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President address to 100 Years of Excellence University of Agriculture Faisalabad

15 March 2006

Governor Punjab Gen ® Khalid Maqbool, Mr Sikandar Bosan minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr Atta Ur Rehman the Chairman Higher Education Commission, Mr Bashir Ahmed the Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture Faisalabad, all the ministers, foreign delegates especially the delegates who have come from India, all the distinguish guests and ladies and gentlemen, it indeed give me a immense pleasure to be here in Faisalabad and to be addressing such a wonderful gathering in this wonderful setting on the Centenary Celebration of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

This institute is known all over Pakistan and there is no doubt in any body’s mind, everyone knows Agricultural University Faisalabad. Fist of all commend and congratulate all the alumni of this great institution and also the present students that your university is today hundreds years old and it is a proud privilege. It is indeed a proud privilege for me to addressing you on this occasion.

First of all I want to say today is well bless day as Allah has blessed rain upon us because I am talking in an agriculture university and I think there will be profit of million that would effect our GDP which is we are going to reach seven percent and agriculture plays a very important role in it and I believe with this rain our GDP would get better.

As I said Agriculture University is old university and it has its own identity. It is distinction of producing galaxy of scientists, galaxy of agricultural scientists and experts and it has a distinction of contributing to the agriculture sector of Pakistan, very very positively.

Before I say anything else, I would like to announce a grant of twenty crore rupees for this university.

Today, to grant this money is only possible because Pakistan’s economy is doing well by the grace of Allah and in result of this Higher Education Commission’s budget is greater than the rest of ministers, they get twenty two millions. Before HEC get six million rupees now they have twelve hundred million rupees and you yourselves calculate the percentage so you know how much focus on education and how rich Mr Atta Ur Raham is. The universities in Pakistan should enhance their standard. we would provide money, HEC would provide money and Vice Chancellor aim should not only maintain but rise the standard of education, maintain the standards, faculties should be better and environment should be better, new department should be open like you are planning and education that you are

providing should get better. we are agrarian society, we are agricultural society and sixty and seventy percent of our people are living in the villages so this university must promote agriculture in Pakistan and contribute effectively in promotion of agriculture and I say agriculture it really means agricultural and livestock so livestock is included.

 May I say there are lot of areas need improvement in both these sectors, we have to concentrate on yield intensification and ownership of land is reducing with the growth of population so we have to go for yield intensification not only for the sake of economy of Pakistan but for the sake of poverty alleviation and increase the earning of the people. Give more money into the hands of farmers as so many guest came from East Punjab, I know their yield is more than our yield, we should learn from them how to increase our yield, am I right.

We should research in the field of yield intensification for better seeds, betters inputs, pesticides to control damages to crops and these are the areas where your research is needed. We have a lot of livestock how much we earn from livestock and agriculture into the foreign exchange of Pakistan, this is another issue. We are not earning enough; I am now coming to an issue of value addition, value addition from agriculture, value addition in the livestock and 2 value addition in dairy.

 We are the fifth largest producers of the milk but we are not making any butter, I think we have just stared now, we do not produce cheese, we do not make yogurt which can be exported. Whatever is produced, it is consume here.

In 1999-2000 when I was use to travel by PIA, the butter the serve was Danish butter and I use to get sad that we can’t serve are own butter. Now environment is gradually changing but we must get involve in value addition. We say we have the best fruits and vegetables but are we doing fruits processing or food processing and all the tinned fruits are foreign and they are taking value addition, they are tinning are fruits and vegetables and selling us at higher prices so we have to go into value addition, that is the route forward for the economy, and for effecting economy of Pakistan.

I especially went to New Zealand and Australia to see their dairy and I was amaze to find out in Australia that they are cross breeding our Sahiwal cow to make their livestock better and they told me about its specialty they don’t can tick as can move their skin, just look at the research they are doing and look at where we are in doing this so I would like to say that we should concentrate on research and I am very happy to know that fifty percent of faculty is PhD and we should try to make hundred percent PhD and go into research in subjects which would effect us positively and also contribute in economy of Pakistan through value addition and exports.

There is no reason why we should no be exporting butter and cheese and milk powder and also no reason why we should not having food and fruit processing and exporting value adding fruits and foods not simply the fruits and food.

So I would like to urge this university to do more research on these lines and in research I was thinking of modern technology, biotechnology, gene therapy and nano technology, these are the latest fields, we must do into depth and let these new technologies contribute toward the economy of Pakistan because that will not only give more money into the hands of the farmers but it will also generate jobs and when it will generate jobs, it will addresses the poverty alleviation.

Talking was agriculture; I would reminisce if I did not talk of water issue as agriculture is entirely dependent on water. We have to optimize our water recourses through proper management therefore I give the vision that is water vision 2016, this vision is not only the vision of constructing KalaBagh Dam, this is vast vision and it has three phases.

Number one is that available water should be store, It starts from the dam and ends up in the field, they say that 50 to 60% of the water I wasted and maximum wastage takes place at water channels which are at the end which is about 20 to 25% so first of all conservation of available water is priority. At this moment the project of brick lining is going on at a very good pace and I personally review it occasionally because I initiated this project and we are trying to meet our target of completing this project in 2 to 2.5 years. 86 water channels would be brick lined which will save 25% of the water.

Then the second part of my Water vision is the use of available water. We flow the water un managed in an uneven field which causes such waste of water so I believe razor leveling is important as wherever there has been razor leveling it is said that only 1/3 water is used and so much water is saved in leveled field with razor leveling so why are we not doing that here.

Razor levelers coasted around 10 lakh but now our scientists are working on that PINSTECH and now it is worth 2and a half or 3 lacs they are selling it expensive now I have told that it was of 2lacs but anyway it is better than 10 lacs.So these laser levelers are available and now Punjab government is emphasizing on the laser leveling of grounds and I have visited a farm where we have solid channels and there was laser leveling in Sargodha I have been told that not only 1/3 of water is saved now it is 2/3 percent saving of water but also ¼ electricity because he sue to substitute the available water with tube well operation.

So because of laser leveling and no wastage of water from the channels he said that he is spending ¼ electricity. This is the advantage of move forward we are living in backward world we are not thinking and we are not making our farmers understand to come forward and modernize besides this we talk of drip irrigation and sprinklers specially in Balochistan we must move forward drip irrigation conserve water it is said that in the 21st century the war will be the wars on water so Allah has blessed us with this resource so many rivers are flowing at least they must utilized it to get output maximum output so it is another thing utilization of the existing water in modern ways to stop wastage through laser leveling drip irrigation sprinklers this is the second part of the water vision which Punjab and Sindh specially and also Balochistan Frontiers need to do, third thing is to optimize the available water flowing into the river then comes the dam and from dams to canals if dams exist without canals they are useless and if canals exist without dams 3 are also useless we want to make canals to take water to the fields and we want to make dams for making water available for the field.

In that regard I am happy that three dams are under construction the importance of which we ignore sometime, Mangla Dam is being raise by 30 feet which means 2.9million acre of additional water the capacity of the present Mangla Dam Bhasha dam or KBD is 6 million acre feet so this is half of any dam which we are raising you will receive 3million acre feet of more water and InshAllah this project is very well on target and it will be completed in two years

InshAllah secondly Mirani Dam is being built in Balochistan it will irrigate the 32thousand acres of land which is barren and not even water exist for drinking then Gomal Zam is also being constructed Gomal Zam and Mirani Dam are small dams. so in future we have to built 5 dams in future because OI am not talking of 5 or 10n years if Bhasha Dam is constructed in 10 years I will do the inauguration myself in two to three days InshAllah the inauguration of Munda Dam will also take place in few months in private sector then the Kurrum Tangi Dam in the Frontier and then the KBD and the Akhori Dam the 2016 vision includes all these dams.

I have said that I hope that these dams will be made by 2016 it was written in the newspaper that I will stay till 2016 I didn’t mean that Allah knows it better who will stay but I am sure that I will initiate the construction then the nation must take it forward so this is the water vision in my opinion which we should initiate with full emphasis and it will take the agriculture further forward InshAllah Now standing here taking in a educational institution, I would like to talk about education very briefly that we are looking at education from holistic point of view not with narrow focus the holistic point of view include the complete infrastructure from the grass root level of literacy level improvement which is pathetic 53% is a pathetic literacy level for a nuclear and missile state so we must improve literacy level we must improve primary and secondary educating and we must improve higher education we have divided the responsibilities of the three schools primary secondary level and literacy that is duty of nazim this is duty of district government colleges are duty of provisional government and universities is higher education commission so therefore this is the division province will not provide you much but Atta ur Rehman has to give but the governor sahib is also taking much interest in education system of course he is chancellor although the Punjab government is also doing much but I have told you the responsibilities.

the HEC has divided it in three sectors one is the establishment cause fore maintaining auditorium etc and your classes and buildings the establishment cost and second is the development I have given 20 crore which will be given from the development for work whether it is libraries or laboratories or any infrastructure development will be given to it and thirdly is the incentive for performance the university that will come up to their criteria and performance that will be given more money on the incentive side that is the plan and I must say that they have arranged very stringent type of standards which are the standards that are required infact the PhD is judged by the foreign faculties and this is what is required so that it should add to the value of PhD so I am sure the HEC is doing very well

Secondly I come into the field of affecting the economy of Pakistan the economy will improve the growth of GDP will take place when we built knowledge oriented economy and when we enter in to the sectors of heavy industry and engineering high technology emphasizing on science and technology if ewe depended on textile and agriculture only we will never progress as textile is only 6%of the world trade and the heavy industry high te3chnology and engineering is the 61%of the trade there while we are stuck in the 6% and we were happy with it for the last 50 years we have to shift we took the decision in 2000 as well shift focus to the industry carry on the agriculture and textile is the main stay of Pakistan in near future certainly but then we must gradually go towards industry and value addition only in that case the GDP will grow you can see that the small European countries which have no natural resource their GDP is 400 – 500 million dollars and the highest GDP of the Islamic countries is 200 or 2hundred and 10 arab dollars despite the natural resources all lie here so what is the reason isn’t it that the GDP of Saudi Arab is 200 arab dollars and the small country of Europe is 400arab this is the stuff of technology and industry higher technology so that is why we need to shift so as a result of our shift to Industry the industry is doing very well there has been 18.2%growth in 2004 and 14.6%growth in 2005 and InshAllah 2006 will also result in 4 double figures I am happy that there is tremendous growth and that is why our GDP is also growing side by side he growth in the non textile sector is also talking place.

I want to tell you the situation in education because it is very important Atta ur Rehman Sahib is spearheading it I back him up. The first requirement is the highly qualified engineers so there must be high quality universities producing high quality engineers and Alhumdulillah six universities will be made by 2008 these will be of engineering and science and technology we are being helped by Sweden France Germany, Austria Netherlands and South Korea one of the university is for Lahore since the land is available for it one will be open in Sialkot since it is hub one in Multan for the South Punjab so these three will be the universities other than the three this is for the engineers the second requirement is the technicians as the technician side I very weak so the institution of the technical side is called as TEVTA technical Education and vocational training authority and Saleem Altaf sahib who is very capable is the boss of this authority he was minister with me in privatization he is the chairman. This authority has been established we have separated the technical education from the ministry of education and we will open the technical schools of excellence and technical schools with the assistance of the world.

Their linkage will be with the technical and engineering industry our industry what we are producing and what we want to produce the engineering universities will be their in those fields and those fields will be given technical training. Now this trilateral harmony will take us forward and InshAllah in the coming years you will see this harmony because what is being taught today may not be related to the industry it is following its own we are teaching something else. The industry will open its own technical centre in the campus to create synergy between the education system and the industry of Pakistan so that is what we are trying and I am sure this is the way forward to enhance our economy in the long run and shift gradually as I said to the emphasis on the industrial and engineering center to be used for our economic benefit. I would like to just say few words on the overall situation of Pakistan

I just want to say that Alhumdulillah the nation is doing well on the economic front all the macro economic indicators that I keep saying are all very very positive if you see leaving the macro economic indicator you should see our exports 7.86 billion dollars in 2000 to crossing 17 billion dollars this year is a gap of one hundred and twenty percent an hopefully we may cross 18 actually though we have target of 17 this is how the economy is doing revenue the 22 arab which we are giving to the HEC the revenue which was collected before was of 3hundred two billion in 1999-2000 Alhumdulillah it is 7hundred billion and it will cross and it will cross 7hundred billion that is how the public sector development project should the PSDP which was 100bilion that use to remain between 90 and 105 from 1998 to 95 it didn’t rise in these 11 years today it is 3hundre billion it is 300 percent increased that is how economy is doing if you see FDI much foreigner are visiting the hotels in Islamabad, Lahore have 100prcent occupancy and I check these people these are foreigners who have come for investment so therefore the FDI which was 400 million dollars we have crossed 1.5 billion and I think we will cross 3 billion dollars this year so this is the performance of the economy we have to now give this economy down to the people of Pakistan its advantages in the form of poverty alleviation in the form of job creation and in the form of controlling inflation as there is price hike no doubt but the reasons are also being explored one is the economic growth the demand supply gap[p has increased but after seeing this issue of sugar and oil etc we have to take measures to reduce cost check cost let me assure this house that there is reverse turn in the poverty alleviation joblessness we need to persist it to reduce it further and I know we will be able to do it because it has turned around already jobs have been created because industries have been created and laborers are working there is building and construction boom there is boom of telecommunication and IT .

As I said the growth in the industry of 14.6 and 18.2%growth is because of the jobs being created the 85 thousand motorcycles were made now more than 5 lac motorcycles are being created in year the Suzuki and Toyota companies use to work in one shift now they are working in three shifts as three percent people are employed so I am very sure that theses economic gains will be transferred to the people of Pakistan in future.

We have international standard and respect in world and in Ummah as well Pakistan is known all over the world so therefore we are comfortable the only thing that I would like to mention to where what can damage us I repeat it everywhere as it is very important terrorism and 5 extremism are the two areas that can affect us from inside like the pesticide so therefore we need to fight terrorism and extremism terrorism is to be fought frontly with military force terrorist can be identified who I killing us is the man who we will kill so this is simple as that but extremism is a state of mind he has tendency of extremism in his mind and that extremist then becomes the terrorist unfortunately we are trying to pursue a different strategy for extremism and it is pursuing but one factor which we are all involved in the people who are spreading hatred either it is religious hatred or sectarian hatred within Islam must be stopped if some one is using Masjid and its loudspeaker for negative for spreading hatred it is not in Islam nor should we permit it. I would like to appeal to you all that please note it and do not ignore it when we all try to correct it, it will be corrected if any Khateeb is spreading negative sentiments in Masjid you should stop him as it is not place for hatred but place of prayers I don’t think I can do it or it can be done by anyone or any government or any law enforcing agencies, policemen or intelligence if we will al not do it together because extremism spread from this Masjid and extremism spread from there and they follow the track of terrorism. Children are misguided I would like to appeal you please help out the nation to stop all this so that is all I have to say ladies and gentlemen this is my proud privilege to be here again and to see this beautiful campus from the air I saw it, it is the most beautiful campus

I am very glad that Faisalabad which is the third biggest city of Pakistan and a very important commercial city was out of the main artery connection of Pakistan but now Alhumdulillah with motorway M3 coming to Pakistan and M4 has been approved from Faisalabad to Multan Faisalabad will be the main artery on the motorway of Pakistan so therefore that was very very important Faisalabad needs to play its role yesterday I inaugurated with the earth breaking of the Expo center Lahore this is the wonderful centre that we are going to open it will be completed by December this year in 8 months so that will serve as a showcase for al our products specially it is in the centre product from Faisalabad Sialkot Wazirabad Gujranwala this centre will be here in Lahore expo centre and this will expose our products to the world. The one I n Karachi will be separated and in this we will invite international buyers the exhibition of our products will be launched and that is how we will get into the international market so I look to a very bright future to Pakistan and InshAllah with people support I am very sure that Pakistan has very great and bright future

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen Pakistan Paindabad


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