Posted by: Administrator | 12 February, 2005

President Musharraf address in Badin district

26 April 2005

Governor Sindh Isharat ul Abad sahib, CM Sindh Dr. Arbab Rahim sahib, Senator Yasmin Shah Begum Sahiba, provincial minister Syed Ali Bux Shah sahib, all ministers, MNAs and MPAs, Nazmeens and Ladies and Gentlemen Asalamoaleekum.

Today I m very happy and proud that I m addressing huge number of people. I m very thankful of you people, came here all the way from remote places just to listen to me. And you people are sitting here since this morning from eight Am. I feel responsible for your difficulty. I m sorry for that but I m also proud of you that you people are here just to listen to me.

“Munjo Natoo Sindh saan ahai, aen ma Sindhi ahainyan. Aen Mukhje Sindhi hujan jo fakhur ahai”. I have learnt this much Sindhi from Dr Arbab Rahim and I will learn more Sindhi later, so that next time if we come here me, Begum Sahiba and Shah Sahib would talk and address in Sindhi. But I do think of my self as Sindhi, I do want your progress. I will never tolerate injustice with you and you have a sense of deprivation.

That is why I want you people to know that I m with you, I m one of you. Your progress is very near to my heart. Roads of district Badin which are destroyed due to rains last year, these roads must be prepared. I would request Arbab Sahib that fifty per cent for the Badin roads repair cost will be given by federal government and fifty percent expenditure bear by Sindh government.

Secondly, I would like to talk about water issue. Badin district is tail end area; Akram Wah subject has been raised and water is not available as capacity has decreased in this Wah. Again, I would request provincial govt and Arbab Rahim sahib to look in to the design and feasibility of Akram Wah. The repair cost of Akram Wah will be again bear by centre and province both. Let us first find out how much expenditure will occur, as Shah Sahib was saying Ishallah the capacity of the Akram Wah will be increased.

I do realize that Badin-Jhuddo Road must be extended. We will revitalize this road Ishallah This road is very old and it will be expanded up to 24 feet with provincial and federal govt expenditure. We can’t not progress without education. That is why it is very important that people who are sitting in front of me must send their children to schools. So that they can be educated and understand.

On this occasion, I would like to announce to make IT Degree College in Tando Bagho and one digital library in Badin district. Ishallah this facility will be for the people of Badin. The gas from Tando Bagho-Pangrio area was not being provided because of high cost I would like to announce that the extra expenditure will be paid by federal government. Gas will be provided Ishallah.

Federal government provides oil royalty to Sindh government but this royalty must increase so that province and the area (district) which is producing oil could be benefited. We are also making some rules and regulation; so that few percentage of royalty must be spend on that district where oil and gas is found. In that way, we are regulating to increase the royalty and secondly money must pass on from province to district level, so that the district could be developed. Ishallah we will implement it soon. We were conducting research for two years; we found out that wind mills could be deployed to generate electricity.

Wind mills can be installed at K.T Bander. So, I m happy to inform you that right now Sindh government has allotted the area, 100 Mega Watt electricity can be generated through wind from KT Bander. And by the end of December electricity will be generated. WAPDA will set up a grid station for improving the supply of electricity to the area.

When I came here last time, 3 years ago in 2005, Badin was devastated due to rains and flood. I saw the damages in Badin district; I met shah sahib and Begum Sahiba and remember that people of Badin were in great pain. One reason of that pain was due to rains and another reason was LBOD(Light Bank Outfall Drain). Immediately, on my return I gave this responsibility to Army to rejuvenate LBOD project. Today again I visited LBOD (Light Bank Outfall Drain) site and Ishallah by the end of May, 2 developing work at LBOD project will be completed.

Foreign experts will be called to improve LBOD (Light Bank Outfall Drain) project to make it stronger so that it can also handle the level of destructions caused by rains in 2003 so that people of Badin should not suffer again. What ever damages and pain you have suffered, I understand but we have tried our level best to facilitate you. Almost fifty million Rupees Zarai Tarakeyate Bank loans have been let off. Apart from that, LBOD (Light Bank Outfall Drain) project is being prepared and Ishallah people of Badin will be benefited.

This gift to you by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Army is proud that they have worked for the development and progress. This Army is your army, this is county’s army. All your grievances will be removed Inshallah; it is possible because today we have resources. Previously we did not have resources for maintenance. Previous govts come and made false promises. Alhamdullah today we have resources. I m not misleadingly you, I m talking based on facts. I come to know that the fisheries contracts were taken from fishermen. We have given these contracts back to you, so that fishermen could be benefited. No one have authority to take your right. We want to give you more than your rights. I have just visited Sukkur Barrage.

Last year I came to know this that the barrage was about to collapse and if work is done immediately than it will break. Seven canals are coming from Sukkur Barrage, the whole Sindh’s agriculture system is based on Sukkur Barrage, water is coming from this barrage and cultivates your lands. Sindh would have been finished and devastated if Sukkur barrage would have destroyed. I alerted army and brought army there for work. I m happy to inform you that Army have saved your Sukkur Barrage and they have worked by themselves.

Not only that work has been done before time, also 20 million rupees have been saved and with the help to this money Plants will be purchased and constructed. Equipments have been installed at Sukkur Barrage to have the information prior about the damages.This all has been done by your army, this is not one province army this is an army of nation. I know that Sindh provinces had sense of deprivation, you had complaints with center. People were saying that this is only Punjab’s Army and they use to say that Sindh is not being facilitated by the development projects.

Today I would like to inform you that 70, 000 Sindhis army officers are working for Army. Sindhis are in the Pakistan army more than their share. If you go in the Academy, You will find out that 10 percent officers are Sindhis and working with every corps. Therefore your complaint that this army is only associated with one province is not true. This Army is Punjab’s army, this army is NWFP’s army, Balouchistan’s army, and this army is Sindh’s Army. People from all provinces are working in Pakistan Army. Secondly, regarding the development project, I would like to inform you that the money have been spent on development projects in Sindh and Balochistan.

 You will see that RBOD (Right Bank Outfall Drain), the old Sindh’s objection that because of toxic water coming from south and released in Machar Lake where all fishermen became houseless. We are now trying to release the water in the sea. This project is of 16 to 18 billion rupees and for the Sindh. And Ishallah Machar Lake’s fishermen will come back soon and build up their house again. Coal of Thar Desert was lying there uselessly. Now, electricity plants are constructed and coal is being used properly. The area of Thar is being developed, therefore in that way Sindh and district Badin will be developed so as Pakistan. We are making another dam in Sehwan and six canals will be taken out from it, so that water could be provided to Sindh in all area. Ranee Canal is also being made. These are the projects for Sindh and for your betterment. Badin is agricultural area and I know that with the development in agriculture sector people will be more benefited. Kisan Package has been announced by govt a year ago, this Kisan package was for the common Kisan (farmer).

Previously, when farmer could not pay the loan he was arrested and put in to jail, in Kisan Package this law has been ended, no body can arrest you and put you in jail. Apart from that, initially ZTBL was responsible to give loans up to 30 billion rupees now all banks have been instructed to give loans up to 100 billion rupees which are available for common farmers. When I say common farmer, decision has been taken that not more than 10 lakh rupees credit will be given to common farmer. Eighty percent people are those whose have less than 20 acres land.

Ishallah within 2 years 1.5 billion rupees will be available for the common farmer to take loan for his land and his 3 advancement. My dear brothers and sister, We can only progress in agriculture when there is better water system. We can make water system better but first, water must be correctly distributed, I have told CM several times, as they are trying to make water system better so that water can be available to small farmers and growers at tail end area. By the time distribution of water will be improved Inshallah. Secondly, we have to save the water to be wasted. For that canals are being lined. Govt has given 66 billion rupees for the brick lining project. All canals will be lined within 3 years in Pakistan and majority of these canals are from Sindh.

Thirdly, we have to make a plan for water availability; it is only possible when we will make more water reservoirs and canals. Indeed, the entire country would gain from the construction of large dams. For that I need your support. We need to make big water reservoirs. Not only water reservoirs are required for water purpose but they are also needed for electricity generation.

Electricity which is used today is very expensive why? Because 60 per cent electricity is being made of oil and prices of oil have increased world wide. Previously electricity produced by oil was purchased at 5 rupees per unit. Power generated with water will only cost 50 to 70 Pisa. Therefore, when we will make these reservoir so that prices of electricity could be reduced. My dear brothers and sisters, You must listen to these facts with very cool mind and heart and understand. I repeat these facts because I know Sindh have some reservations regarding big water reservoirs that other provinces will take Sindh’s water share. Why I would hurt Sindh? Standing on this platform, I promise you that no body will harm Sindh province. Water reservoirs will be made; I assure you that water share will be given to you. Already one thing has been done in this regard, that is we have installed telemetry stations at all barrages and canals.

This system will provide the facility to check on television all over the Pakistan, the amount of water present in barrages and canals. I have appointed two Sindhis in IRSA. So Sindhis are sitting in IRSA headquarters. Telemetry system has been installed, I m promising you that I will not let any one take away your share. So, what reservation you have? Sindh will be the most benefited and of course Pakistan will be benefited. Try to listen and understand me and trust me. In the end I would like to say that trust me and regarding water issue I want you to support me.

I promise you that your right and your requirements will be taken care of. People who stealing the water by themselves are forcing you to come on roads and tell you that if reservoirs are made your will be harmed. These people are taking full share of water and poor people are being laid up. Don’t be mislead by them, understand me I m doing good for you. Now, I would like to talk about poverty. I m happy that country’s economy is going strong but the poverty level of poor needs to be decreased. There are three things one, poverty needs to be reduced. Second, increase number of jobs and third, control the inflation. I have instructed PM and CM to do what ever it takes to control the inflation.

To reduce poverty, water system needs to be improved due to that agriculture will be improved. Apart from that, new factories are being established all over Pakistan and old factories are running in their 100 percent capacity. For the first time in country’s history poverty has been reduced up to 2.9 percent. Number of jobs has been increased but that is not enough, we have to generate more and more jobs. It is responsibility of parents to provide food, shelter and cloths to their children but if these parents are poor of the poorest that how can they provide? Pakistan is our mother, if the country is heading towards progress, development and has strong economy than your development is possible, poverty can than be reduced and jobs can be provided to you.

Our mother, our country, our Pakistan is strong economically today. Therefore there is no reason that poverty cannot be reduced. Inshallah in coming years you will observe that poverty will be reduced and number of jobs will be increased. I say this to every one so I want to tell you that Pakistan is not facing external threat we are facing one internal threat and that is extremism and terrorism. Pakistan is the country of Muslims and minorities have equals rights in this country. Quaid-e-Azam made this country for Muslims but he also said that minorities like Christens, Sikhs or Hindus, have equals rights here and we will protect them Inshallah. There are few people who claim that they are guardians of Islam. I don’t know who made them guardians. We all are Muslims and guardians of Islam. No individual, party or group is guardian of Islam. I say to these individual to become good Muslims first, I know how big Muslim you are.

First make your self good Muslim. We have to stop extremism. I need your support to end this. Extremists use loudspeakers and mosques to 4 flourish extremism. Islam does not teach us to abuse people but these extremists use mosques for that purpose. I request CM, Ministers and Nazims, not to let any one permit to flourish hatred against any one, it is your duty. Stop these individuals. Start the movement against these people. Tell people in mosques to teach you good thing and stop them to teach you bad things. I hope you will corporate with me.

Finally, I would like to talk to you about democracy. Democracy is fully functioning in the country. Local govt system has been introduced for the first time in Pakistan and local bodies have restored genuine democracy in the country. It was present previously but was not working. Today, Nazims have resources and power to pursue development work at lower level. I would like to tell you that local government elections will be completed on 14 August. Local body election will be conducted between July and August. I would request you to give the vote to the honest people, and sincerely works for you. I would request to make this country powerful and be proud of your country. This is our identity. The terrorist acts you’re observing in Balochistan, one thing you have to remember that these are not those day when people used to go and flatter these people. If any one tries to harm Pakistan that elements will be stopped by power. I request you to support me come with me.

You carry Pakistani passport when you go abroad. Your identity is with Pakistan. Today, Pakistan has good stature internationally and in the Ummah. We will Inshallah maintain and increase our stature. Internationally, internally, economically, democratically this is Pakistan going ahead. This is not Pakistan which is drowning. May God bless you. Saeen Sadaeen Kareen Mathee Sindh Sukar Dost Metha Dildar Alam Sabh Abad Kareen – Shah Bhittai Pakistan Paindabad.


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