Posted by: Administrator | 9 February, 2005

President at Foundation Laying Ceremony of Tuwairqi Steel Mills

30 March 2006

Excellencies, Distinguish guests and very few ladies and many gentlemen, it is indeed my pleasure and honor to be speaking to you on this wonderful occasion of the launching ceremony of this great steel manufacturing plant AL-Tuwairqi Steel manufacturing plant here.

It is indeed the great day for Pakistan, it should have started a year early or may be now it should have been nearly completion but I know the obstacles in the way, I know our problems which we are trying to clear out, the bureaucratic problems, some problems of land acquisition is always the biggest problem in Pakistan but we are trying to iron these problems out and I am very glad that it is late but it has happened today so we are very honored and I am very honored that I am here inaugurating this great project.

I call this a land mark because I think this in consensus with are vision of taking the country forward because it is our plan our vision to shift are focus gradually from agriculture and textiles into the heavy industries and engineering sector because that is the future of Pakistan and indeed if we see the whole world and we talk of trade and since we are in process of enhancing our exports it becomes very clear that 60% of world trade goes on in heavy industries and engineering sector.

It is only six percent of the world trade is in textile sector so we have been in the past bought down in the six percent area of the trade and therefore obviously our exports stagnating at the low level. If we want to enhance are export, we have to go into heavy industries and the engineering sector and I think what my brother Dr Hilal is doing is really providing us the core toward developing heavy industries and the engineering sector and may I also add that when you talk of training our man power that is really transfer of technology and enhancing the quality of man power in Pakistan.

May I say here that we are already in the process, we have examine and strategize the human resources development far in Pakistan, I will not cover the other parts but I will cover the quality of human resources and in the quality we have gone for education parts, Pakistani are brilliant and my brother Dr Hilal recognizes that and let me second that I am not saying this because I am a Pakistani, I have traveled in the world and I think that we have the brilliancy of mind but what we are lacking is the training and expertise but what we are doing I just like to give out for the benefit of everyone here.

We are trying to mesh higher education, technical education and the industry. We are opening six engineering universities in Pakistan backed up by Sweden, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and South Korea. We are trying to approach more countries; these will start functioning in 2008 which means just two years from now.

They will be involved in disciplines which are in heavy industry and engineering sector, they will have the quality of the country which is assisting us in that university. So that these six universities will give the necessary expertise to our youth. Then we thought that we must have technicians who are highly qualified to back this up and you will be glad to know that we have created an Authority called TEVTA Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority, this we have created under Mr. Saleem Altaf who I know to be a dynamic and enable person, he was my minister for privatization and this authority has been taken away from the ministry of education, s

o the technical education is now going to be looked after this Authority and from the whole of Pakistan we will train technicians in high quality manner through this Authority that is what will provide the technicians for the engineering and heavy industrial base of Pakistan and also may I say that we are looking into the industry of Pakistan of our needs now and our future needs and these our the disciplines and technical areas which are going to taught in Engineer universities and technical school so this is the entire gambit of how we are going to take our youth forward in the department of education so that we rise because in the end of the day it is human resources development which will move us forward, which will propel us forward because

as they say power potential of the nation is basically base on the population of the nation and by the Grace of Allah we have population of sixty millions but then the second criteria to judge power potential is the quality of the man power, the better the quality, the more the power potential of the nation so therefore this is the area where we are lagging behind so therefore the education part and in education the literacy part, the primary secondary and the higher education and the technical education all combine is what we are addressing but I wont like to go into further details.

By the grace of Allah this is our direction and what my brother is doing is trying to transfer technology here to our youth is exactly in line to what we like to do in Pakistan so I express my gratitude to you my brother for doing this for us. I thank you, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoins a brotherly relations and this relationship has been enjoined through many years. I wonder any one or most of you must be knowing that at the time when our brother in the Gulf, Middle East and Saudi Arabia were not developed as they are now that was the time when Nawzattionab of Bahwalpur was donating money for up keep of Holy Kaa’ ba that was are relationships that Muslims of the sub continent use to donate and give money for maintaining house of Allah but that relationship have continued and blossom when Pakistan came into being and it still continues to blossom.

His Majesty King Abdullah calls me his brother and he says that he genuinely means that and I have dare to call him my elder brother and today I would like to call Dr Hilal who has call me his brother certainly what he is doing for Pakistan and emotion that he shows towards me not for the first time before also he puts a lots of pressure on me by showing these emotions he is my brother.

Now we need to cement these bonds in this twenty first century, the century is not of geo politics and geo strategy, the century is of geo economics so therefore it is economic relations which bonds and cement bonds. It is economic, commercial and trade cement bonds and when we talk of economic relations we are obviously talking of trade and investment. The trade with Saudi Arabia is developing but investment has to be encourage and I very glad that again that my brother Dr Hilal what ever he is doing here and whatever his plan for future are they will strengthen and cement that the bonds that already exist between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Let me say we are in process of privatization, the policy that we followed is of deregulation, liberalization and privatization that has paid dividends into are economy and now our economy is at upsurge. In this process we have privatizes the steel mill and I would like Dr Hilal to purchase of steel mill and I would wish you best of luck. I think with the steel mill and the new steel mill coming up and this steel mill modernize after have been privatizes and I think that is the need of the country and need of the country will be met.

We need steel we need energy so therefore we are going forward in both directions and I will these steel mills expand and increases their productions to meet the demands of our going industries in Pakistan. I would like to end it has been an honor and a unique privilege to come here to perform this opening ceremony of the new steel mill Al Tuwairqi Steel Mill. It has been an honor especially because this steel mill belongs to my brother Dr Hilal and I honor his views.

I wish him got speed in eighteen months he is going to develop this facility and I also hope and pray that this expand in the future to receive up to the three million capacity and also I wish him best of luck in the purchase of our steel mill for future. I thank you ladies and gentle men for braving this heat, I think the heat is from various steel mills that are coming and heat also been generated by the future steel mills that my brother Dr Hilal is going to create here. Thank you very much.

Pakistan Saudi Arabia relations always Zindababd and Pakistan will always remain Painbdabad.


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