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President’s address to Public in Sukkur

22 December 2005

Mr Ishrat Ul Ebad, Governor Sindh, Mr Arbab Rahim, Chief Minister Sindh, Sardar Farooq Lghari, Federal Ministers and Mr Gohar Ayub, Mr Amir Muqam, Mr Aftab Sher Pao, Mr Jam Yousaf, Chief Minster Balochistan, Mr Durrani, Mr Sheikh Rasheed, and Mr Junajo, Senators, Ministers, MNAs, District Nazims, Formers, ladies and Gentlemen and my Sindhi brothers and sisters first of all I would like to talk about the demands placed by District Nazim.

These demands are very genuine since development in Pakistan is our priority. I would examine the demand of dry port and export processing zone. Secondly, he talked about the project of linking bridge between Sukkur and Rohri. This project is already being examined and I would direct Prime Minister to work over it so that this project should be carried out as soon as possible. You have asked about one water filter plant but I would say that dozen of safe drinking water filtration plants should be installed in Rohri and I would make sure an immediate installation of water filtration plants. I would issue the directive to install many of filtration plants as soon as I reach there in Islamabad. I ensure you that the facility of electricity would be given to each village by 2007.

Electricity would be supplied where ever it hasn’t been supplied. You have also raised the demand of Gas but the trail project of gas is going on at two places i.e. in Gwadar and Lilah. These projects are being carried out by Sui Southern and Sui Northern. The ideal trial is going on, that first a gas tank should be installed out there and then different villages should be linked with this tank through a pipe. The consumers would be given connection from these tanks and this makeshift tank would be charged with gas browsers. It would save us from an installation of a long gas pipe line. This idea was initiated 6-8 months ago and these both projects will be ready by 31 of Dec. I am told that this experiment has been successful and I hope each village would be provided gas in this way. This gas would be cheaper than cylinder gas. Therefore, I assure you that the gas would be supplied to you.

I also announce 500 million rupees for the maintenance of the roads of the areas. Now coming to the main point, You have just heard the recitation of the Holy Quran that says that if you hide your true intentions you have to be answerable for that to your God. I don’t keep any thing into my heart. I am here to share my heart with you people and I want to talk as a Sindhi. I always love to be called and known as a Sindh. Therefore, being a Sindhi I endear your progress and prosperity which you can judge from my actions but don’t judge it from my words.

Have a look upon the development projects which are going on in Sindh. We have just talked about Sukkur Barrage and I know that it would have been swept away if we hadn’t taken some timely decisions. Army was sent to carry out this project. Your area falls in left bank out fall drain. Rain has played havoc with this area but Army came forward to tackle this issue. There were complaints that the Mancher Lake is being contaminated and the salty water affecting the business of fishermen but none came forward for the restoration of this lake.

It was our govt that cared to initiate RBOD project to avoid the flow of salty water into this lake. This project requires 28 billion rupees to complete this project so that the contamination of Mancher Lake could be avoided and fishermen could be brought back to their business. We are reviewing your complaints. Your problems, reservations would be addressed and I assure you that the govt stands by you and wants your progress and prosperity. You should help yourselves out I assure you my help to you. I want to make it clear I don’t tell a lie and you must have realized that I always follow truth and my today’s visit is also made in the same account. I would request you that do consider my request with a peaceful, clam head and heart, Then make a decision about it while employing same prudency. I didn’t come here to snatch any thing from you people rather I came here to give you some thing. I came here to do some thing for you, for the public and for the farmer who toils hard on the earth.

I am not here to announce a decision and plead the issue of dam. I am here to just talk about the water issue and not about a sole water reservoir. I want to tell you about the situation of water in your area and in Pakistan and what is going to happen in next coming years. When I address you I address that farmer who is toiling on the soil of Sindh and his life relates to this soil and water since water is required to drink as well as for the crops. It would not affect my health and other elite of this area since we are having everything available. Each influential is leading a peaceful life in Karachi, he doesn’t have any problem whether you people have water to drink or not but it is problem who is sitting here 2 and doesn’t have water to drink. I still remember those days of drought in Balochistan and Sindh. I know in what plight they were and we managed them different edibles since they were stricken by thirst and hunger for three years. Just imagine if that plight is inflicted upon you forever and you couldn’t find a single drop of water to drink.

What would you do in this situation except crying and dying? I am not among those who aren’t courageous enough to point out this issue. No body wants to misguide you rather we are telling you reality. We should have a strong conviction to speak truth and he is not human being who is not courageous enough to speak truth, therefore I would speak truth. Water is an issue of life and death for a poor farmer. You can’t install a tube well since the under ground water is salty while a tube well can be installed to draw drinking water from soil in Punjab. 44 million acre feet water is drawn from tube wells in Pakistan which is equal to the water of 8 dam but you people don’t have this facility because the underground water in Sindh is salty. It can’t be used either as drinking water or to water the land.

Agriculture is your livelihood and if agriculture dies out you would be starved to death. An impression has been developed that as if we are conspirating against you people and Sindh in Islamabad. Last time I went to the Khaba and I pray to God guide me towards right course, guide me to decide upon right thing and help me out to convey right thing to my people, today I am here with same strive. Now I would request to lend me your ears since I am going to discuss a very serious matter with you people. The reality is that water level is getting lower in the two dams we have now. The water has dropped down to 5 million acre feet already. Therefore, you have less water in your canals as well since water level is decreasing because of siltage.

When I quote 5 million acre feet water, it implies that one of them is about to end its life since the each dam has capacity to store 6 million acre feet water. So we have lost half of the water which we could have stored incase of a running dam and we will lose the capacity of 6 million acres by the 2010. It signifies that we will lose the water of a dam in next four year. Therefore, I am thinking of future. A dam can’t be constructed over night rather it takes years, decades and billions. If we don’t have money we can’t build dam. If you think 15 years ahead that what will happen in 2020, 15 years would slip within no time. Just think about your future generations. What would happen to them?

I have statistics that we need 25 million acre feet water to meet our requirements in next 15 years but when I reconsider this statistics I found that we are carrying out brick lining of the water courses and we would also adopt some latest method of saving water that would save us a lot of water which would be utilize in other places. Ultimately we need 15-20 million acre water in 2020. These 15-20 million acres is equivalent to the construction of two or three dams. The construction of two dams is imperative to meet the shortage of water otherwise the most affected province would be Sindh but Punjab would have minor affects of it. It would also affect Balochistan which already doesn’t have water available but now Kachi canal is being built to supply them water. On the other hand NWFP would also suffer the water shortage since it is already not getting the amount of water which it should have been given.

Therefore, we badly need 2-3 water reservoirs immediately and if we don’t have you know the consequences of it. Let’s not make a dam and save the money but it would really affect us. I want to do some thing for you and the poor who would be ultimate sufferer of this water shortage. Now I want to talk about Sindh that how it would be affected by the water shortage? You are called to be low riparian province that has its own issue of water. Then the people of Thata have their complaints that the sea water is affecting their lands since they are low lying areas. The water level in your canals is dropping down and it doesn’t flow through out the year rather it is hardly available for six months. So keeping in view all this situation what benefit it will bring to you people.

If any of the dam is constructed it would bring 2.2 million acre feet and it would be 4.4 million acre feet if two dams are constructed. If we try to carry out such any plan they always come with a complaint that their share had been curtailed after amending in the 91 water accord in 1994 but I assure you that your share would be restored to you. Inshallah we would restore the 91 water accord that ensures the availability of more water.

Our Sindhi brothers insisted on the returning on the 91 accord but I want tell you that it was Nawaz Sharif who get you more share of water than Punjab. Benazir Bhutto was a Sindhi that curtailed your share in 1994. If you think that you have been victimized by Punjab I want to make it clear it was your own PM who planned to victimize you in 1994. It was none other but Benazir Bhutto who curtailed your share prescribed in 91 accord. Inspite knowing the reality we think that we are being victimized. No one can victimize us but we offer ourselves for such treatment.

You need water for the crops of Rabi and Khreef crops which ripened well before the crops of Punjab and these days you run 3 acute water shortage. If you have water reservoirs it will render you water for your crops 4-6 weeks before rest of the provinces. Then you need water under Kotri, the water reservoirs will check the storage of water under Kotri, you have Chutyari reservoirs which would be used to store water. Then we are planning to construct a barrage in Sehvan from which 5 canals would be taken out but its construction would be realize provided we have water in store otherwise canals and barrage cant be built. These are the benefits of just construction of one dam. Now question arises if the construction of water reservoir is feasible here. There are four potential sites for construction of water reservoirs for the country. Let’s start from up to downwards.

We have sites for the construction of Skurdu, Bhasha, KBD and finally Akori dam and out of these fours the study of just one dam has been completed so far that is KBD. It was I who initiated this study of many other dams in 2001 so that any the study of any other dam could be carried as an optional proposal since we have been fighting on the construction of KBD dam since long. The study which was initiated in 2001 has been completed in 2004 that shows that a dam can be made. The study on Akori and Sakrdu has not been carried out earlier but I have got it initiated. Now the situation is that the study of KBD and Bhasha dams has been complete so far. So far the completion of these dams is concerned, Skurdu dam would be construction by 2018-19, Bhasha dam can be completed till 2016-17, and Akori dam’s completion date is 2014 while KBD can be completed till 2014.

With the grace of God our economy is stable and Asian Development Bank and WB are ready to assist us monetarily. Therefore, we can build a water reservoir provided we reach to a final decision. This was the issue I wanted to discuss with you. It is not me who would take this final decision rather this issue would be brought in Parliament, people and public should express their opinions, and demands and reservations of Sindh should come forward so that their reservations could be resolved easily whether these are constitutional, judicial, administrative or any other reservation. You have right to raise your reservations as many times as you can so that the trust deficit could be restored again. I would conclude here that if the water reservoirs are not constructed this will be the most affected province. Do remember my words and judge each passing years that it has come to pass if we don’t feel the inevitability of this project.

This is right and imperative issue, therefore, I want to ensure your participation in it. Once this issue discussed in Senate, National Assembly and other Provincial Assemblies to develop a consensus we would definitely translate it into reality. Thank you all.



  1. Salam DEAR ………
    Mr General Mushraf sir………i want joining APML and i m workig with u r party my residence in sukkur andi ask who is sukkur president of apml pls show cell number with sukkur office address so then i join your party ……..

    Fayaz Ahmed………..
    cell # 03158111828

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