Posted by: Administrator | 4 February, 2005

President’s Address in Lillah on Inauguration of Gas Station

11 March 2006

Mr. Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool, Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi, Amanullah Jadoon, Minister of Petroleum, Naseer Mengal Minister of State, Chaudhary Shahbaz Ministry of State for population welfare, Farukh Altaf District Nazim and all the ministers, Nazims and the people of Lillah.

I am extremely happy today that I am addressing you all on the inauguration of this gas pipeline and I am especially happy that I have come here and to tell you that the inauguration ceremony which I have told about is starting from Lillah.

First of all I would like to tell what is it and why are we doing this. When ever and whatever part of Pakistan I visited, the people either demanded gas or electricity so I thought that we should try a new experiment in which we establish a gas station for CNG and LNG and from there we take out pipelines and spread them in the city and this station is charged through bowsers like a Petrol pump this is a gas station so this was the project which we thought about and talked about with Sui Southern and Sui Northern, Sui Northern was to do this project in Lillah in your city whereas Sui Southern was to start this experimental project in Gwadar and I am very glad that this was a very successful experiment on behalf of Sui Southern and gas has reached your area.

This project was completed much before the decided time and for that I would like to congratulate Sui Northern, all its technicians, engineers and its MD that they completed this project in such a splendid way and today I have come here for its inauguration. In my view this is the kind of project which will benefit us a lot in the future and by doing this we will be able to deliver gas to the places where gas pipeline cannot reach like the mountainous region and by this project we will supply gas to such areas.

I have seen their project and we have found a gas field in Gurgari (frontier) where we have found a big storage of gas by the grace of God from where we will take a gas pipeline to Southern frontier i.e. Dera Ismail Khan and from that we will take it to Peshawar and InshAllah the gas to Peshawar will reach through this Gurgari field. Apart from that all South Punjab, Bhawal Nager area, Kot Abbas, Haroon Abad melsi area where there was no gas, there is a big plan of gas pipelines there so Sui Northern area will accomplish this task in less then 2.5 years so you will see that a web of gas pipelines will be planned and will reach all the areas and where it is difficult for the gas to reach we will establish gas stations there and where ever it is going to take time in gas pipelines we will establish such gas stations until then and whenever main gas line reaches there we will shift the stations to other areas as required.

The advantage of such a project is that we will be able to deliver gas to the place where we want to and I am very glad that this experiment was a great success. Apart from that as you all have come from long distance areas I would also like to talk to you all about Pakistan regarding energy you should all know that by the grace of God this country is progressing to such an extent with improvement in its economy and industry and the huge investment coming from abroad to out up industries that today our energy is at scarce so we have made a whole plan to derive energy like hydro-electricity from water then there are gas projects as you see then we are also thinking of alternative sources like the windmill and coal, what I want to say is that we are using all the alternative sources so that we do not face shortage of energy for our industries, we had made a programme and InshAllah industries would establish here and foreigners are also coming here for establishing industries that would creates jobs and that would result in alleviation of poverty.

The shortage of energy is hurdle in path of progress of Pakistan and we would InshAllah removed it.

As I told you the country economy is doing very well, we are moving on the path of progress, it is not the same country as it was in 1999, we were begging and now Pakistan is developing country, progressing country and moving toward good future. It is not the same country which used to beg from IMF, IMF was giving two hundred and eight million dollars to this country, meaning we had to take loan of twenty millions from IMF and we said thank you and are out of their plan because we don’t need money from them. So this is progressing country, whose economy is doing well and effects on economy is reaching to the people of the country.

By the Grace of Allah, we have status in the whole world and in the Islami Ummah. Pakistan is respected by the world and by the Islami Ummah, where ever I go, in different countries, had discussions with different leaders, now they giving us respect. You can access this by many 2 foreign leaders coming to Pakistan within last month and coming in next few months and meeting us. You can access that we have a status in the world community; we have respect due to which foreign leaders coming and visit Pakistan and discuss things with us. We have Allah blessing on us. Now that our economy is doing well, we have a status and there is my vision for this country, my goal is to I bring the results to the people of the country and to the people of Lillah and to the villages.

Within year or two you see it yourself the implementation of my programme and I have decided to be involved and my participation should be in some areas which are your basic needs. I see that electricity is in every village and I announced that electricity is you need and it is supply to every village InshAllah. Secondly there is shortage of safe drinking water due to which our people get sick and I thought it should be done under my supervision, I going to try that till 2007, in every village where more one thousands persons lives, filtration plant should be installed and they should get safe drinking water and InshAllah we are going to do it. Other than that I have told you about electricity and I should provide gas project to everywhere I go and InshAllah we are going to do that.

As you know our economy depends on our agriculture for that we need to correct the water system and it is not a small thing to correct the system of water and for that purpose I have given the water vision of 2016 that not only includes the dam that vision has three parts first of all eh water of the available dams like the Tarbela and Mangla Dam that is supplied to the provinces and every part of Pakistan almost 60%of water is wasted we need to save it from getting wasted Alhumdulillah the project of 68Arab in one a half year we are bricklinning the 86thousand water courses and this project is running successfully this project will be completed in 2 and a half years I myself hold the conference to check its progress and I m glad to announce that is moving forward and I m sure when its is completed there will be decrease in the 20-25%water loss secondly there is need for proper utilization of water with and that will be possible through the leveling of the land and supply water with new technology through drip irrigation that helps in saving water I know that project is running successfully in Punjab our science institutions have arranged the laser leveling the thing that cost 6-8lac has been made in 2 lacs and I am happy that the chief minister is looking forward this laser leveling himself it will also help in saving water the last thing of this water vision is the construction of dams, reservoirs and canals and by the grace of Allah we are making canals in every province and they will be completed in the next two to three years.

I have promised to the world that we will built reservoirs and I have mentioned 5 water reservoirs that needs to be built in 2016 and we will made them that is Bhasha Dam, KalaBagh Dam, Akhori Dam, Munda Dam and Kurrum Tangi Dam these are the 5 reservoirs this is my promise to the world and InshAllah I will complete these projects theses are the projects and I have my own participation to held conferences to move forward but the priority is to remove poverty, provide employments to reduce the level of unemployment and reduction in the price hike these things are continuously bothering me daily I want to assure you that there is no shortcut I don’t have any magic stick I am not like those politicians who use to make false promises as they didn’t have any money but now Alhamduliah we have money so when I make promises I fulfill it my full concentration is towards the reduction of price hike, poverty and unemployment we are planning for it unfortunately the oil prices in the world have raised that further increase the price hike the government is spending Arab of rupees to control it but it has affect on the people and I feel sorrow that the poor is affected by it and we try not to increase the price of electricity and gas used by the poor people so we are trying to formulate a strategy to bring reduction in poverty and to give more employments and this is happening InshAllah my full concentration will be towards it.

Now I want to talk of the law and order situation I know that the Chief Minister is paying full attention to it IG is also sitting here I know they have informed me after completing the strategy they are establishing the police force in every 25km that will be very efficient police force to arrive in the incident of robbery or any other law and order problem they can arrive there and handle it. so this is the planning and I hope that the law and order situation in Punjab will be better as compared to past and the police efficiency is also better than before.

I would like to talk of the Balochistan issue with reference to this law and order situation. there are different stories in the newspapers I would like to tell you that the process has been going on in the last 3-to 40 years that the few sardars held the country hostage and they use to blackmail every government in the 70’s, 75,5, 2, 4 years operations have been taking place there and they have been blackmailing the country thee are those people who do not want 3 progress we want to construct roads there but they refuse it we want to foreign exploration of oil and gas to provide the country with oil and gas they want no body to enter in their areas for exploration we have asked them to built school dispensary but they do not want that an why they don’t want it since they know that if the poor people get educated and if the road is constructed and they visit Punjab or frontier and they realized that there is many progress and they are lacking and they are suffering from poverty and backwardness so these people do not want to progress to suppress their people. they have militia thousand of people are equipped with weaponry they have rocket launchers purchasing rockets if they are not stopped now they will start purchasing tanks and helicopters and guns we will not allow it there are three tribes Kalpar and Masuri they have thrown their own people in Punjab an Sindh sitting in tenets and now Alhumdulillah as a result of today’s action in Balochistan 4-5 hundred of theses Kalpars and Masuris are returning back.

Today 5 thousand people of Kalpar have returned to their land and their lands have been returned to them they have been sending messages to me not to leave them and I will never leave them they will olive there they are poor that is their area their land and they will remain there and InshAllah these Masuris and Kalpars will live there in peace. I want to assure you and I want to assure to all Pakistan that whatever is happening there is not done by the Army but the frontier core and you will se hat there will be peace in few years and then we will take progress there and we will invest Arab of rupees there for the development of the people InshAllah Lastly I want to tell you that we don’t have any external threat we are nuclear power state missile is our strength and Alhamdullkiah we have force air force navy all are well alert so we do not have any external threat but there is internal threat as it is said that the internal fire may not harm the country and that is the fire of terrorism and extremism.

there is extremism and then terrorist are born from it people come and try to provoke them in terrorism and they provoke to those who think negative in his mind like the sectarian problem Shia Sunni Deobandi and Bralevi all are Muslims let the people on their own thinking as tolerance is important factor of Islam. If on is thinking of certain thing lave him do not impose your thinking on him it is my request to you that wherever you see extremism where any one is trying to provoke another if he is using loud speaker in Masjid we go in Masjid to offer prayer and listen to good things for prayers of health betterment and development so Masjid must not be used for bad intentions and for wrong doings it is my request to you to prevent any such thing you must stand in masjid that we are not here to hear to such thing in masjid and the entire nation will support you.

Many people from abroad have made our county hostage they must go to some other place why they are sitting in our country sp we want to make our country towards progress and it is no way that to allow foreigners to conduct terrorism in entire world to bring bad name to our country then their are tribal advisory people prevent to come in Pakistan visas are not allowed to Pakistani as they say that you are Pakistani they are terrorists so country can not progress like this it is my request to prevent terrorism and help the government to bring people right track.

I have told that electricity will be provided to you secondly we have talked about farm to market road certainly it must be built my the district nazim sahib and I have informed the chief minister to establish the plans wherever farm to market is required and they will be formed. Then you have talked about Sui Gas from Haran Pur to Mangla via Dena I request to study this project and it will be implemented if it is feasible as we want to launch gas everywhere and we will establish it everywhere. I want to assure you that I will give the project to WAPDA I haven’t studied it yet but im sure that we are raising the level the Mangla to 30 foot it will provide 3million acre feet more water Inshallah this project will be completed in two and half years it is being run with full devotion the canal you are talking about it is my promise that I will make it studied since it is definitely must be there since the canals and reservoirs project is my focus and we will study it and then we will make it and then I request to the chief monitor to check the damage of land because of river Jhelum then you have talked about industrial zone the motar way established for the purpose of interchange to be made as an industrial zone.

The chief minister will study it and we would like to make it an industrial zone but private sector is involved in the industrial zone you people will make industry and then it can be discussed in the declaration of industrial zone t6o establish industry in this area of Lilah to provide you people with employment and then we will establish technical schools I would like to mention here that the technical school system has been removed from the ministry of 4 education and we are seeking help of foreign countries like Japan China we will built high quality technical schools in Pakistan to provide Pakistan industry with the opportunity to avail skill whenever it is required to provide jobs I didn’t go in detail to reduce the poverty employment problem the problem is that we are not technically qualified the industry is established but if people are lacking skill in the technical side then they can not get job so it is our plan to establish technical schools for teaching of skills that is required by the industry to provide employment for progress and reduce poverty.

 InshAllah technical schools will be built in this area to make you learn skill and then the industrial zone will benefit you in real sense since you people will get job I would like to say that have faith in this country for the progress of this country an for the peace of this country support the government chief minister and me and InshAllah I assure you that this Pakistan is on its way to progress and it will be listed among the developed countries I am grateful to you Pakistan always Paindabad.


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