that I would like you people to understand and understand separately poverty, joblessness and inflation. Two are fine but the 3 rd is increasing where we have failed. But we are devising a strategy to control that.

Now lets come to extremism and terrorism and we should understands it fully and also law and order. 1stly here is religious terrorism which is exploitation of religion and bomb blast in the name of religionThen there is religious extremism i.e. Jaish, Sipah, Laska, etc these are those organizations who preaches different views i.e. that there should be Khilafat. So they are imposing their views on others and from these extremists are born the terrorists. Who ever has been caught in Kenya or any where the roots are back here in Pakistan with these organizations. Third is sectarian terrorism. Take any Muslim country of the world I have analyzed there is only and only Pakistan where these three forms exists together. Other wise there would be one and not the other unfortunately in Pakistan all 3 exists. And we will have to devise 3 different strategies to combat the 3 things. Religious terrorism will end through force. We will have to crush that.

Religious extremism will end though devising mental strategy mosques madrassha these are the issues and sectarian extremism is quite similar. So this in my view in the crushing of religious terrorism. In frontier we have been successful in doing so the army the frontier core for their excellent action. There master minds are crushed therefore other than sectarian terrorism we have not seen bomb blasts we have closed their basic setups their communication their truck load their equipment , the devices to make bombs and explosives were found there. Look at the history they were with Russia etc we have to deal with it with a firm hand but will not be impulsive we will find a political solution but will not recalculate on every issue nor sir we wont do that we will keep the national interest supreme this was what happened before and this is what is happening now you do this and their strength will increase.

There are some 3 ,4 thousand men with Bugti and they’re armed rocket launchers machine guns, mortars etc. you give him 3 more years and he will have 10 thousand. If this action would have taken place some six seven years back they would have had less people but we go and appease them and then they make this from the given money. So this is the reality. we are making our own people suffer. Should we go on tolerating this and is this what we want to show the world that this is the progressive Pakistan which will have to lead Ummah and be and example in the world. Is this your nation and progressive nation. And am very happy that Ch sahab .Mushahid have one there and he has agreed on many things.This is speaking from position of strength. So we will ensure. There has been no firing on Sui since the incident and if some one is in mountains then they should remain there. We will not go in the mountains . This is the strategy and there is no need of going anywhere.

There is no military operation going on and we will protect our assets and development projects will work and where ever we want to place the army for protection and development we will do that and will continue doing so. I commend Ch. Sahab and Mushahid that they have reconciled with Bugti. But as I said there is no giving in. he ha accepted and its ok Now the AKB this is a board of higher level and look what they are doing with that is there any logic in that all of you have to raise a voice against that so the simple reason that O and A levels are done greatly and even in villages there is written O and A level classes they spend 25 thousand there and give pares that are of Islamiyat made by English so aren’t we mad people . What should the world call us that we are very intelligent people, we are confused people. So there is a board over which there is no compulsion. No one is forced to attach themselves with it .

 Secondly AKB will take tests from our course. So where lies the issue so I really don’t know . there is so much of the negative perception and people think that they are 4 insane people. Thy don’t know then the issue of passports is the same but now the issue has been steeled y the committee and many people came in it . the decision the committee has taken is final and yes all these things have a negative international perception. None of the Muslim country ha the religious column. We are the only ones and then they say that we are moderate progressive state.

So these were all the things I wanted to say Ladies and gentle men and I will end by saying that the local bodies elections are nearing in that you should go in the field and popularize the party remain in party discipline and to a large extent your streamlining has been done on developmental projects. Wapda Sui gas cells have been opened in PM and CM. the new NWFP chief minister is doing work in their provinces we will take the coalition people future and defeat the extremist forces I pray that God guides us to understand who we are, what we are, what is our power, what is our strength, so that we go forward in this world and take that role for our selves that is been given to us in a plate and if we will not realize this situation then may I say that we all sitting under this roof, are to be blamed because we are the people leading the nation at this moment.


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