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President’s Address to Pakistan Muslim League Convention 23rd March 2006

23rd March 2006

PM Shaukat Aziz, Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain President PML and all the ministers, senators, MNAs, MPAs, Nazims, office bearers, party office bearers and ladies and gentlemen Assalamu- alikum.

Today is not only a very happy day for me but also a day of pride that I am addressing such a huge gathering. There are two reasons of my happiness, first because today is the day of Pakistan resolution, in the same day i.e. 23rd March in 1940 Pakistan resolution was passed and secondly because it is the 100th birthday of Pakistan Muslim league that means today Pakistan Muslim league is of 100 years. I am very thankful to Pakistan Muslim League that they invited me and gave me an opportunity to talk to you all openly and my happiness is doubling because lakhs of people who have come from far away areas to see me and listen to me and for this I am proud of you and I am saying this specially for those people who talk about million march and eventually has only 200 people in their rallies.

I would like to show those people that this is what lakhs of people look like and these look like the people who are sitting beside me and the people who talk about million march hesitate in coming here as if they come here at such a vast area one would not know who are their supporters so that is why I feel proud and I would like to say to those people that they should check their mathematics of what million means and what lakh means and if they are looking at the television they would know what lakh means who are today here to support PML.

As I have told that today 66 years have passed since Pakistan resolution. This Resolution which is also referred as Lahore resolution or Pakistan movement was passed in this same place in 1940 and this resolution was to bring Pakistan into being and after 7 years of this resolution Pakistan came into being. Who passed this resolution, this resolution was passed Pakistan Muslim league which was representing the Muslims and this Muslim league was and still is Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam’s Muslim league and the workers of Muslim league were the ones who passed this resolution because of which Pakistan came into being.

The elders of the Muslim League have passed it which has provided this atmosphere of freedom to enjoy ourselves. It was their strong conviction in 1940.te vision of Iqbal and the action of Quaid-e- Azam which resulted in the creation o0f Pakistan and the soldiers were the people of Muslim league who played role of soldier for the creation of Pakistani am proud that I am addressing laks of people of eth Muslim league we must not forget these realities and I want the role of Muslim league, leadership the role to provide strength to Pakistan and the role to promote Pakistan on the ways of progress the role to take Pakistan towards enlightened moderation you people the workers of Muslim league must play the role which the workers of Muslim league in 1940 played.

This role is with you people today to raise this country to heights of prosperity to make this country strong it is not job of one man I can not do it unless the leaders the people are not with me and unless these women sitting here are not with us since they the present the 50%of Pakistan population so all the men and women will take the Muslim league towards progress and I promise in front of the Minars of Badshahi masjid that I will not let this country down InsaAllah.

We must remember the Quaid words of unity faith and discipline on this occasion. These words must be remembered as it will provide us guidance InsAllah.I would like to congratulate the Muslim league on this occasion who are celebrating the 100th birthday.

 This Muslim league was established in Dhaka in 1906 under the supervision of Sir Saleem ullah and after 1940 the leadership of Muslim league was given to Allama Iqbal and Quiad-e-Azam and after that Pakistan came into being. We must follow their footsteps. Their lesson was of unity and moderation and there was no role of extremism terrorism and intolerance in their message and I hope that Pakistan Muslim league will take forward their thoughts.

I would like to ask the people came here mostly of Lahore and from other countries that what happened on the Lahore Mall Road. it is unfortunate that few extremist elements which are exploiting religion to promote extremism and few elements want to promote their politics these were the elements that come forward on the Mall road and caused destruction is this the way to progress is this way to give Pakistan a status in the world and Ummah I am warning 2 these elements that we will not tolerate them and we know how to deal with them and we are doing work in that line.

I would like to tell you that people sitting in London and few in jail were congratulating those elements that they have carried out good activity on the Mal road is this their patriotism I would like to tell you not to let these people come to power again as they just involve ion the looting of the country and just want to take the country towards destruction. You must not support these people who are congratulating the those people who carried out the activity on the Mall road you must throw them out of politics the politics must be with those who love Pakistan and its nation and I am hopeful that you will walk with it.

I would like to tell you that extremism and terrorism is also talking place in the frontier we are sure of our sovereignty and we want to keep that we will not allow anyone to take action on our country from abroad we have condemned that completely and the world knows that we will not allow I want to tell you openly to those foreign elements who are sitting here for many years and not only in Pakistan but spreading this terrorism to the whole world they have come from allover the world aren’t they violating our sovereignty isn’t that against our sovereignty, I am warning them to those as well that they must leave the country or we will eliminate them here so anyone who is supporting terrorism and taking people to extremism have no place in Pakistan if you people are with Pakistan and Army I assure you that there will be peace in Pakistan and in the frontier province and I will make sure of it. We will walk together were will not back out.

You people are well ware of what is happening in Balochistan who is responsible for the law and order situation it is those three and four Sardars I am telling you because Jam Sahib is also Sardar Miran sahib in our govt is also Sardar.It is only these two or three Sardars who always made Pakistan a hostage who blackmail Pakistan it is almost 30 years that these Sardars have been blackmailing the government. They do not want their people to progress they have no interest to make their people progressive.

They talk of their people and their progress but infact the people of their own tribe are coming to me and asking me to not back out. All Bugtis, Mengals and Marris have one request not to back out since they torture them InshAllah we will never leave them. These blackmailers who do not want to progress and just want to make government hostage their days are over and with the passage of time the situation will be better we even more as the situation is developing better already their people are leaving today there is peace by the grace of Allah.

The people of their own tribe who were displaced and were sitting in Punjab are now coming back to the Dera Bugti, these people in Dera Bugti and Sui who were in thousands of numbers and were displaced for last 12 years are now returning back today to Dera Bugti which are around 6000 to 7000.

Local government system is again developing itself and after some time you will see for yourself when I will go to Dera Bugti and tell that this is the real Balochistan and not their Balochistan who do not want progress there. This is our Balochistan and every Baloch’s province and every Pathan’s Balochistan who is resident there and wants progress and development of Balochistan. I will go there and show it to all of you myself to ensure and prove to every Pakistan that the pave we are not taking the country into is the way on which other governments were scared of going on and that is why they did not interfere in whatever wrong was happening but I am not scared of anyone except Allah.

InsaALlah all those people who are against development of its public and wants to keep their own people poor and helpless and do not want development project or Gwadar project and go and kill the Chinese who are our brothers and working for us there, also killing the Punjabi’s who are settled in Quetta for years because they do now want peace in the area or want that Balochistan should develop. We are spending around 140 millions Rupees for development in Balochistan and that amount is not even equal to altogether money spend on this province for last 50 years so this shows that such people do not want prosperity.

Now I would like to take you to the fourth aspect regarding water reservoirs which is an issue of life and death for Pakistan and this too unfortunately was ignore by previous governments fearing that if they take up this issue they might be displaced from power but we do not have any such fear and we will not leave Pakistan in hunger or thirst and we will manage the water system and in that water reservoirs will be constructed and I here promise again in front of this large gathering, in front of Badshahi Mosque that we will construct Bhasha Dam, Munda Dam, KBD Dam, Akhori Dam and Kuramtangi Dam.

This is my 3 promise to you and the entire nation because I will not see this nation hungry and thirsty. You all walk beside me and according to my plans considering that there is still time as this might take some time but it would not be useless and I would like to ensure you of all this promise which I have made in front of the mosque and this I will fulfill. I have full faith of Allah that when intentions are clear then Allah helps us like he did for last 6 years and I am sure that if our motives, honesty and firm resolution remains then InshAllah, Allah will be with us and we will solve these problems within these two years. Only your support is required.

Thank you very much Pakistan Paindapad


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