Posted by: Administrator | 11 February, 2005

President’s address at Kasur

15 April 2005

“I am very happy to be here and have an opportunity to address with you people. I am grateful to you and especially of those ladies and gentleman who have come a long way to hear me in this rally. I know that I have come to the place which is the soil of Baba Buleh Shah, Kamal Chisti, Shah Iynait, and Imam Shah Burkhart. Kasur is the soil which played a vital role in the defence of its mother land in 1965. Word Kasur is derived from the word “Kaser” which means “Palace”. So it means the city of palaces.

Once upon a time it was the city of palaces which would parallel Lahore. The stature it would enjoy is not enjoyed by it any more. I promise you people that I would regain you your lost status. This city is the city of renowned people, city of heroes, and famous people like Ustad Ghulam Ali, Ustad Barket Ali, Ustad Amanat Ali, and the most of all it is the city of Melody Queen.

I heard her song “Mera sohna sher Kasoor ni” when I was a junior lieutenant. That was my prime youth, though I am still young, and I went across Rohi Nala to Khem Kiran and roamed in the street of city of Khem Kiran. It revives my past whenever I come in Kasur. It revives the memories of 1965 war when I came here to defend Kasur. Khurshid Kasuri has given me some recommendations of some development projects. I want to tell you that what we have planned to do for the betterment of Kasur.

I want to clarify that others might have cheated you and made promises which had not been realized but it is not the same old time. I am not a sort of man who makes false promises. Secondly, they could not execute their promises because it was not possible for them with empty pocket. They did not have resources. In this situation they could make only false promises.

Pakistan has all resources with the grace of God. I have resources; my govt and province have resources. Resources lay with CMs, Nazim-e-Alla and at other levels. Therefore we have no problem in announcing certain development projects. A lot of other development projects are going on and the newly announced will be completed within one or two years. I always try to get a project completed which is announced.

I promised Gwadar port in 2001 and now it is in its final stage. Coastal High way was inaugurated in 2001 and now a 700 km long road has been completed and it has been opened for the public. The mega projects of roads, canals and dams are under progress and going well. I monitor them because we are spending a huge amount on them.

Our country has material resources which are being utilized for the progress of nation which are taking nation a head. So far Kasur is concerned 35 crores have been spent under “Khushal Pakistan development project” Kasur was not enjoying the facility of Gas before 1999 but we made the supply of Gas possible for your city. This project was materialized in my govt which was inaugurated by Governor Punjab. Gas will be supplied in all the villages around Kasoor. 10000-12000 new connections will be given to the consumers. 28 crores will be given to Kasoor for the supply of gas half of which will be paid by the provincial and rest is paid by Federal govt.

All the areas which do not have electricity will be electrified. All the water courses will be brick lined with in 4 years. 66 billion rupees are being spent on the brick lining of the water courses. I am supervising this project by myself. I announce the brick lining of water courses should be done on the priority bases so that it can benefit farmers. I know you are facing the problems of clean drinking water, drainage system, traffic congestion and the lack of link roads from main roads.

Therefore I hereby announce the package of 40 crores which will be equally shared by Center and provincial govt which includes farm to market roads, Kasur ring road, clean drinking water and rehabilitation of Rohi Nalla. I allocate 10 crores only for the rehabilitation of Ruhi Nalla. Then I announce 20 million rupees for Kasoor Bar room. This amount will be given by Ministry of Law to renovate your Bar room. I have discussed with CM and Kasoori about the different projects which should be commenced at priority bases.

First of all the construction of bridge on the river Ravi requires 25 lakhs. I announce that the bridge should be made. Then the construction of Patoki Kagan Pur road and I know you direly need this road, therefore, I announced the grant of 15 crores for the expansion and construction of the road. I also announced the over head bridge in Changa manga so that the transportation of rail and traffic at crossing remain uninterrupted. Lahore-Kasoor road is a mega project and I have inaugurated it right today. This road will link Kasoor with Lahore. It will remove your sense of deprivation and it will keep you abreast with Lahore.

Kasoor Gunda Sigh road which is a small road will also be dualised and carpeted. It will lead further to Feroz Pur India in case of betterment of Pak-India relations. 2 Kasoor-Depalpur will also be dualised. Kasuri is doing a lot for this country and serving Pakistan therefore I can’t ignore his wishes. Therefore all the mega projects of your area will be completed. A multipurpose hall will be built in Chunnia Girls College and I allocate 50 lakhs for the construction of hall. 35 millions are sanctioned for the multipurpose hall, class rooms and laboratories in Kasoor Public School.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is your govt and you should join hand with us. Join the govt and keep abreast with the govt so that we could lead it toward progress and prosperity. You should help me and govt in eliminating those elements which want to hamper the prosperity of govt and masses. The economy of the country is very strong. Govt is concentrating at the eradication of poverty and unemployment. First time in the history of Pakistan we tried to stop poverty from Pakistan and now it is declining for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

I assure you that the poverty will be declining each year gradually till it ends. Your area is agricultural land. The support price was Rs: 240/- when I took the govt and now it has increased to 400/- rupees. Farmers have earned 50 billions this year. This year we have 15 millions cotton bales which is a great achievement and our farmers have earned 90 billions rupees this year. Rs: 140 billions has been earned in rural areas just because of these bumpy crops.

Now tell me if it has declined poverty or not? Obviously poverty is decreased. It is indicated from the fact that there is many hundred percent increases in the production of motorcycles, TV, air conditions, fans and cycles. This increase has been shown in rural areas. People are purchasing motor cycles, TV and washing machines in the rural areas. This shows that there is a confirm decline in poverty and it is reducing further. So far as the employment is concerned all the industries are functioning at their full capacity. New factories are being established in throughout Pakistan. Three cement plants and a paper mill are installed in Chakwal district. So new industries are being set up and the old ones are functioning at their full capacity.

Can you tell me who are working there? Obviously the people of Pakistan are working there. Factories, whether they are of sport goods or surgical instrument or of textile, are increasing and all are offering jobs. Earlier a laborer was supposed to be paid 96 rupees for a whole day in Lahore industrial zone but he was hired on 50-60 rupees per day. They would mention 96 rupees on the paper. Now the labourer is paid 120-130 rupees a day and they themselves are offering them labour in their factories. I realize that there is a price hike which needs to be controlled. I have discussed with CMs and PM that the prices should be decreased.

I want to tell you that the prices of petroleum products are increased in the world over which has affected the prices in Pakistan as well. But the increase which is made does not correspond with the increase which is made in the rest of the world. Therefore govt is paying 40 billions rupees as a subsidy to control the prices so that a common man can be protected from this price hike. Govt has realization of the fact that when there is increase in the utility bills of electricity and gas it affects the poor people. Therefore there is no increase for poor people who consume few units of electricity and gas.

Few elements try to mislead you but I want to tell you the fact so that you could realize the reality. The unemployment and poverty is reducing day by day and they will take some time to be eradicated fully. I assure you that we will keep decreasing them and your position will improve. We will try our best to control prices so that it could not affect the poor segment. Progress is not possible without a certain position and reputation in the world. I am proud to say Pakistan has a stature and reputation in the world and in Islamic Ummah.

You can witness that how many people are coming to Pakistan. Chinese and Malaysian PM has visited recently Pakistan. The PM of Azerbyjan and Japan are expected soon. Now you guess where does Pakistan stand? Islamic Ummah is also looking at us.

Pakistan has a front row role for the revitalization of OIC. There are 10 personalities who are busy in this revitalization and their next meeting is being held in Islamabad. This shows our position in the comity of nation.

We will decide that how to revitalize the organization and what ever will be decided in Islamabad it will be approved in Makah. This is what Pakistan is doing. I can’t protect Pakistan on my own but I need your support. We have saved Pakistan and now we have to set its course towards glory. We have to earn him a name.

Look at the economy of Pakistan if you want to judge it. I have told you about its economic position. Then examine the condition of its people that where they are heading? I have also told you that they are heading towards progress. Now the trend is towards poverty eradication and 3 unemployment.

Then you see that what status Pakistan has in the comity of nation, region and Ummah? I have already told you that Pakistan is enjoying very positive place in the world, region and ummah. Now question arises that what problem we have? By the grace of God we have resources, our intentions are positive, we don’t plunder, we are not building our houses and God favours those who are true of their intentions and work with honesty and integrity.

Now I want to tell you where we are lagging behind? What is hampering us? I usually say a verse and here I will repeat it. “Mera azam itna buland hai kay mujay paray sholon ka der nahi” “Mujay khof hai atish-i-gul se khain hum ko jala na de” I want to tell you I am not afraid of any thing or pressure.

They say America dictate or pressurize us but there is no reality in it. I am not a person who could be pressurized. No body dictates me. I keep Pakistan first in my mind and heart. Neither I take any pressure nor I pay heed to any one but I do care for Pakistan. It is all false that America pressurizes us or somebody else dictates us. I can’t compromise on the betterment of Pakistan on other’s dictation. I will leave my position but I don’t want to be dictated by some one else.

Had I been doing any thing on others’ behalf I would have sent Army in Iraq. We were asked to cast a vote in Security Council but we did not follow them. We cast vote as we felt like. You are the better judge. Don’t be misled by other who wants to mislead you. The country is facing an internal threat. There are two threats.

First of all we have extremism and it is a great havoc for us. It will lead us to destruction and will cease this country. This is what we have to stop. You have to falter this menace. I have accepted yours so many requests and I request you to help me out. Keep one thing in your mind that any one who is imparting hatred on the loud speaker of mosque, in a book or pamphlet. Any one who is inciting you, imparting sectarianism or exploding a bomb is a great danger for you and country. It will get us destruction. I will not in a position to rescue the country if extremists over take. Our way is moderate and it is teaching of Islam.

Moderation is the prerequisite of our religion.

The so called custodian of Islam has propagated a lot many things about me but they don’t know that I am the one for whom the door of Khana Kaba was opened for 5 times. The door which is called the door of “Toba” was opened for me and I went up to the roof of Khana Kaba, where Hazrat Bilal called his “Azan”, I enchanted the slogan of “Nara Takbeer” from that place.

They want to defame me by putting different allegations. They want to degrade govt but don’t need to pay heed to them. Try to elect person who should be honest, patriot and sincere people in local bodies elections. Don’t cast a vote to elect an extremist. If you are electing them it means you are inviting destruction for your country. Secondly is the law and order situation of the country. The law and order situation is in our control. All those foreigners who were gathered for terrorism have been eradicated.

You know what happened in Balochistan and Sui? Our jawans were ambushed. We did something with in three years which could not be done in last 57 years. What not is being done for the development of Balochistan? Govt has undertaken a series of development project in Balochistan but a handful of vested interest do not want to people to progress and prosper. They want to fill their pockets but they don’t have any interest that whether people are dying or alive. There is a person who does not have any standing and cover a handful place, talks on the behalf of whole Balochistan and Pakistan. He should be asked what he has done for the people of Balochistan. He represents a very small section of people.

There are also Paktoon and others. Balouch and Pakhtoon both are Pakistani and both deserve that their condition should be changed. The masses of both nations should be benefited. We want the welfare of masses. They don’t want the welfare of masses because they know that if people progress it will reduce their status. People will realize and understand the reality but they don’t want to give them any sort of awareness. They did not demand schools. I ask them that how many schools, roads, dispensaries, and where they want gas?

We are ready to give you gas which was not supplied in last 57 years. I have inaugurated the supply of gas in three places. We are facilitating them with gas and electricity. But they don’t want their people to prosper because it reduces their status. This is what going on their. They don’t have any right to represent Balouch. Balouch representatives are sitting in govt. These few men who are so 4 called Sardars have committed a great cruelty on their own people and they have put their own people into exile. Their men are living in different places and are helpless. They commit crime against their own people but defame govt. These are the elements that are disturbing the law and order situation in the area. We have to stop them. We are trying to have a political solution of the issue and if they hold talks in a right manner to have a political solution we will welcome it. I want to say that any one who shots a fire will be finished. He will be responded in a right manner. Army is in Balochistan and it will remain there. We will not let a single shot at Sui.

Any attack on national installation will not be tolerated. Army will remain in the area. No military operation will be carried out against Balouch. They are true patriot Pakistani. Balouch are brave and love Pakistan as much as we do. But few people want to magnify themselves. They are not Baloch. They don’t want Balouch prosper but want them to be backward. These are things which hamper us. I fear that lest they damage Pakistan. We will not let any one to harm Pakistan provided you help me. I have told you that what force lies with us? Where are we heading for and where are we interrupted? I have told you all.

All the hurdles will be removed if you join hands with me and govt. I request you to elect right person in the local bodies election. Right is one who is honest and has a pain in his heart for you. Cast vote for him who realizes your suffering. Never vote for an extremist. In the end I am grateful to you and Khurshid Kasuri that he has held such a big rally and you came a long way to hear me. We should pray for a strong Pakistan. Pakistan Painda Bad”.


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