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President’s Address to the District and Tehsil Nazims

15 November 2005

Main Muhammad Soomro Chairman senate, Abdul Razzak, Zafar Iqbal Warraich minister of state local government Daniyal Aziz Chairman National reconstruction bureau ,Ministers governors chief ministers excellencies, Mainly District and teshil Nazims for them this ceremony has been arranged and ladies and gentlemen

Aslam-a-Alikum, this convention has been arranged at a time when the country is going through a trauma. Therefore, I request Qari Najam to say Fateha for all those who have passed away. First of all I welcome all District and Tehsil Nazims who have come from all the corners of Pakistan. I am pleased to have this opportunity to address with you people. I am also aware of the fact that Chief Ministers, Governors, Senators, MNAs and MPAs are also sitting in this hall. It means all the tiers of the govt are present here in this convention center. I am pleased to have an opportunity to talk to you about Pakistan today.

You people represent the grass root level and poverty and deprivation of grass root levels. You have an opportunity to bring change in the lives of those people. You people can bring real democracy and real prosperity. There this convention is very significant on this account. I have been introduced with you all people and I have been put through with a man who is the architect of this system.

First of all I look into the problems of democracy when I took over in 1999. Why democracy doesn’t function in Pakistan? We came to know about the lack of democracy at grass root level. Therefore, NRB was established. The first task of it was to introduce real democracy at grass root level. General Naqvi undertook this responsibility. I want to introduce him since there are a lot of misconceptions about him. I would not be giving him false recommendation rather would point out that he deserves for his service.

The credit of Local Govt Ordinance goes to Gen Naqvi and Danial Aziz. Police was following a 140 years old ordinance. New Police Ordinance 2002 was written by him after 141 years. Therefore, any criticism on him is not right reward against his services. He introduced Local Govt System which is very handy and represented by you people. This system should work on permanent basis. Therefore, I pay tribute to Gen Naqvi for his services on the behalf of whole nation. LG system has completed its first tenure for I feel proud that it managed to complete it four years since it is very rare in our country that any of institute complete its tenure.

I greet those who have been reelected and those who have been Nazims in the first tenure of LG system. It was beginning of new system and I congratulate you people who managed to run this system to make it self reliant. We have achieved a lot in these last four years. A lot of success has been scored in this LG system. We also experienced some shortcomings. A

n attempt is made to address these short coming by making amendments in the LG Ordinance but on whole it was a successful experience. The performance of this system was out standing where the work was carried out under a good will and good gesture but the malpractices did bring criticism on the system. Therefore, this system should be kept working. The more it functions, the more maturity will come into this system that will bring wellbeing of the people at grass root level. I want to speak openly since you have been elected for the second tenure of LG system.

There have been rumors that LG system is being packed up. How could it be possible that I halt the existence of an institution which has been introduced by me? So far as the amendments in LG Ordinance are concerned these amendments were inevitable for the better functioning of this system so that masses and all political leadership and forces can own this system. This system can’t continue any longer until such ownership is not developed. It is wrong to think that only an individual will keep ruling. Every thing is immortal but only system exist.

Only that system manage to exist which is acceptable to the people and own by the public. It will not function unless it is equally popular in public and political forces. Therefore, all amendments were made to ensure the success of this system so that it remains ever lasting. Where did Pakistan stand before my taking over the rule in 1999?

I want to present some realities before you. I am presenting these realities not with the purpose to run down past govts rather I am relating these facts to let you know that whether you want to achieve the same position or want to move further. It is totally up to us. I am saying with my full conviction that we were failed state. We were defaulted state technically. We have gone through the time when we didn’t 2 have any thing in our exchequer even our small debts. We kept playing with relaxations and manipulations. Such was the state that we would take from one side and pay on the other side. We were fudged figure. We have issued wrong figures to IMF and WB which could have caused a penalty worth one billion. I have to take a major decision when I came to know such blunders. There was on the one side a penalty if we honestly tell the true picture or kept hiding the facts but we mentioned them our real situation and didn’t penalized for it since

I believe that honest is the best policy. Then if you see our exports were less then 8 billion dollars and they never went beyond 9 billion in the history of Pakistan, our revenue were only 304 billion only and it remain between 202 to 304 in the during last 8, 10 years means that we had 100 billion of increase in late ten years As you all know it is going to be 700 billion this year. Foreign exchange reserves were total 300 million dollar which was only sufficient for two weeks import. Our foreign debt were 38 billion dollars these were only 18 to 19 billion in 1989, and with the 2 billion increase per year it jumped to 38 billion; if it would have being increasing with the same rate so if should have to be at 50 billions in late 6 six. With the growth of the 2 to 3 percent growth in GDP economy was not growing.

Previous govt has frozen the foreign currency accounts and has been using this money, 11 billion dollars were spent without records infact money was there on the record of the commercial banks but was looted by the leaders so foreign investors run away from the country.

Due to these reasons Nuclear and Missile armed country a pathetic credit rating. All corporations like Railways, Steel Mill, Shopping Corporation, PNSC, WAPDA, KESC, Cotton Export Corporation, and Rise Export Corporation were in the deficit of billion on rupees and where ever I went to those corporation, they tell me the annul deficit is 2 billion and precious debt 18 billion and there was no single corporation which was making profit. Country was bank corrupt as all banks were nationalized and everybody was taking loan for the industry establishment or something else but established nothing and returns nothing to the bank.

Every year 1 billion was going to those sick units because they were going in negative. Our literacy level was at the worst level. In Health Sector those Basic Health Units (BHU) were used as farm houses and out-door toilets and when we use to go on military exercises we establish our hospitals in those BHU but when we come next year same place had been similarly treated. Poverty, unemployment rate were 31% and it was increasing every year.

In those ten years four times PM, three times President was changed and four interim Prime Ministers have come this was the situation of the democracy. I would like to ask that what was the reason that this country which was blessed with the all natural resources like minerals, fertile lands, fruits, vegetables, rivers, water resources through which we can make two times more electricity then currently production it is are fault we are making it so then why then this country was near he position of the disintegration. It was just because the intention were not clear only lips services were going on the nothing particle was evident.

Corruption and Nepotism were the most common problems the country, I am talking about the corruption of the big giant not the small corruption of the common man whose children were starving a then he did it govt should provide him money first; I am talking about him who have no need to do it. As for as the nepotism is concern the people have appointed there own incapable relatives to the very important post.

I me let quote here few example of the level of the corruption that a Right Bank Out Fall Drain (RBOD) is being made in Sindh and Sindh had a complain that brackish water has destroyed “Manshar lake” first presentation which was given to me on this project in February, March 2000 in Governor House Sindh then I said that this complain must be addressed put the water in the sea but then I was told that this project is costing 116 billion rupees but after recalculating we a have estimated that this projected cost 75 billion, at that time country was being through serious economic crisis so the said Pakistan Army Engineering core to the survey on this projects; so after six mouth survey in was told the that Pakistan Army Engineering Core can do this project in the 14 billion and now it is costing 16 billion.

Due to the addition and the Balochistan fluent in this project is costing 27 billion. MRLA Marala Revi link is canal in was told by the Army Engineer told me that there is a project of the repairing MRLA costing 14 or 12 billion rupees but Pakistan Army has been doing excises over there and I was told that it needs no repair work than I asked the Governor Punjab he told me that this project was passed very long time ago I canceled the project and now see is there an problem with MRLA? I don’t know where they wanted to spent 14 billion rupees.

Let me tell you that today total allocation of the PHDP (Public sector development project) is 300 billion and we are making Gwadar port, Costal highway, Merani Dam, Gomal Zam Dam, Mangala Dam is being raised 30 feet high, Kachi canal, Tal canal, Rainy canal, RBOD, A 8 billion rupee water project 3 of Quetta, 6 billion 100 MGD project, Northern bypass, Liyari express, may be I have forgot some others a well these all projects are going to cost less then 350 billion. But in those ten years 90 to 105 billion were allocated for PHDP (Public sector development project) every year and according to the documents during those ten years 1.1 trillion rupees have been spent for the development of this country tell what substantive they developed other an M-2 Motorway from Lahore to Rawalpindi and where this 1.1 trillion has gone.

There was no democracy it was anarchy if one govt have started any project and when other govt have come it will cancel all the pervious projects and started new projects and this game continues. When I came I said that Pakistan is graveyard of the developmental projects, it was just because that was no continuity no govt has completed it tenure and there was no check and balances even in those incomplete tenures. It was the fault of the leadership which was corrupt and the nation was suffering because of the leadership.

Let me come to local govt system now it was an old system where superintendent Police and DC was all and all this an English system because they have to control the people of the subcontinent and now we have given you the rights of doing anything you like for the betterment of your areas, as you are representative of your people and this program was called as the silent revolution not by me but by World bank. So let me tell you that if you are working well then your district and teshil will work well. Now let me tell you what were the shortcoming of the system and what we have leant in last four years and on the basis of our experiences we have made some changes.

First of all there was problem of the “Unity of Command”, no organization can function properly when there is a authority one man in the this organization like Tehsil Nazism is responsible for the whole tehsil, district Nazism is responsible for the whole district, Chief Minister is responsible for the whole provinces and Prime minister is responsible for the whole country. So found that there was vulnerability in the CM writ was halting the unity of command and we have trying to remove this problem so that CM could exercises his policies effectively. In past we have seen the differences between the Nazisms and DPOs let me declare that all DPOs are the Nazims because he is the only incharge of the district and he has full employment responsibility. ACRs of these DPOs will be written by both the District Nazism and inchange Police officer of these Nazims, we have introduced this system from the Army where a doctor’s ACR is written by two officers, officer in command and the medical officer in command. Then differences were being witnessed between district Nazism and MNAs and MPAs which were because both were doing the same developmental projects. Now both wanted to work for the development of their areas as Chief Minister pushes MNAs and MPAs for the development of their areas both are the representative of their and want vote also we be in the post next time, so now we have made a committee under the minister of the local bodies who will called Nazim and MNA, MPA where this developmental work will be shared equally. There coordination will take place and things will be sorted out in a nice comfortable environment.

Then public safety commission and complaint authority these were joined at the district level, I think and we all thought that this should be made one therefore we made it one. It is separate in the province but in the district it is one.

Firstly it had that there will be 50 % representatives of the elected districts in it and 50% people will come from the public. Now MNAs and MPA had problems that why were they not there. Therefore we amended it a bit. Now it has 3 district representatives 3 public representatives and 3 are MNAs and MPAs. Now what’s the problem in this? I think it has a good balance. Then the union council which had 21 people has now been reduced to 13. Now most of the complaints we received on making it to 13 came from women. Because, I have been saying it my self that there are so many of the women in politics. Now look at the percent of women, it been made better. Firstly there were 6 women out of 21 and now there are 4 women out of 13, so definitely the percentage has become better. This was national requirement. Now because they have been reduced honorarium should be given to them now and especially I would request you all, look we are a part of this world and the world is also seeing that what kind of country is it?

Country where women are looked upon is not considered good, now lets leave the world but in Islam, we say it ourselves that women enjoy most rights but our greatest problem is that we do not think what we say and speak. Now we are doing something else but saying that women have ample rights in Islam. Women at the district level are very poor and face a lot of difficulty in commuting and I think u need to give a 1-2 thousand honorarium to women also. Now I have said 1-2 thousand because some of the districts are very poor that’s why I leave it on the district Nazim that how he will distribute it amongst his district. 4 Last point postings, in this amendment creation of district cadres are a part which will be done in December therefore I will request the CM to implement the district carder part. this will bring a balance among you subordinates and also create a continuity in them so that people learn work and o work by sitting there. Therefore this district carder needs implementation. These were the amendments and in my point of view theses amendments are pretty valid a very realistic and these will strengthen this system too. That’s why all this in my eyes is correct and all have been consulted in this process and then I have made these amendments.

I would request all sitting here that these amendments should be done and should not be criticized. We have to move further. You have to show what you are doing at the grass root level at the district level. Now people have high expectations from you Nazims, I also have hopes from you and many expectations from you because when we are give you so much political authority and responsibility, I request you all to give us practical work and show us work done. I want to give some points, fist of all Union Nazims each sitting in his own Union; they are Nazims and your elected Nazim. They are also in your council, Nazim is in your district council and Naib Nazim is in Tehsil council. Devolve them in the development of these areas, as much as possible. So they have the feeling , this should happened, as you say, we should devolve from the province, similarly province are saying that devolution should happened, autonomy should be granted, in running the province, similarly your demand is autonomy should be granted for running the district, you should realizes to devolve the lower section.. Just remember that as much as you devolve the power, the work will be good. There is narrow vision, people are uselessly authoritive, we have this habit of taking authority in our hands, … come and ask for permission, ill give you, if he is impolite than ill make you run away.

Give them power so that they can run the system for the betterment of the nation. Union council should devolve power to Nazims as much as possible. Devolve them and make them part of development and they will develop their own areas. There are citizen community board, they are running quite well but the have more strength and not running according to their strength. There are twenty thousands in Pakistan, they can be more, these are very powerful, and you should flourished citizen boards. Twenty five people will come and do what ever they what to do, they will contribute 20 percent 80 percent has to be given whether from teshil, district or province. Most profitable thing in my sight is when I am investing twenty percent of money I won’t let contactor to steal because my money is invested. As many citizen activity boards would be activated, the good work will be done at lower level, as 80 percent is given by the government and 20 percent by him, work would be good. The request is to you that make these citizens’ community boards better and use them properly, make them prosperous.

To all Nazims it is my request. It will be profitable to you, to your district and at lower level development activity will be better. Then there are courts, Masliyat-i- Anjuman, they are not running in many areas, you make them run. So that loads from courts can be lessen. Small dispute related to cow or smaller conflict should be settle by Masliiyat-i- Anjuman, it will give judgment so that you do have to go to courts, poor people will get benefit from it. You will get rid of court. In this way half of the cases will be finished I took some initiatives myself to work parallel with Govt to the help it. We have started the Bick-lining of the water courses which will cost 66 billion, I assure you that by 2007 electricity will be in every town and village of the Pakistan, safe drinking water we will make water filtration plants which better then this water of the bottles, then we are going to take up this task of the putting the education and health sector on track.

For education Gen Javad is going to spearhead what we have to create a balances between Urdu and English medium. What we are going to do is to offer some subjects in Urdu and some in English. Now for the health sector Janhangir Tareen will spearhead I just want to tell that there is money still there in those on basic Health Unit (BHU) doctor and paramedical staff is also available, what we have to do is take up the task and work parallel with you people and you will have cooperate.

Other project is of the GNGs and LNGs we are planning to provide gas to each and every places but this project is under trail and soon it will public it if we got success. Now I want to come to very important issues which is the terrorism and extremism and let me let you that Pakistan has no danger from external sources but this terrorism and extremism is the biggest threat, take the example of the Gilgit everybody is killing each other Army has take up the changes and why they are fighting a bone of contention it the method of offering prayer showed in the a syllabus. What is this world is moving forward and we are still stuck in 5 those baseless issues, look at Karachi Imam Bargas and Mosques are being attacked.

This extremism will not be allowed on the name of Islam. Secondly we are blamed all over world that we sponsor terrorism and extremism as they go from here to kill people to do blasts allover the world and all investigation point toward Pakistanis involved in such acts if he is not Pakistan he took training in Pakistan now this will not be allowed Now for this we will strictly stop the misuse of the loud speaker.

Those Khatibis use Mosque to abuses everybody mean use to fanaticize to people will have to be stopped and for this you have to play your part stop them form doing so. Now for other mater like honor killing and violence against women is quiet evident in those towns and village and I expert that you would surely stop it and when ever this kind event is reported to you ought to stand with the victim rather than culprit. We are regarded as the most ignorant nation because of such event so need to restore our image by condemning such events. Lastly I want to tell you with grief that Pakistan is on the 15 number in corruption and I what have told you in the start is true and if we will not learn our mistake and doing just doing lipsservices as the previous Govt were doing we will also be going to that direction. If you will not be practical in your approach everything I have talked about will go in vain.

Everybody sitting in this hall is blessed with God you all are very well-off including me. We have to work the poor of this country bring contentment in your approaches. An honest man is never afraid of the accountability. You should have to make the role of the Public Account Committees more and the serious cases ought to be referred to NAB. Now I will come to you people and I will take briefing from you people that what you have done whenever I will go to any provinces. Let me tell you that Pakistan and I have many hopes on you and we expect a lot from you that you will up Pakistan back on track.


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