Posted by: Administrator | 13 February, 2005

President’s Speech at Kalat on the occasion of providing Sui Gas

26 April 2005

I am the first President after Quaid-e-Azam who happened to come in this area. First of all we will talk about the gas. I came here to inaugurate gas in your area. We resolved to supply gas in Qallaat when I inaugurated the provision of Gas in Ziarat in last September. This project was commenced in January 2004 and Sui Southern made the supply possible in your area in a very short period of time. I am grateful to M D, engineers, technicians and workers of Sui Southern for their efforts to provide Gas in the area. Now you will have an opportunity to light your stove with very cheap gas. You need not to burn fuel and go long way to bring woods. I promised you people, and Sui southern realized my promise by installing 250 k.m. long gas pipe lines within a one year. 90 km long gas pipe line which begins from Mastaung will also supply gas to all the neighboring villages in its way to Qallaat. It will benefit whole area. This project worths 47 crores. You must know that 35 crores are given by Sui Southern gas and the rest of 12 crores are provided by Federal govt. This gas pipe line will facilitate more than 4000 houses and it will benefit 75000 people of Qallaat.

It will bring a positive change in your lives. 52 villages have been provided Gas facility in the last two years. On the contrary 114 villages had been provided gas facility in the last 55 years. It means that the half of the work of last 55 years have been managed in just two years. I want to tell you that there are a lot more projects for Sui Southern and they will be in front of you in coming years. The gas pipe line network would spread further to Qila Abdullah, Gulistan, Chaman, Khuzdar, Lora Lai, Gwadar and Zobe. It will bring progress to you and Balochistan. I am thankful to Sui Southern. They will start certain development project in the area soon. Firstly, Gas training institute and vocational training center will be opened in Quetta which will train the local workers of the area so that they can have better chance of employments. They will also commence an apprenticeship programme in which 25 local trainees will be trained by Sui Southern. They will also have better employments.

Thirdly we are going to initiate “Food forming” support programme in collaboration of Pakistan Science Foundation. Sui southern is working on the adult literacy programme in Qallaat and its adjoining areas. It will promote the education of the area. Sui Southern will also work on the maintenance of the school so that they can disseminate education in a better way. Lastly a project of Model villages will be initiated in the collaboration of UNESCO which will bring a great benefit to the people of Balochistan. What do you demand from the Govt.

I have directed Jam Yousaf and Mangal to give more than you deserve. Tell us what you want from us we are ready to do that. I regret when people misguide you, deceive you, they involve you in their conspiracies and incite you to get you away from your prosperity and progress. We are self sufficient and you should demand and govt will provide you what ever your demands are? We are ready to give for our masses but not to fill certain individual interests. Earlier the promises were not realized because they were running short of resources, govt was sinking and economy was in plight. How on earth they could give you any thing when they themselves were begging. Therefore they were compelled to make false promises but we will not do same. We have enough resources to realize our promises. Pakistan is no more a poor country.

It is not that old Pakistan which would beg. It is not a beggar anymore rather it has an honorable stature. We have gotten rid of the begging bowl we don’t need any one’s help. We are standing firm on the soil. We are self sufficient in our resources and we don’t ask for aid. Therefore I ask you with my full conviction that ask what ever you feel like. Have trust in me and you will witness my words in the time to come. These are not shallow promises which are being made by me. First of all I announce that 1000 thousand connection will be given to those who can’t afford the charges of these connections. Then you have demanded the provision of 200 Bulldozers. I have noted it down with me and I will ensure the provision of them as soon as possible.

I also announce the President’s welfare package of 5 crores for the area. I know that all the national assets are deteriorating. The provincial and Federal govts will contribute equally for renovation of these roads, parks 2 and drainage system. The area is suffering from the drought seasons and it has played an economic havoc with your lives. A poor has got poorer. Your crops have been damaged. Therefore, I right off agree-loans of up to five hundred thousands loans in a view of present drought in the area. I have also talked with CM about the euniperforist of Herboi. We will see in to this matter and will work for its conservation. Other agencies are willing to under take this project but we want to take this project. Federal will see in to it and the province will work on it and then we will both coordinate for conservation of the project.

You need to learn skills so that you can have an employment and you can work as a skilled labour. Therefore a skill training center and a women vocational training center will be established in the area. You will be given employments in Sui southern either as a skilled labour or as a labour. I have directed MD Sui Southern that wherever a project is initiated local should be hired. But keep one thing in your mind that the more you are skilled the better job will be offered to you. But if you are not skilled they are compelled to hire skilled people from outside of the area so that they can work along with teaching you the skills. You should be trained so that you can get better jobs and if you are not skilled you will be trained.

CM has also asked for the electricity. The area which doesn’t have electricity will be located and then WAPDA will be directed to provide electricity in those areas. Roads are being constructed. Nothing was done in your area earlier because they lacked money. Now we are constructing major roads. Coastal Highway has been completed and further a road which will lead to Turbat is also being constructed. Then it will further lead to Awaran, Khuzdar to Sindh. This 800 km long road is also under construction. These are major roads. Apart from these other link roads to NWFP and Punjab are being made.

I am going to inaugurate Zobe to DI Khan link road tomorrow. This road will link Balochistan and Sindh and further it will link with Afghanistan and even lead to the Central Asian states. This huge road network will facilitate trade from China and Central Asia through Gwadar deep sea port. All this would combine to affect a large scale of trade and economic activities and bring job to people. We should have a far sighted approach. If we remain shortsighted and don’t foresee our future and we don’t prefer the interest of area and nation over personal interest we will be the loser. We can’t proceed further. I want to tell you that all these projects which are going on presently are futuristics. They will get us progress of the country and nation. They entail the prosperity of nation and country.

I want you to join our hands in this mission and if you join us it will bring progress to Pakistan and Balochistan. The roads of Qallaat, Nimroad, Gergatt and Noshki roads are under construction and their pace should be enhanced. The roads of Qallaat, Haboi, Gundh, and Qillaat, Lichari and Zehri, Ghandawa are to build and they should be built in the next year. We will help the province and you must help yourself as well. I want to ensure the engineers of Balochistan and other educated people of area that you will be accommodated in all the mega projects and also in the Sui Southern. Have a faith in my words. I know that I am talking to a brave nation of Balochistan. I know that you have been suffering from sense of deprivation and we want to remove that sense of deprivation.

 I want to tell you true, just and right things and expect same thing from your side. This soil is our identity. Pakistan is mine and yours identity. You will be identified from this soil where ever you go. What ever your nationalities are but Pakistan is your identification. You will be respected if Pakistan is respected. I have traveled the world over and met many overseas Pakistani. They are honored if their country is honored. If Pakistan is not honored, they will not be honored because Pakistan is their identity. I know you were having sense of deprivation. I ask for apology from Balochistan on the behalf of others’ misdeeds because I know that Balochistan has been afflicted. Why they hold strikes, rallies, attack on installations, and ambush on people and don’t accept the writ of the govt when I have already apologized. What is left? Development projects are going on for you.

The amount which is being given to you is even not given to Punjab. A great amount is being spent on your development and employment is being provided to you. Therefore I regret why these people misguide you? What ever is going on in the area, Balochistan and Pakistan would be the ultimate sufferer. Therefore I called upon you to not 3 pay any heed to those elements who are trying to incite you people. Pakistan is progressing and you should facilitate its pace but don’t hamper its progress. You should not assist such elements. Firstly, all provinces demands National Finance Award. I don’t have any problem in it and I have been saying for three years that the provinces should be given more finance. Therefore National Finance Commission is working on this issue and they are fully backed by me.

It is said that Gas Royalty and surcharge is not given to Balochistan. Govt has given 123 billion as a gas development surcharge and more than 12 billion as a Gas Royalty. Now I have changed it a bit. I have directed PM that a share of royalty should also be given to district from where the natural resources are extracted so that the district also can make progress. I have also directed PM to enhance the Gas reality and surcharge. I don’t have any objection in giving provincial autonomy to the provinces. I have directed PM to discuss the issue in cabinet and National Assembly to ensure the provincial autonomy.

 When I became Chief of Army Staff I issued the directives that people from Balochistan and NWFP should be inducted in Army as per their share. I am proud to say that people of Balochistan are in Pakistan Army as per their share. Officers and Jawans are enrolled in Army. 12 wings of FC are being raised and locals are being inducted in it. More than 2000 Balouch are serving in FC and 5000 more will be appointed in FC from the different areas of Balochistan. Thousands of Balouchis are presently working in all the development projects of the province. Earlier they were not having these opportunities. You people are being benefited. You are getting royalty, jobs and your area is making progress. Apart from that who rescued you in floods.

It was the armed forces that came first to rescue your people and to your animals. Shouldn’t I regret as a soldier and commander even if some one criticizes Army despite these services. This is mine Army, Balochistan’s Army, Sindh’s Army and Punjab’s Army. It is our Army. Therefore it really bothers me if somebody speaks ill of it. I am telling you because we are doing so many development projects but others want to hamper it and want to close shops and hold strikes. Should it bother me or not, you’d better decide yourselves. It really hurts me. I was talking with Governor about the rise of your education.

I am familiar of the fact that you will have better employments provided you are educated better. It will improve your competency and capabilities. Earlier there was only one University but now 6 universities have been opened. You must be proud of the fact that there had been only one university in last 55 years. Now there is an IT university in Quetta, women university, Agriculture and Marine sciences universities in Bella, Engineering university in Khusdar and Virtual university in Pasheen. These are all for you people. Govt has started projects for you. Property worths six and half billion rupees has been given by Federal govt for universities. 15 billion will be allocated for your education sector in next 5 years. It really hurts me when some one tries to hamper this development. But we are courageous enough and will keep helping the people. If they people demand “Gharao and Jalo” we will remain committed to our mission to construct and decorate Pakistan and Balochistan.

If they keep damaging national interest we will keep bringing you betterment and prosperity. We will carry on with the same project but I need your support and help. There was not a big issue in Sui and Dera Bugti. It was a minor issue on which a great destruction was made in the area. Whose loss is this? Pakistan and Balochistan both suffered ultimately. FC was attacked and when they retaliate it damaged them. So what is the use of it? We can’t get going long with the same situation. A Sardar does not represent whole Balochistan. Who has given him this authority to speak on the behalf of whole Balochistan? Has he been favored by whole province? He’d better care about his own area and he does not have right to represent whole area. On the other hand people should not pay heed to something which is neither in their favour nor in the benefit of Pakistan.

A govt can’t tolerate that some body should challenge him. No govt afford that an individual challenges him. A military operation is not being carried out in Balochistan. A few incite and misguide you. We will not let any one to impede the people socio-economic progress and damage national installation or challenge the writ of the govt. I want to make it clear govt does not want to resolve the problems through military operation rather we want to resolve the issue politically. But the dialogue should not be taken as the weakness of the govt. It might be the case in past but now it will not happen. Govt is ready to hold talks with every one to resolve the issue politically. You should not be misguided.

No 4 military operation is carried out but Army will protect its national installation. Any impediment in development projects will not be tolerated. Extremism is neither in favour of Pakistan nor in the interest of you and Balochistan. It will lead us to destruction. Who is an extremist? What I believe is all those who abuse other without thinking. All those who are abusing the world, people, their country and incite people for terrorism. They are extremists. They supports foreigner who have come to commit terrorist activities in our country. They are extremists. Thirdly he who wants to challenge the writ of the govt, he is also an extremists. They are extremists. It will not benefit any one.

Pakistan is going ahead. A common man is progressing and prosperity is coming. Then what is this hurdle? That is why I ask you to stop this extremism. I request you to not pay any heed that propagates enmity and hatred. You must stop them. It is my request in return of your long lists of demands because there lays your betterment and the betterment of Pakistan. The issue of water is the question of life and death for whole Pakistan. You must have experienced that what sort of problems you had to under go in drought. We are making Kachi canal but where does water come from? It will have water provided we have reservoirs of water. We have to build water reservoirs. If we have water in our reservoirs and canals it will bring prosperity for you. I need your help to build water reservoirs it is the matter of life and death for Pakistan. We need water because Pakistan is an agricultural land. If we don’t have water how do you get water for your crops?

Pakistan is an agricultural land. Pakistan will not develop until his farmers will not progress. Therefore it is the need of the hour to build water reservoirs for Pakistan. You are not getting share of your water because you don’t have any canal. Now the canals and water reservoirs in your area are being built that will bring you your full share of water. The availability of water entails your prosperity and the province. I need your support for the reservoirs of water because there lies Pakistan and your benefit. I am thankful to you that you came a long way to hear me. Pakistan Painda Bad.


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