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President’s speech at Kohlu

16 December 2005

Assalm o’ Alaikum I feel very happy and proud that I am addressing you people in Kohlu, in your home; I also have some old memories associated with Kohlu when in 76 -77 I lived here for almost a year. So get to remember that period that we lived here for a year made friends. I have no problems and fears and I will return and I know you people are there for me and that is my strength that you all and the common man of this area are with me. There are only a few who are doing this. We know how to tackle them and we will tackle them too but we will not stop the development here. It is needed here and we will deliver it. Inshallah. I have today come to your home but not for my self but for you people. I am not asking for anything for myself but will ask for you. The people here who are backward I am here to ask for them and remove all your problems, ask for Balochistan, for the people of Balochistan and therefore for Pakistan. When this area will get developed, Balochistan will get developed then Pakistan will also get developed. If the smaller parts of Pakistan are prosperous then will Pakistan be called prosperous.

Therefore your prosperity is Pakistan’s prosperity. I have no doubts in this. This is why I am here today. I know that before the whole of Balochistan and your area, Murree area was a deprived area, deprived because there was no development going on but this state of complex was there because the whole of Pakistan was not even getting developed much and there was a looting process going on in Pakistan but now the situation is averse. By the grace of God the country is progressing, it’s moving forward. And I do not say this to make my own self happy but this is what the world says, the Islamic Ummah says, see what is our status there, see what the world leaders are saying, where Pakistan stands? Therefore I am not saying this myself or to please myself for self praising.

By the grace of God we are moving forward. The country is moving forward. The economy of the country is strong. The exchequer is not empty; the country is not the poorest. It is a progressing state and we also have money in hand. Now the question is how to utilize that money and how to remove backwardness? I want to tell you as Jam Sahib have said I have come in 99 and since then I have been saying that Balochistan has been lagging behind and we have to do something for it because their grievances are just. They have complaints against Pakistan and govt which very just. They have been lagging behind. There is under development here and people are not looking towards them since then we are saying we need to look towards them too.

Today I want to tell you that what have we done in these 5 years. You might be knowing but I want to repeat the main points. Because what we started in 2000, 2001 and 2002 are now reaching to an end and are becoming clear. 1st of all I then said that in our Army. Frontier Corps why do we do not have Baloch, why are they less. Why are the Sindhis less. They should also be in the right numbers. I am very happy to state today that we have Baloch officers to, we have opened a recruitment center for the soldiers. We are also training them so that the Baloch people come in the army and they are coming in the army, officers as well as soldiers and I am very happy at this that they are joining the army.

We are taking you in coast guards. This coast belongs to Sindh and Balochistan so they should have their force and their people recruited in the area and this is what is happening. I know in the Frontier Corps, I have old General some 600 have been taken here from Kohlu, some 6000 are required and almost 3000 have already been recruited. And I am instructing them I front of you that take more from this area, from Maari’s, Baloch so that you have ample representation in frontier corps as it is yours. This Frontier corps is Balochistan this is your corps it should have your people, coast guard is yours you should have representation there and this army is yours too and you should have representation here as well.

Inshallah as time will pass more and more people amongst you will be recruited here. Development, developmental projects and water reservoir there are to be talked about. We thought two places are available here Meerani and Subakzai. We started Dams at both these places and by the grace of God this June the CM and Governor are inviting me to inaugurate both the Meerani and Subakzai Dam and thousands will benefit from it. 34,000 acres of land in Meerani Dam and 6-7 thousand acres of land in Subakzai Dam will get irrigated and the fish which will be produced in those Dams will also benefit.

So theses have been ready for the development of the area. Now those who can think 15-20 years ahead knows the importance of Gwadar port. This is not just the port of Balochistan. This is not just of importance to Pakistan but for the whole region. This is an important port for China, central 2 Asian Republics including Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan it is beneficial for them too. So this port was what we started by the grace of God and now we are improving it more and by June we want to run this as the best port of the world. And this will happen, Inshallah. You will get benefit.

Listen to me and understand, I don’t lie I think before I speak. What I say are not mere words. Some are saying foreigners are coming and will take the port away. Foreigners are not going to take it in their pockets. It is there on the land, where can they take it. It is for your progress. For your progress, people are taken to Lahore and Karachi for training. Almost 200 to 250 person are trained so that they can work for betterment of you people and earn more money. People who came for construction of Meerani Dam, hundreds of local are being trained for using equipment, Baloch the next time would work on some other dam, would be trained by then and earn more amount. This is way to take people to high places. The people who tell you lies that foreigners who are making Gwadar Port are here to take your resources and let you remain backward and get benefit. They are cheating you, telling lies and understand this, this would going to be your progress, Baluchistan progresses that means Pakistan is going to progress.

Gwadar Port would be completed next year InshAllah and see how it works. We are working on supply of water to Quetta which is of worth Rs 8 billion, next are roads; I am not going to in details, there are going to be several of roads like coastal highway, from Quetta to Dera Ismail Khan roads are been made, Lorelei road which is going to link Punjab and Baluchistan. Khuchi canal is separately been made. There are of worth Rs 40 billion. It is not of 1 crore or 2 crore or even 4 crore. Khuchi Canal is of worth Rs 40 billion. It is of 500 km canal, 300km is in Punjab, we took land from Punjab for Baluchistan. The 300km stream that is going pass, is taken from Punjab and 200km of Khuchi canal would be in your area. This will irrigate 7 lac acres land. Baluchistan would get profit, Baloch people would get profit and finally Pakistan would get profit, I am not going to discuss gas projects. I am telling you this because it is my commitment to remove backwardness and poverty.

Rich can take care of themselves. Where there is backwardness, can remove it, make it progress. This is the duty of the leader. I have no doubt about my commitment to make backward areas progress. There is no lack of resources and no bad intentions. But my request to you people is that people conditions do not change, if they do not want to change their conditions to be changed, just remember this. I am with you but you also have to walk along, you also have to try, you also have to work hard and make your child work hard too so that you can make progress. If only me or government is going to try and not you people then there wont be any progress or success. I am hopeful that your support is with me and with government. With unity we would progress. I don’t understand whatever I do or speak, people here are against me, I don’t want to take their names, you all know whoever is involved in the bomb blast or firing rockets. You also know them and me too. I can’t understand what their complaints are. I have no dispute with them or any conflict, I am not saying that Baluchistan should not develop and I repeatedly say, Baluchistan should progress, make roads, and make schools, water and hospitals.

What do you want? Tell me, I am ready to do it. I sent them messages to tell me their demands. I am ready to fulfill your demands. If you want development, progress, or developmental projects, just tell me, I am ready to do it. If there are some old grudges, complains and problems, don’t put blame on me it was not my responsibility. If you have any complaints after 1999, please do tell. Have some sense. If your aim is people’s development, people progress… of your people. If progress and prosperity of the people is your goal then I am with and whatever you are going to ask, I will give and do it.

One feels sorry, Jam Sahab have said a lot and I know about Baloch hospitality, Baloch bravery. If one sitting in Islamabad and doing a lot in result he gets to know that somebody has blown gas pipeline, power poll had been destroyed, somebody exploded a bomb, somebody assaulted the Chinese who were here to help us. One does feel sorry; this is no way to progress. What kind of hospitality is this? These are few people who have their own goals and we know how to hand or deal with them. Just support us and we will deal with them. I want to tell that there were some problems in policies in one way or other, this won’t happen again, not ever.

Now there is one policy and I know who are the enemies and enemies would remain enemies forever. I know who friends are? You are my friends and support me for ever. 3 I came here to announce the Kohlu package. This package is of worth Rs one and half billion. It is for you. The specialty of this package is 35 schemes are approved and is of 45 crores. They are going to be immediately implemented; I won’t go in the details. I am going to leave the paper here and you can study it later. In short 37 crores going to spend on roads system, there going to be many l big roads are of worth Rs 6 crore like Fazilchil road and Mavang road of 35 km and Paza road and link road Duoki of 20km is of worth 5 crores. There are many and I am not going to go in detail.

This road system is of 14 roads and worth 37 crores. Then there would be village electrification of Rs one crore and ten lakh. There are many electricity projects. The next is education, there is up gradation of inter boys college to degree college at district Kohlu and going to spent Rs two crores on it. Other then that Frontier Corp’s General Sb is going to open high school in Barkhan and Mehvan high school funding is going to be done by governor and one Cadet School is going to be made in Kohlu. Then there are water supply schemes, there going to 16 water supply schemes of worth more then Rs 5 crores, I am not going in detail but it has 23 tube wells would be in Kohlu with Rs two crore InshAllah.

Then there is basic health unit Kili Anwer Jaan Mari in Kohlu of Rs twenty lakh. Other then that I asked what is wanted. This is Rs 45 crore, Rs one billion is left behind. We are making roads from Sibi to Kohlu. Rs 1 billion is going to spent on this road. InshAllah NIC is going to construct it rapidly and I will monitor its progress InshAllah it is going to be made rapidly. There are going to many water storage dams, I was looking them on my way and tell me where they can be built. Tell me specifically, where dams should be built.

Next is, district head quarter hospital is in bad condition, lets up grade it and make it better so that medical facilities could be provided. Let’s make district Kohlu hospital better. Tell me if there is any electricity problem of Kohlu or any electric project is required, money would be separately given for the project. As I ask you tell me what is required and accordingly money would be provided for it. I have talk about Rs two and a half billion. Projects of worth Rs 37 crore are ready, they are of roads, water, schools, hospital, electricity and educational. As I already told you about road from Sibi to Kohlu. The addition things you have demanded lets plans it and let CM and Governor make a project, he would do it and InshAllah I am going to send additional money from center. The whole thing is that money is available, things required should be told and your support is required. You should work hard and we will provide you facilities that would make things move forward InshAllah. What ever your demands are InshAllah would be approved.

In last I would like to say, a person who wants development, people who want to come for exploration from outside, would be profitable to all of you. Do not create hurdles. Be united. Let bring foreigners to help you in progress. Who ever wants development, development of common man, I am supporting him. I am very happy that you are in favor of development and in favor of the progress of your people. I know you all are very brave, I am with you, and government is with you, we should not be afraid of anyone; we should not listen to those people who are not in favor of development and creating problems. We should have courage to refuse them. They only exist because of the support. InshAllah we will be united for the sake of development. Allah provides us guidance and helps us. My pray is that we should provide what is best for the nation. You would always find my support with you and I would come again Inshallah Thank you


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