Posted by: Administrator | 10 February, 2005

President’s Address on the Installation Ceremony of Gas Supply in Gwadar

29 March 2006

I am extremely happy that I have again come to Gwadar to look over the development of this area and this city. My visit is specifically for this installation ceremony of Gas but I want to look over all the development that is taking place and I got this opportunity now that all of you are here to talk to you openly.

First of all I am thankful to Sui Southern and Mr. Munawar and Iqbal Z Ahmed that they have jointly put up such a marvelous plant and they have fulfilled their promise of giving Gas to Gwadar in a splendid way. I would like to congratulate all the engineers, workers, technicians of Sui Southern who took part in the success of this plan and completed this task in such a difficult area. I am extremely grateful that you have worked so much and completed this task on time.

In August when I thought about having a trial of CNG and LPG at two places, one of this task was given to Sui Southern for Gwadar to look how can this plan be implemented is a far off area and like Mr. Mengal and Mr. Jam was saying I always have my eyes on Balochistan and that I am not saying because Baloch’s are sitting here but because this is reality and this is a fact as I do think that Balochistan has been left behind and we have to remove this sense of alienation. The public is thinking that Balochistan is being left behind and is not giving importance. I was aware of this from the very start and that is why I want that Balochistan should be powered upward in every aspect so that it comes in competition with other provinces and in this competition the people of Balochistan progress, prosperity comes in and this is my wish and I believe in this with all my heart and I really want this to happen and that is why whenever such a plan is initiated like two cities were for trial for gas plant experimentation and the first thing which came in my mind was Balochistan and thus Gwadar and Lillah.

InshAllah gas field will be properly spread and thus the plan is taking in such manner that one is Sui Northern and Sui Southern who are spreading the pipelines and doing very good job all over Pakistan and we were the ones who transported gas to areas of Kallat and Ziarat in Balochistan by the grace of God. They also have other various plans to transport gas pipelines which will keep on taking place and you will see wherever gas reaches but I also thought that there are a lot of areas where gas pipelines cannot reach or it can reach but will take quite a few years so that is why I thought that lets have a new trial like establishing such gas stations and thus providing gas to cities which will be charged through bowsers, I thought why couldn’t this trial happen specially at far away places like mountainous areas, northern areas like Gilgit, Skardu or far off areas of Balochistan and that is why I asked for this trial to be taken up at Lillah and Gwadar and both are successful experiments.

Only a week back I called for a conference where I up tasked Sui Southern and Suit northern that they should look and evaluate the who country’s and give input on what places will they be able to give gas supply by Dec 2007 and then tell that in 110 districts what are the area with large population and where gas should be taken to and after spreading the gas pipelines what areas are left where in each district where gas would not reach ad you will not be able to give gas there and there InshAllah it is my promise that we will supply CNG gas there as it is cheaper than LPG gas and our focus should be the supply of cheap gas which should be much cheaper than cylinder gas so it doesn’t matter if it is through main gas pipeline or through such gas stations.

We will supply gas ad general public will get gas in Pakistan and that too cheaper than cylinder. At this point I would like to tell that during the conference Iqbal Z Ahmed said that just identify five places and I will assure a gas station there myself and today Mr. Iqbal Ahmed I promised Zhob and Gwadar in Balochistan and I want you to provide gas at these two places and for this I and the people of Balochistan will be very thankful and this will also be a test for you and providence of gas at far off places is a difficult task so thank you very much and we must show our appreciation for Mr. Iqbal Z Ahmed to motivate his in providing gas to these two areas himself. Now coming to Gwadar Port where I am right now, I foresee a very bright future for this port and the location of this port is at such a place where we can fully avail its fruit and it will be very beneficial for the people of Gwadar, Balochistan for Pakistan and in fact for the whole region and when I say region I am talking of Afghanistan, Central Asian republics i.e. Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan and if one looks further ahead then I am also taking of China and this is the importance of this place.

Now to submit according to its importance, the audience the brothers and sisters sitting here should remember that first of all this port should be strived to be made into a splendid port and to be run accordingly. This is the first step as if we do not 2 run this port according to international standards; all my dreams for Pakistan, for China, for Central Asian republics will not be fulfilled so first of all we have to make this port the best and most modern port of the region and there should be no doubt in that. For this we are doing all our best and dredging is going on at around 15 meters and you should know that the big ports of the world which are very modern are also dredging further and that would not even be 15 meters and right now we are giving it such facilities to make it a modern port then we are trying to get world’s best companies to come and manage and run it as right now we are not able enough or anybody is able enough in Pakistan to run this port appropriately and people who are claiming that they will run it then please let me tell you that no body here in Pakistan has yet the capability to run and it and if we tried such a thing the whole effort will be ruined, the enchanting houses which I am seeing, the developers who have come here and their pursuits, the electricity poles, PC hotel being made by Mr. Haswani will all go down the drain.

You all should remember this so the first thing is to manage this port at the best and it saddens me like when our Chinese brothers were killed here and later 3 more were killed and then they say that we want to develop Balochistan, we want to see its prosperity and progress but how can that be possible with this posture and such incidents, in fact people will run away who are the striving to provide you this prosperity.

Happiness cannot come like this and you should believe me on this that I want the prosperity of Balochistan; I want jobs to be created and I am striving my best. We also need your struggle and I know that when this plan was initiated we thought that the people of Gwadar should benefit the most from this plan with Job creations and there were some people who were expelled from the area, we strived and succeeded in bringing them back but the brothers and sisters who are sitting here should remember and keep in mind that ordinary jobs can be provided but you should develop yourselves through technical training for better jobs, better pays so that is when we initiated the project of giving technical training to you all and I know that around 115 people were send to Karachi and Islamabad for technical raining to develop skills and thus so that they could be paid better accordingly and as I am just checking that 40 to 50 people have already gotten jobs and I want that more jobs are granted.

I would also like to tell Mr. Babar Ghauri that the people here should be given employment even though their quality maybe a bit low and those people should be given preference. Now I leave that to you. Mirani Dam is under construction and will be completed in a few months within this year and I will also visit that area. I remember that many years back when I came there was sun, heat and people were in misery and then I had initiated the work by pressing the button and now Alhumdulliah that dam is near completion and when I will come after a few months, facility of water will be available there and 34,000 acre land will be cultivated, there will be fish in the lake, these developments will take place and this is real development.

Apart from that because of the port tourism will be encouraged and also because of the plan of a tourist resort which we are going to develop which is all made. Now let me tell you that increase rates of your land is only beneficial to you all, beneficial to a common man like you are selling off your land at expensive rates and getting the profit and with more development more progress and benefits will creep in the area. More money will come in your hands and that money will enable you to spend that money for your own good and progress.

We will try our best to give you training and jobs so that betterment comes in your life. So this was the case of Gwadar and now I would like to talk about Balochistan. Balochistan is an important province of Pakistan, Baloch tribe and Pakhtoon lives here who are nationalists who love their country and as good Pakistani as good as anyone living in frontier, Sindh or of Punjab and I have no doubt in that but they are left behind and we have to take them forward. I would like to repeat again that I will try my best and so will the government to help and support you all but you also have to make an effort for your development and progress and it should be like this that you get the money and that money gets lost nowhere so I have to ascertain that what ever projects are initiated and for which money is sanctioned those projects are seen on the ground.

The money which is going to be given will e for projects so I can come and see that the money is for 5 to 10 projects and they can be physically seen on ground or are completed or not and I will check their progress from Islamabad. This is going to be real development as the common man sitting here would not know otherwise of what amount of money is coming in the area and where it is going and these people can only see when the project can be actually seen on ground and when it brings a difference in ones life and I don’t want that all money is spent while nothing can be seen on ground.

Now first of all I would like to tell you all about the project where special funds are going be given with major allocation on mega projects which 3 includes Gwadar projects, coastal highway from Karachi till here then we are linking Gwadar with Rado dero in Sindh which is a very vast project and will take at least 3 to 4 years but when this will be made you will get connection from here to RCD highway which links Iran, Indus Highway which links with Afghanistan and go above the frontier and then National Highway. You will all be linked with all that and this plan in underway.

Mirani Dam is under construction, then the water project in Quetta, then we are linking DI Khan with Zhob, then there is a whole network of roads, now all these are mega projects and who ever thinks what is the use of this so let me tell you that you should walk beside me as if I get some minor work done with only 1 crore then it would be on no use until these mega projects don’t take place, as micro projects will not be of any success without the establishment of mega projects and only then the real benefit is achieved. Alhumdulliah today around 120 to 140 billion rupees are being spent on Balochistan for mega projects and this we will continue doing.

I have full realization that this should not stop here but one should come down and do something for the public and in the regard first I went to Kohlu an there I have devised plan of 1.5 million rupees or roads, dispensaries, hospitals, schools ad while I was sitting there announcing the package they were firing rockets. Is this is the development of Balochistan, that anyone who talks of development rockets are fired on him, is this the way public will progress. Now I have announced that there now I have said that every district of Balochistan which are about 28 to 29 districts will be sanctioned 10 crore each which is around 3 million rupees and this will not just stop here and this is going be the responsibility of every Nazim that he should tell what projects he will initiate in 10 crore rupees in his district as I will like to out up that list in my offices and I will keep a check on if those projects are being put on ground and if this happens I assure you that 10 crore is nothing and we will further give you additional 10 crore rupees.

 By the grace of Allah Pakistan does not have any financial problems and especially the backward provinces and the backward people don’t have financial l problems, I am telling you with certainty. If Prime Minister or I stop the finance, only when we think the money is going to disappear and not going to reach to the people. Show us the money been spent on the people, we will double these ten crore as that is not the problem and we will give you more. I have been told that provinces have financial problems, I will look into it and whatever is problem in your developmental projects and money will be release so that your problems are solved in Balochistan.

Other than that Prime Minister and I decided to announce about the employment and we have to provide job to you people and InshAllah we are going to generate 30,000 jobs and these will be for the people of Balochistan. You should know Baloch are being recruited in Army. Mr Mengal told that for the first time General is made from Balochistan. Today you go to Military Academy, you Baloch officers are being trained and if you ask someone you would known Baloch are been recruit in army, cost guard , Balochistan Constabulary is been raised and Baloch are being recruited, Frontier Corp 12 wings are being raised and Baloch are being recruited.

These jobs would be given and more would be add to it. Where every it is possible we are recruiting Baloch and when I say Baloch, I mean people of Balochistan and Pukhtoon Baloch. The jobs are being generated for whole population of Balochistan. My request to you is that improve your quality, get education, we would provide education facilities but should avail it , get more educated and get your self technical training. This is not one day or two day or even one month job, it requires years hard work. You should improve your status and equalize with other provinces. Now I want to tell you who are the people creating difficulties in the progress, they are two or three Sardars who are saying that they want the betterment of the people and I cannot understand their way, may be I am illiterate or stupid that I cannot understand their idea of betterment of the people. But what I know what type of development they want.

I am talking of Bugti that they have tortured their know people who are living in Sindh and Punjab and there number is not in hundreds but in thousands. Ten thousands are Kalpar, Massuri and Riajaz who is his own brother was torture and exiled to province Sindh hungry and thirsty and if someone wants to develop the area from outside for gas and oil, nobody let that happen as well. Mr Munsaf of Sui who is sitting here I knew was giving lakhs of rupees and 20-23 cars are being run by those people with even petrol and maintenance funds being provided by 4 them and I know that even the union leaders of PPL are their workers who fir rockets, blasts bombs and exchange fire but live in luxury in five star hotels when they go to Karachi on the expense of PPL. These people even have transferred the ownership of their own people’s land on their own name.

Kalpar used to be Sui but they have pushed the Kalpars out of Sui and now they are living in Sindh and Punjab and they have occupied their lands. So this is the situation like if you take the Marri’s, all the coal mines near Quetta were occupied by those people, that property belonged to the locals of that area and from that they drive money to buy weapons and have maintained levies and through those levies they fire rockets on us in Quetta and disrupt the railway line and most of all suppress their own people and who ever tries to raise voice they kill him by sending their own people even to the extent that Mr Jam’s house was attacked. Mr Jam is a brave person and that is why acknowledge and appreciate him. You should remember that the days of such people are numbered, w are not less brave and if they consider themselves brave they should come affront.

This is what I am today telling the Baloch tribe that today the people who have taken over Pakistan for last 40 years and were blackmailing, then to top it all were becoming CM’s and governors and they would kill the children of all those whoever were supporting the government and driving them away towards Punjab and Sindh. Whoever is in favor of development such the Marri’s like I know were sitting in front of me. I was in Kohlu myself in 1973-74 for a year and I know about the tribe of Marri. I have even stayed in Sui for around six months and Khan Muhammad Kalpar was a friend of mine and used to come in sit in my office. I know all of them and these people today want development and they are asking me to come and get oil exploration done there.

There are only 2 or three Nawab or Sardars who do not want any development in the region, they don’t want that Gwadar port should be constructed. Now their days are numbered and by the grace of God, Raijaz which is Bugti’s own tribe have now returned. I tell to the Human Rights people who keep propagating that people are being killed without a reason, they should go and see the displaced people in Punjab in Sindh who were living with hunger and thirst, 15000 of them have now returned, now where are the advocates of Human Rights. Human rights is giving the rights of a person, of poor men and women, children, women who were living there in camps, today they all have returned to their land and we are giving each family livelihood on their lands, we are constructing Tube wells and giving them tractors, this is what human rights is and this is the betterment of people.

Today go and look at Sui and Bugti areas and then tell who is violating Human Rights as we are actually bringing the people back to their lands, rehabilitating them where they belonged, they were misplaced by the Bugtis around 10 to 12 years back. InshAllah the process of rehabilitation will continue and I have full faith that we will attain the goal. Many people think that lots of fronts have been opened like Kohlu, Dera Bugti but let me tell you that we are not bothered as we are used to fighting on every front and we have been trained to fight. We will fight on every front as it is in favor of Pakistan, it is not in my favor in fact I can just truce with the culprits and can sit comfortably in Islamabad but with my objective of development the time demands this as these people do not want development and for that I have to fight with them.

All this is not for my progress as Alhumdulliah I have achieved a lot and I can easily sit back and enjoy but I want the development and real progress of my people and that is my concern. So you should stick by me and we will progress jointly. Today whatever development is going on in Balochistan is this government’s dream and InshAllah Balochistan government will also keep on striving for development of this area. You should also remember that elections will be held in 2007 and you all should struggle and work to bring the good people affront who strive for progress for all of you and InshAllah Balochistan will have our support always. These were the topics which I wanted to discuss with you all and now further I only want to say to you all that today Allhamdullilah Pakistan is not that old begging country, its not the same country which used to be rejected and where foreign delegates never used to come and when anyone from Pakistan used to go there our people used to be ignored and snubbed. Today’s Pakistan is not the same it has become another country now. This is the country with good economy, which is progressing and the world is watching and the world is aware of whatever is going on. Now people from abroad are brining their dollars in Pakistan to invest and by this progress will take place, people will get jobs, this is a country which is moving towards progress.

Our economy is at rise and tat is why I am talking of 10 crore and more, I am talking of requirements of CM and here in Gwadar only you can see the development process which InshAllah will continue and lastly you should remember that country has a certain stature like any individual human being, if a person is rich, dresses well there is certain increase in his stature and other people 5 deal with him properly and right now Pakistan is in that position. Pakistan has an international standing and you can see for yourself how many people are coming to visit Pakistan, to meet us, how many leaders are coming over to Pakistan and you can see for yourself of whoever came during last few months and whoever is going come in coming few years.

These people do not come here for tea or water but they come to deal with the country with certain standing so Alhumdulillah we have a certain standing in the world and amongst Muslim Ummah and because of this standing people are coming over giving a boost to our economy with an increase in job creations. Now my total focus is entirely on poverty alleviation, decrease in unemployment and check on price hike and with our continuous efforts you will see that a decrease in poverty and apart from that I am trying by best to provide the public with electricity, gas and drinkable water in every village.

All these projects have my special focus. Last of all I would I would like to thank the governor, CM, Mr Mengal, Mr Munawar and Sui Southern who did such a good arrangement and established such a good project. I am thankful to all of you ladies and gentlemen that you all came from such far off areas to listen to me and you all should remember all this specially the locals of this area specially who are poor because you all are specially near my heart. I will effort to the best of my abilities that your condition maybe be improved for your progress. You all should have a trust on me that I seek your progress and development and with your trust and cooperation I assure you a better future, prosperity and improvement in you life.

Thank you very much.


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