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President at Inauguration Ceremony of Gas Project Murree

9 July 2005

I am proud to address the Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool, Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi and all the Ministers, Amanullah Jadoon, Sheikh Rashid, Humayun Akhtar and all the Provincial Ministers, MNAs, MPAs and all the people and ladies and gentlemen, present here at the Lawrence College. I am here to encourage the provision of gas in Murree. We have set a landmark here and I am impressing upon Sui Northern to complete the project with in 1 year. Previously the leaders would make fake promises. They didn’t have resources, Alhamdulillah the situation is different now, we have resources now, we are not asking for loans from IMF. The world and the Ummah have now become aware of this fact. This project is not commercially viable; because more money will be required and spent as compared to the population but we prefer spending money on the population even if it is not commercially viable. The gas provision will support forestation in the area and gas will be supplied to the people at cheap prices.

The cylinder of gas is being sold at higher prices. It will also help to balance the house budget of the people. I am thankful to CM Punjab as the 50 % of the project is financed by the Punjab govt. The 4 lane Express Way from Rawalpindi to Lower topa will be extended to Muzaffarabad up to Chakoti.

The cost of this project is 8 billion; WAPDA will provide electricity where ever it is needed. “New Murree” suggested by Pervez Elahi is another good project and it will be considered. It is just one step we have formed complete strategy for Pakistan to have more supply of gas and electricity. Unfortunately we didn’t have strategy in Pakistan.

We are consulting Qatar, Iran and Turkmenistan to formulate gas pipeline and we expect more gas till 2010 from these resources. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, have surplus electricity and we are considering purchasing electricity from them. Private companies are establishing windmills in the south of Badin and by producing 100 mega watts electricity by December and it will be included in the main grid. These networks of the pipelines are installed for domestic and commercial and industrial requirements.

 We will import gas and we are also exploring our own gas. Pakistan will be self sufficient and prosper commercially and industrially. In this country of 1.5 million populations, there is need for plan and strategy to run this country. Now this country is moving ahead with a vivid strategy. I always ask the requirement and needs of the areas from CM when I visit an area. I allocate 25 crore for the renovation of Patriata which has an accident a few days back. Secondly, a bridge is required at Murree, Pindi-Kashmir road at Salgran. It requires 5 crore. A 200 beds hospital worth 2 crore will also be built.

A developing country saves its forests and wild life. We have to save this nature which is the beauty of the area. The wild life and plantation attract the tourists. A wild life Park will be built for the wild life preservation in Bansara Gali that will cost 12.5 crore. We don’t make false promises to impress you people but the monitoring and supervision of all the projects is done by CM and me. I assure you that these projects will be carried out to facilitate you people.

Lawrence College will be facilitated gas and further 10 million are allocated for the betterment of college. It is obvious to every one that our economy is stable and our economic growth is second best in Asia. We had 300 million dollar FDI in 1999 in Pakistan but now we have had 1.4 billion dollars FDI in Pakistan. They are coming in Pakistan to invest because they have trust in our economy. Their investment generates jobs that ultimate eradicate unemployment. Secondly, we have a status in Ummah and international community.

The growth of economy, FDI, and industrialization in the country can’t be acquired if a country is in isolation. Therefore, one has to be part of international community to improve and restore ones economy. We need water for good yield of crop and agriculture. I will build dams to have water reservoirs. I will never allow my country to suffer from drought season. Therefore we will construct the dams so that our agriculture can improve. Brick lining of the water courses is being done in provinces, districts and in center.

Pakistan is the 5th largest milk producing country in the world but we didn’t do any thing in dairy sector for the benefit of a common man. I went to Australia and New Zealand to draw their investment and technology in this field. We have laid out a strategy to lay out a white revolution in the country. Factories will be 2 established when we will organize our dairy sector to process the milk products. This will eradicate poverty in the rural area and will benefit a common man. There is only one way to provide employments in the urban areas are to establish new factories and draw foreign investment in Pakistan. Industries are being established in each province and factories are functioning on their 100 % capacity. Building and construction is going on. We have issued license to Telenor and Al-Warid. A license is issued at the cost of 291 million dollars. Earlier the mobile companies were permitted to launch their services free of cost. Such were the intentions of people who ruled in the past.

Fortunately, we have had opportunity to demand a cost when these old mobile companies came to get their licenses renewed. We privatized PTCL because all the govt organizations were functioning at a loss. There was no tradition of doing work in official organizations. 2.6 billion dollars are earned from the privatization of PTCL. People held strike because they were misguided.

 These private companies are expanding their businesses which are ultimately generating more jobs. Young boys and girls are serving in Telenor, Al-Warid and other companies and earning 50 thousand per month. Only those people are making mess who are professionally weak and involve in malpractice to fill their pockets. The military take over of PTCL resolved the issues.

We are also planning to privatize Pakistan steel mill and other national organizations as their privatization will bring prosperity in the country. I personally back up the health sector. DHUs are not properly functioning in villages. District and Tehsil hospitals are in plight. Center, provinces and I myself will supervise to activate DHUs and District and Tehsil hospital so that a common man has medical facilities at his door step. 60 % of the diseases are caused by contaminated water.

There is a project that whole Pakistan should be provided safe clean drinking water till 2007 and we have sufficient amount to execute this project. UN has a Millennium Development Goal in which they are projecting the provision of clean drinking water to the whole world by 2015. We claim that we can execute their project till 2007. Therefore, they have offered that if our plan is feasible they will pay us two times more than our expenditure. So we will supply clean water to every corner of Pakistan. We are lagging behind in education sector.

Our education sector is 53 % which is equal to the very poor countries. We have an impression of an atomic and the most powerful country in Ummah but at the same time we are considered as the most illiterate country. I also supervise a project to better the standard of education. We have very good projects going on in health and education sector in Punjab.

There is a race of declaring other less and oneself a true Muslim which causes extremism. It is a wrong impression. There is no difference in two Muslims and both are equally Muslim. We have to remove this impression and differences. I need your help to eradicate this extremism. You need to stop one who is propagating anti-sect feeling or inciting other against sects. We have to lay out a strategy to eradicate such differences. The one who is propagating enmity should be side lined. You should stand against him and don’t cast a vote to him. Choose only those people who are not in the superiority complex of being good Muslim than others.

I would say to all those who doubt my being Muslim that the door of Khana Kaba is opened six times for me. I have an honor to raise the slogan of “Allah-u-Akbar” at the place where Hazrat Bilal (RTA) said his first Azan. I don’t assert to be true Muslim but I don’t question other’s being Muslim. So reject these extremist elements that will harm the country. It is our responsibility to take this country forward.

Pakistan Painda Bad.


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