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President’s address to Public at Hyderabad

24 December 2005

Mr. Ishrat-ul-Abad, Governor Sindh, Mr Arbab Rahim, CM Sindh, Mr Muhammad Ali Durrani, all Provincial and Federal Ministers, Mr Aftab Sher Pao, Mr Gohar Ayub, Mr Amir Muqqam, Senators, MPs, District Nazim Hyderabad, Nazim other UCs but most of all the youth of Hyderabad I want to discuss a very important issue today.

I am not here to just talk about a dam. My scope is not so limited that I revolve my whole discussion around the dam. An impression is being developed as if I am just developing a public opinion about KBD. I am here to discuss a broader vision which includes water. A vision forecasts future. I am not talking of present but casting my eyes on 2020. I am here to talk about water and not just of KBD. Before I start talking about KBD I would like to point out the demands put in front by Chief Minister for Hyderabad. I know there has been some delay in the execution of package which was announced earlier but now I know it is going on smoothly. I am personally involved in 3-4 projects that are affecting a common man.

Firstly, the brick lining of water courses, as it was important to ensure the supply of water at the tail end and lessening of the seepage. It was necessary to monitor this project since 66 billion are being allocated for the brick lining of 86000 water courses. Secondly, I thought to facilitate the education at the grass root level and lowest level. Ministries are busy in discharging their duties in provinces and Federal but I wanted to support and facilitate their task at grass root levels.

Therefore, I will go to different districts and would get involved personally in the execution of health and education facilities which is being carried out at grass root levels to push these programme so that the education and health of a common man gets improved. Then electricity should be in each village since it entails the progress and prosperity of the country. Wapda has presented a plan which has been laid out and I am overseeing it.

I promise the people of Pakistan that the each village of Pakistan would be facilitated with electricity by 2007. Contaminated water is the main cause of all diseases. Therefore, safe drinking water filtration plants would be installed in the entire country. I have presented this plan and I would ensure its execution. Funds would be allocated for installation of these filtration plants so that every common man can have access to safe drinking water and I assure you that water of these filter plants would be far better than the bottle of mineral water. That is what we will guarantee to the people of Pakistan by 2007. We have lunched a new experiment 6 months ago which will be completed by 31 Dec. We have launched two idea trail in Gwadar and Lilah, that is to install the gas plant which would be a storage facility. Then this tank would be linked with a pipe to supply gas to houses. The main tank would supply gas through a gas browser. This could not be done before, so we experimented and I am going to review these two experiments and once that is approved these tanks would be installed out side the towns to supply gas to the residents of the each town. It will be cheaper than cylinder gas.

I am personally involve in facilitation of these programmes and govt, Nazim, provincial and center would keep on working on these tasks as well. I want to say especially to the youth that I am talking to you as a Sindhi since my bringing up and my basic education was acquired from Sindh. I also have this “Ajrak” to prove my point that I am a Sindhi at heart. Therefore, the interest of Sindh is supreme to me. It is really of great concern when I see Sindh lagging behind in any thing or when it proves to be weak in any thing. Others are marching ahead but Sindhi is still lagging behind. It is really of great concern.

No one can deny from the history of Sindh as Sindh has an oldest history but keep one thing in your mind that history cant push you ahead if you want to live in history but you just don’t have to work hard but you need to work very hard to live up to the history that you have. If you are idealizing your history but are good for nothing you can’t make any progress but will only lag behind. We have to work hard so that we can move ahead but we can’t live in reveries of the past history. I always try that I should not misguide any one by speaking indirectly.

I am a direct man and like to talk direct. Truth has its own force which should be utilized by one. One should not hesitate to speak truth. Today I am going to tell you the truth. I want to give a counter argument who wants to misguide and mislead you. I would tell you the reality and then would leave up to you since you are an educate generation. I expect to you to decide after hearing the reality but don’t let others misguide you. I am not visiting Sindh to take or snatch any thing from you and I don’t want to lead you towards destruction. I would be the last person to do that.

I cannot even think of destruction of Sindh 2 when I also claim to be Sindhi or allow any one to make such decisions in my presence which are not in the interest of Sindh. I am here to do some thing for you, to give some thing to Sindh and I am here to bring some betterment in Sindh with the full understanding and conviction in my mind and heart. This is the only way to progress and development of Sindh and the prosperity of a common man. When I talk about a common man I mean the prosperity of a common man who has limited resources. 7

0 % of the people are living in the rural areas of Sindh for whom a limited piece of land is their life and death. I talk about their prosperity. It is blessing of the God that well offs are spending a very prosperous life whether there is a dam or not. It would not affect their health or on my health either but I am not talking of myself but of majority of common men who would die if there is shortage of water. I want to speak on their behalf. I think youth is a driving force since I am talking with youth. Therefore, I want to say that you people are the future of Sindh and Pakistan but not me and people sitting around me.

I want to do some thing for you people who are the future of Pakistan. Now you are going to be handed over the batten but I have a vision that you should be handed over the batten after turning the course of this country into an emerging, developing, prospering and progressing Pakistan so that you could take that batten towards more progress and development but you don’t have to face all those hurdles which has been faced by us. I want to hand over this batten in your hand after removing all those hurdles that might come in to your way.

You have energy, life and potential, therefore, I have expectations from you people and I want to tell you honestly that Sindh is lagging behind. It is not moving ahead with a speed with which other provinces are progress ahead. There are our own mistakes and some help also played a role in it. I guarantee you my continuous support. We have to put our act together. We have to take Sindh ahead with a pace. We have to work more not to catch up but to excel others. We are lagging behind in social, poverty, health, and education. we have to work really very hared. Youth’s has a critical role in it since you are that segment of society that can set the opinion abd you are trend setters. You can set a direction for others because you are full of energy and life.

Some time a nation start marching towards a wrong direction and you are the only who can change this direction. Such opportunities comes in life and this is time that wrong direction has been set through the political expediencies of past. That wrong direction needs to be changed. You must flow with the public opinion because it reflects the aspirations and wishes of people but some times they are not in the right direction since they are not literate. Therefore, they can easily be influenced and vulnerable to different opinion. At this time it is not the duty of a leader to surrender himself to whatever which is in vogue.

A true leadership attempt to change that stream of the wrong opinion. He uses his force to alter this course and I am not among those who prefer to be part of conventional flow of mind set. I could also lead a peaceful life instead of creating a headache for myself since I know it is a national cause. I am doing for others who is not owned by any one sine I know a common man would be the victim of all this problem. I don’t have any personal interest and care about me. You know about all those opponent parties that they say some thing here but hold different opinion in the Punjab since they know they cant say what they are expressing here. Now here I come to my point. I want to talk about the water but not KBD. I want to tell you that where we stand after studying and contemplating issue in detail.

Water is inevitable since we need water for agriculture, crops and we are an agricultural society. Our GDP is touching 8.4 because of agriculture and agriculture is dependant of water. Then we need drinking water. Our population is rapidly growing and we dependent of canals, rivers, and dams for drinking water. Then power and energy is also produced from water.

You know that rates electricity is increasing rapidly because 59 % of the electricity is being produced from oil which is a crime. The cheapest electricity is hydro electricity and we have plenty of rivers and reservoirs of water to produce electricity more than our needs but unfortunately we have to produce electricity from oil which is the most expensive. We can also produce electricity from Gas, from alternate resource, and then Thar coal.

We have the world biggest reservoirs of coals but there is zero use of it. We have water coal, water, alternate resource of sun and wind and then nuclear but it is misfortune of us that we are producing expensive electricity from oil. If we produce this electricity from water, only 4000-5000 mw can be produced from a dam and if we have 2-3 dam it would multiply the production of electricity. We can produce more than 10-15 thousand mw electricity which would change the whole ratio. If the electricity is produced from water it would maximum cost one rupee per unit but it costs 5-7 rupee per unit if it is produced from oil. This is the benefit of water. These dams have a limited life and siltage cause the elimination of a dam.

These 3 dams are now being filled with silt and the water is decreasing. We couldn’t make a single dam in last 30 years but there are countries who have dozens of dams and they are constructing more dams. We could not make a single dam and the dams we have they are being silted gradually. Warsak dam has been silted and now its is not functioning any more and Terbala and Mangla are also being silted gradually. Mr Goher Ayub told me an interesting figure of 5 lakh tons sand that added into a dam every day. Somebody asked me how these dams can be desilted but the fact is that 50 thousands vehicles are required to execute the desilting of these dams. So we are confronted with the issue of water which we have to resolve.

The reality is that siliting of these dams which is going on would deprive us from 6 million acre feet water by 2010. 6 million acre water is equal to a dam. It means the capacity of a dam carrying 6 million acre dams would be finished till 2010. Our people complain that there is no water in their canal. How could they have water when there is no water in store? Secondly, I got an assessment prepare while keeping our water demand in 2020 when the silting and agriculture demands going on.

Thus, I came to know that we need to have 15-20 million acre feet water in near future which requires the construction of 2-3 dams. If we have 2-3 dams then we will manage to meet the needs of water in next 15-20 years. On the other hand the construction of dams takes more than 10-12 years. Therefore, this is time to take a crucial decision since if we now make any decision we will be able to construct 2-3 dam in the next 10-20 years. These three dams would meet require our needs.

The cheap electricity produced from these dams would lower the electricity rate, facilitate our industry, agriculture. All canals would be perennial and the areas where there is no canal new canal would be dug out to water the land. It would help in the growth of agriculture and ultimately the economy of Pakistan would develop. I want to point out what are the problems in Sindh. Sindh would be the most affected province if the dams are not constructed and the Sindh would be most benefited province if it resolves the issue of water and dams. Sindh is a low riparian land and situated at the tail end and a great deal of water is wasted by the time it reaches there.

If there are limited water reservoirs Sindh would get very limited water at the tail end. Most of the canals here are non-perennial. There is shortage of water at the Kotri down stream. The people of Thata know that they need water at Kotri down stream otherwise their land is being spoiled by the water of the river and they have water in down stream which is available in Monsoon for two months. Therefore, it is obvious that Thata would get barren. Even after knowing all these facts if we are insistent that dams should not be constructed I tell you that the soil water is saline which can neither be used for drinking or for crops but in other provinces 44 millions acre feet water is drawn from the tube wells which is equal to the water of 8 dams. We don’t have any thing except saline water.

Agriculture is a main stay of Sindh of rural Sindh. Other areas of Sindh might have other opportunity but rural Sindh depends on agriculture. It is question of life and death for a common man of Sindh. These were the set backs. So far as the benefits of a dams are concerned, the construction of a dam will get Sindh 2.2 million acre feet of water and 4.4 million water in case of the construction of two dams. Then there are complaints that the 91 accord has been violated and demand restoration of this accord. We would apply this accord that would bring more water to Sindh since it determine more share of water. 5 million acre water would be the share of Sindh that is equal to the reservoirs of one dam. This is what you have. All canals would be perennial. The formers of Sindh also complain that they couldn’t have an earlier supply of water since they need water 6 week earlier than rest of Pakistan for their early Rabi and Khraif crops. I assure you that you will have an early supply of water for your early crops. Then there are complaints that the water of monsoon is available for only month for the people of Badeen and Thata at down stream.

The construction of a dam would ensure a continuous availability of water out there. The opponents of dams say that the construction of dams is a conspiracy to turn this province into dessert but dam is not a consuming structure but it is a storage structure. If they alleging that it would turn the province into dessert they are talking nonsense. It would be dessert when we don’t have water to drink for 10 month but the water of monsoon goes into sea and nothing left with us. And now we are trying to store the water which was available for only two month to make it available for whole year. Water would be released down stream for 10 months.

We have called foreign consultants who have told that 3.6 million acre feet water should flow Kotri down stream and 25 million acre feet would be required once in 5 years for the washing off. We will have to act in accordance with this report which must please the people of Thata and Badeen but it would translate into reality provide we construct dams and water reservoirs. We will be able to cultivate more and more land if we have the 4 water reservoirs. We have planed to build a barrage in Sehwan which should be linked with 5 canals on both sides to take water where there is acute shortage of water. It would fertile more land and bring prosperity.

We have rehabilitated Chutyari dam where water can be stored in case of extra water. It will restore Mancher lake and help fisher man to earn their livelihood. Sindh would be at ultimate benefit or loss with reference to water reservoirs. If some body is saying some thing else he is misguiding you. We have sites for the construction of Skardu, Bhasha, KBD and finally Akori dam. The past govt even could not carry out their feasibility reports on any of these fours dams. If we had completed the feasibility of Bhasha dam in 1999 when this controversy was first raised and initiated the construction the construction of Bhasha dams would have been completed so far and water could have been stored out there. It was I who initiated this study of dams in 2001 so that study of any other dam could be carried out as an optional proposal. The feasibility of Bhasha could be completed in 2004. Therefore, we come to know that Bhasha could be constructed but its structural design has not been carried out which takes time as well. There is no feasibility and design for the Akori and Skardu dams but it would be carried out with in a year. The process is going on.

You must be knowing some ground realities since you are educated people. Skardu and Bhasha dams are in mountainous areas of Northern region. Skardu dam would submerge whole Skardu if a dam is constructed there. Bhasha dam is in mountainous region where water comes from glacier. KBD and Akori dams will have water from Kabul, Chitral, Swat, and River Swan from Punjab and Haro River which fall in to River Indus at Terbala but this water can be stopped at Bhasha or Skardu rather it flows down which can be stopped down at Terbala. There has been a high level flood in which we lost 25 million acre feet water that went into sea. This quantity of water could not be saved even we have had Bhasha and Skardu dam. This is the reality of dams. This is what I want to convey you but I think I have prolonged it since you are educated people. This is the audience whom I have a lot of expectations who can understand these facts. You would not be misled and misguided. Therefore, I have talked to you in detail.

I finally mean to say that if we don’t make preferably three dams by 2016 or 2020 it would mean that we are creating hurdles in the progress and prosperity of our nation and especially bringing a disaster for Sindh. Would you suggest me that I should hold myself and let every thing going on in normal course? I don’t want to do it. Therefore, I ask you to support me and stand by me and if you stand by me I assure you that these strikes would fizzle out. I am extremely grateful to you that you have listened to me so patiently. I look forward to meeting you more often. If you have any question, feel free to ask any question.

Question: How can you assure the mechanism that 2.2 MaF additional water would be given to Sindh?

Ans: You are praising 91 accord and Sindh demands the restoration of 91 accord. It was Nawaz Sharif from Punjab who formulated this 91 accord and Punjab scarified 2.7 Maf water but this all problems was created by BB in 1994 who was from Sindh. This is fact that a Punjabi PM tried to benefit you but a Sindhi PM reverted it back, which rendered a loss to Sindh. 91 accord emphasizes about the sharing of water as well as it also necessitates the construction of water reservoirs. It was give and take. Punjab sacrificed the water of its share hoping that new water reservoirs would be developed. Water distribution was made in accordance with 91 accord in year 91 and 92 but no water reservoirs was constructed meanwhile and then BB reverted this whole accord. No we must go back to 91 accord, yes indeed. So far guarantee is concerned; we will have water when there would be water reservoirs in the country. The canals of Sindh and Punjab would be perennial and NWFP and Balochistan would also have their equal share of water. So I would ask you a question that fi there are one glass of water and ten people they would definitely fight with each other for the water but if there are ten glasses and ten people to drink will they be fighting? They all have water. So there will be no fight. However, we still need to give guarantee and those guarantees might have been constitutional guarantees, let the parliament debate it. I encourage all to debate it and find ways and methods to set a guarantee. Supreme could give a decision. There should be a judicial guarantee, administrative, telemetry stations, so therefore, every one can monitor what amount of water is going where. Telemetry system is installed by us worth 400 million at 23 different stations. Every one will know it the amount one is getting. The logic says that people of Sindh should demand what sort of guarantee they require. There is no logic that the construction of dam would not be allowed to execute 5 because of trust deficit but since if it is not constructed we will be the ultimate sufferer out of it. Logic says that we should trust and demand for desired guarantees.

Question: We very much believe you but there are few things like, any of the guarantees given in Chashma Jehlum link were not catered to. Why are the productions of Wheat, cotton, sugarcane and also areas of Sindh are decreasing along with per acre yield but if we compare this with yields of Punjab, it is increasing in Wheat, Cotton and Sugarcane. Now the additional water silage you are talking about, it is going there and not going downstream Kotri.

Answer: 91 IRSA accord is the water apportionment sharing formula which was accepted by everyone so now the question is if I reopen the Pandora box that lets restart the commission and then we indulge again in the same practice, this is not my belief. 1991 accord lays to rest all demands of all provinces. That history was ended with 1991 accord and that’s about what the demands are emerging that go back to the 1991 accord as the four commissions constituted by various leaders all failed and did not produce anything, in fact for last 30 years we have been fighting over the approximately of availability of water, center claims there is 144 MaF, whereas Sindh says it 110 MaF or 118 MaF water available, we used to dispute on this when I came in 1999-2000, This is what we resolved that lets leave the available water as its available in sore sources, how will we measure that water but Kotri is such a point where all the available water gathers and then goes to the sea, and from that single place we can finalize how much water is going into sea and getting waste so it doesn’t matter how much water is available it maybe 118MaF or 240 MaF, but how much water is getting waste is important and needs to be measured, so when we thought about this we found a record which is a 30 year record and which Govt of Sindh sends to Wapda that how much water goes down Kotri downstream and we know that 35 MaF average water goes down to sea so we have this 35 MaF available to make a dam, We have 1991 IRSA accord which deals with each province’s proportion so we do not need to open a new Pandora box. Now coming to that downstream there is no water, that is what I have said that Sindh is at the biggest loss as its in the tail end and are lower riparian, so when we will make a dam there is going to be water and as far as Chashma-Jehlum link canal is concerned, when water is being given to every canal in Sindh and all canals have become perennial and also 5 canals which are going to be taken from Sehwan will also be perennial the dispute of Chashma-Jehlum link automatically finishes when there is water available to others and you as well.

Question: The situation below Hyderabad Sehwan is the hard water which was flowed below by Punjab is being drunk by us as our Rivers did not have such flow that we could drink that water.

Answer: We have to look at the future. The mistake which happened in the past, the disputes, and hard feelings of the past needs to be amended to pave way ahead. If we keep locked down in the past we will never find solutions as a fate accomplice has happened in the past and I cannot do anything to reverse that fate accomplice, If Sindh is to be kept happy, then Punjab creates hue and cry and if Punjab is catered, frontier and Balochistan creates havoc. The wise thing is that how all provinces can be benefited and past resentments can come to an end. Now I want to tell you all what I have done and like you have asked about hard water, it is right that it is coming down affluent but you know to take that affluent water down into sea I have taken up arrangements. I have initiated RB outfall drain which will take this hard water into sea, before this no leader did such a thing as they did not have money for such a thing but now this RBOD is being developed to cater the same problem which you had, so all the hard water can be transferred into sea. This was initiated by us for last two years with 2007 or 2008 date of completion and then all this affluent water will be thrown into sea. So to say that we will not move ahead until the old disputes are resolved which were not resolved by anyone so I am not one of those who will get bogged down in old disputes and do not move forward and by not moving forward I have already explained the consequences. If you had said that do not make KBD then ok, but do not make any dam I do not agree with for my belief is that, Sindh will die but if you say that I am wrong and Sindh will not die then I accept but I know that common man and farmer of Sindh will die if because of shortage of water his land will be destroyed so all your argument that I should bog down in all past history and first solve that and not to go ahead, is this what your logic says as my logic doesn’t say this. My logic says, ‘do not get bogged down’ the time has come when we have to care about our farmer with immediate supply of water to him and we will look into past later. Now for the 6 Confidence of Sindh I will tell you that I became army chief in 1998 and as I knew that it is being said in Sindh that the army is of Punjabi’s, so you should know that starting from 1998, I inducted Sindhi’s into army and now there are around 80,000 Sindhis are a part of total 5 lakh army and another thing which needs to be told is that if you now got to PMA academy, 10% cadets would be Sindhis. This is what I have done for Sindh so that Sindh should feel a part of Pakistan, this army is a Sindhi army, a frontier army, a Baloch army and a Punjab army so that is what I did. When I became the chief executive I was told that IRSA’s headquarter is in Lahore and Sindh had series reservations about its location as it is not of Punjab, No PM did anything, it was I who shifted it to Isb as IRSA is not a Punjab headquarter but it is a centre headquarter. Then I knew that Sindh also had reservations that in IRSA there are members and a chairman so I said one member from Sindh should also be chairman then I thought to devise an assessment of water system lets make a parliamentary committee, a technical committee and lets get a foreign consultant for downstream Kotri, this dispute was not solved before by anyone and the parliamentary committee which I made, its boss was appointed a Sindhi Mr Nisar Memon and the technical committee boss was also a Sindhi appointment i.e. Mr Abbasi so we are doing all this to give you confidence so that you feel a part of Pakistan, and you should know that the State Bank governor who is a woman is from rural Sindh who replaced Dr Ishrat. So please understand that nothing can come out of emotionalism as I have told you that we are at loss, you and the Sindhi farmer is going to be all loss, why cannot you understand this that Punjab is not at loss of that amount though there is going to be some loss. If there are going to be no water reservoirs, the Sindh farmer will be at loss, he will die of hunger and thirst. As you are saying that he has been with hunger and thirst before, yes and that’s exactly we are trying to solve and to avoid. If your solution is to further make him suffer with hunger and thirst then this is not my solution and even if I accept that a lot of unfairness has been done with Sindh but moving ahead one should not aggravate the situation this is only where I differ with you. And now the solution to this problem and you saying no to dams is with what I am not agreeing with you, my solution is to built dams and I am not taking about KBD in fact I am saying to build two to three dams as one dam is not enough for this area.

Question: You say that you do not care about slogan chanters in Sindh, sir these are your brothers and we are with them and they are with us and you mush listen to their feelings as they are a major part of Sindh and our Pakistan.

Answer: I do not understand how they can claim themselves to be nationalists, I am a nationalist, I love my Pakistan and I am a nationalist, who gave them the right to call themselves nationalists, they are anti nationalists and if they are that powerful then how come they couldn’t be elected, no one votes for them so where is their power and if they were that powerful, how come only 10,000 people came and not 10 lakh people so where are their supporters and among them there are such kind of parties which I do not want to name, say something else in Punjab and something else in Sindh and show double standards as they know if they say something here it will benefit them here and if they say something there, something will benefit them there, which shows hypocrisy and double standards of people. This is what we must understand and again leave everything beside. I will ask you as you are an educated person, I will appeal to you that what your reason says. For past two hours I am talking to you and I am trying to convey one thing that you maybe well off, maybe comfortable you are staying well so please do not only think of yourself. Think of the common farmer in the interior of Sindh and in the past three years, the drought in 2001-02-03, I went in the interior and we were providing them with food to keep them alive otherwise they would have died. I have been there, international community was assisting them and providing them food and water so that they can live and now the same drought, take my word to be true and that I have examined, In 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025 you will see with you own eyes that water for Sindh farmer will keep on decreasing and the drought which you saw for three years will become permanent because there wont be any problem for anyone in the canals. As I have told that your 70% people roughly, which are there, are you prepared to let them die because there is no water? Are you prepared to let them die. The people who are creating hue and cry have their own vision and I have my own. Now I am asking your support for my vision if you think it is logical and if you think otherwise then you are supporting their vision but I still wont mind because if you still do it with your own mind, do not do it with someone else’s mind. Sometimes a time comes in the life if nation when the whole nation is on the wrong path and 7 it is for the leadership to change that direction and that is what I said in the beginning so at this time in Sindh, a common man is off tracked, now if you want me to allow them to continue on the wrong path, I do not agree with you. I am trying to change the path into the right path with reasoning with rationale and with logic and that is what I am asking you to assist me with.

Question: We all are with you and all you have said seems logical but as youth and as an individual what we have to do.

Answer: This is a very important question, in practical shape each on of you who understood my logic should not support those who are against it, this is the most passive thing one can do that they should not support the opponents. Second step if you want to be bit more active, then go around and tell people that you are on a wrong path and the right path is what President is talking about as that is the right path, we must have dams, not one not two but three of them and what I have told you all about should be conveyed positively to the public, Now how can you do it?, you can do it through talking, and if you are members of any organizations or are student bodies, then you should project my point of view and negate the negative point of view as now the people in Sindh with negative point of – and then there are sensators who are not on any side and are mere spectators, one should convert those people to the right side and if you consider yourself a leader this is what the leadership demands are and you need to change the course of those who are on the wrong path.

Question: You have said that after the construction of dam, water will go downstream as well, so what is the use of making a dam when water will flow downstream in both the cases.

Answer: please understand what I have said, this year 25 MaF have gone down but after the dam will be made only 3.6 MaF water will be released and will not allow 25 MaF to go to waste so 22 MaF will remain behind. Last year 20 MaF went downstream so we will not allow 20 MaF to go to waste but only 3.6 MaF leaving behind 17 MaF, so please try to understand the logic. After making water reservoirs we will give water in the canals bringing prosperity InshAllah.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it was a pleasure talking to all of you.


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