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President Musharraf address to Senior Civil Servants 82nd National Course

9 May 2005

General Javed Hassan the principle of administrative staff college, faculty members and participants of the 80 seconds national management course, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is indeed my pleasure to be talking to you because I realize that I am talking to the members of the federal and provincial civil services, the civil leaders the bureaucrats of Pakistan in the future will reach the final pinnacles of the career and the decide the fate, progress and prosperity of the nation.

So I consider it a privilege to be talking to you and sharing my views with you very frankly and I will talk to you about things which are my personal views on every subject and then leave time for you to ask any kind of questions. We must understand that we have gone through the way we are now and the way to our future.

Looking at the past bureaucracy in Pakistan unless we understand ourselves we can not move forward. There are two issues on which we have been much maligned. Firstly bureaucracy at large is considered more wake blockers then facilitators which was in the beginning and I am sure it is no now. When I look at the corruption and nepotism that was rampant in society, as far as these two issues of corruption and nepotism which ate us up, I felt on the corruption side there is troika otherwise it would have not been possible, that is how billions were plunders, I am sure if bureaucrat is not on board there can not be corruption since ministers can not do corruption as he can be checked by the bureaucrat, so therefore it is extremely important that we facilitate work and block the corruption and nepotism which any outside influence is trying to create into this system.

The other points that want to raise is that there is hardly any maritoriantation. There ought to be a system where there is merit to avoid dissipation of merit so in my point of view this is another problem in the bureaucracy. So now when we are having this course as a criteria promotion is in line with having a system of checks on people who do not deserve to go up. The last point which I would like to make is the local government system. I know it has created a lot of ripples in the district management group the DC’s, but when I analyze it dispassionately I come to the conclusion and that should be the conclusion of any person who analyze logically that nation comes first and everything else is second, all systems are subservient to nation and national interest. So we were following a colonial past in the administration at the local government level where DCs and SPs use to govern lack of people. But they have to be made subservient to the people of Pakistan therefore this local government system was introduced so that the people of Pakistan are supreme and since he is a civil servant so that should be the way.

 What is the interest of the DMG group so I am sure that the civil service reforms that we are trying to bring about will very suitably cater for balance progression of everyone but if anyone feels that he needed his ego and he needed methods may be some illegal courses of grandeur then yes it has got affected but progression of service has not got affected. No body is against the DMG group because these are the people who can ensure good governess in Pakistan so how can we be against you. So where ever reforms are required national interest will be kept in view nor individual interest. This national school of public policy has been instituted because I don’t think there has been enough focus on training other than your basic training at the academy subsequently there were training institutions but they were lacking focus. so I think in order to have a wholesome development of professionals this institute needed to be created to co-ordinate training at the senior level to prepare you to existing environments and to improve your professional incompetence and that is what the mandate of national school of the public policy is and I hope that this school will contribute to the betterment and development of all the civil servants.

Then the issue of remuneration, I think that the pay structures were inadequate to be hardly devoted because one could hardly make two ends meet. So expertise and meritoriantation are the issues to be addressed and that the idea of civil service reforms. We must strategize in anything that we must do. We must visualize the strategy and when we enter there was lack of strategy on any issue. There was no strategy for health and education. Unless there is a strategy we would be like a rudderless ship moving from day to day, govt to govt, year to year and polices were made but the objectives were not clear. What are the direction we are going to and what is the strategy we are following on which the tactics and implantations and modalities to be worked out, that was not there. So we must be clear on how to formulate the strategy. I leave it at this and that is what we did. In education field what was the strategy no body knew.

We realize that the strategy we ought to be, we must improve literacy level, education level at the primary and secondary level and at higher level. We must focus on skilled development on technical side and that is the strategy, what to do. Then you come on how to do. You can do this for everything. Take railways, there was no strategy.

Everything was being done without any strategy. What to do is the part of strategy and how to do is the part of tactics. I was keen to know that what are the strategies on which we are working but people were not clear. My advice is that we must strategies and what is the end objective.

I want to quote PM of china when he came in 2000 he made interesting comments that investors are pigeons the govt take wrong decision the pigeons fly altogether but when you get them back they will come one by one so please persevere don’t loose heart keep drawing them and they keep coming. The other he said that you seem to be suffering from two dilemmas on the economy one is the investment dilemma and the other is the dealt dilemma, as he said that your debt service liability is so much that you must not borrow but you have to develop so you must borrow for development.

 The investment dilemma is that you need to bring in foreign exchange; to shower up your reserves but the investor looks at your foreign exchange reserves the security of his capital so these were the dilemma we have to cater to stabilize the economy. there are two areas that needed to be corrected, firstly our fiscal deficit were high and the other was balance of payment, current account was in deficit by about four to five billion dollars per annum therefore we have to borrow 4 -5 billions and we got into bigger debt trap and both these needed to be corrected.

On the fiscal deficit side we need to check our expenditure. The two major areas we checked the expenditures were Hamm ridging; there was one hundred billion rupees for ridging per annum.

All the corporations of Pakistan were in loss whether it was steel mills, PIA, railways, WAPDA, KESC, cotton, export corporation, TCP, all were in loss. Hundred billion rupees were going there.

We thought that the Defence expenditures need to be frozen. We froze the defense expenditure so in effect we reduce the Defence expenditures, if you take the inflation. It was frozen for about three years. These were the two major steps and then establishment cost reduction etc, which reduce expenditures and I think we control fiscal deficits and brought it down under to 4 percent.

On the balance of payment when we saw the foreign exchange situation we saw our earning from exports and our earning from remittance and from foreign direct investment, on all three accounts we were poor. Exports dwindling at fewer than 8 billion dollars it was 7.6 or 7.8 in 1999.

Remittances under one billion around 7 to 8 million dollars and FDI were just 300 to 400 million dollars so accumulatively 9.5 billion dollars so it was 10 billion dollars we were earning and spending on payment of debts servicing about 4 to 5 billion dollars the imports were about 10 billion dollars so we need 15 billion and we were generating 10 billion only, how to change this around obviously reduce your debt service that is why we went to Paris club, that is why we spoke of debt retirement. increase remittances how why are the people not sending through the banks, banking system needs improvement that make sure banks deliver the money in one or two days and ensure that the banks go to the people in the field and ask them to remit through them and 9/11 also came to our rescue because then there was a lot of control on Hawalas.

Then the issue of exports, increase your exports why are they dwindling, we did well on all three accounts we increase our exports from 7.86 to 10 and then 12 now 13 is the target and I am reasonably sure that we will touch 14 billion hopefully and then hope to cross 14 billion which was 7.86 this is almost 100 percent rise. Then remittances increase from 1 billion to 4 billion and now hopefully again we should cross 4.

FDIs are increasing the pigeons are coming back one by one and I am sure they are coming so therefore FDI is increasing. In the last 7 months there is a substantial increase in FDI. If you just take the example of Telenor and Warid they are going to invest may be 500 million dollars each in a few years immediately starting now they are investing 100 of millions just now to establish themselves so FDI is coming. when you see the overall balance sheet we went into a surplus of 2 billion dollars but because of the import increase now which shouldn’t be grudges because I think the industry is functioning so imports are high and the balance payment may reduce but that does not bother us as long as the Exports, FDI and remittances are moving forward so these are the areas I thought I must highlight which turned things around therefore all macro economic indicators are positive each one of them.

You take the foreign exchange reserve or take growth our GDP is above 7% to 8 % surely. Debt has been reduced for the first time debt service liability has been reduced from 64 percent of the budget to around 30 percent. Your credit rating has been improved, the foreign reserves are improved, foreign exchange rate has been stable, and exports are rising. revenue collection which had been from 88 to 99 rose to 300 billion Rs 304 billion

Rs to be precise it took about 8 to 10 years to rise to 100 billion Rs. today from 304 in 1999 its going to touch 570 and we hope to reach the target so its again the 100 percent increase in the last 4 to 5 years. All these show improved situation.

Our debt to GDP ratio increased far better, our investment to GDP ratio is much much better now. All the macro indicators and our credit rating has now enhanced from B to B plus now we were at rock bottom. Muddies are now much better so we are much better off internationally. The World Bank, Asian development bank and every one recognizes this. Now the issue is to transmit the macro economic gains to the people of Pakistan.

Initially the detractors of ours use to talk that we are talking rubbish about economy now they have become silent because it proves that they are wrong but now they are talking of this that the common man is still poor and not benefited. I would like to say few words on this we need to target these people how to target these people there are four pillars of targeting these people number one economic growth its self.

Economic growth will have a automatic trickle down effect so first is that economy must grow and ALHAMDOLLILAH we are growing very well. The second is urban and rural development to address 70 percent rural population and the other 30 percent in the cities. The third is micro credit financing making money available for the poor and fourth is targeted intervention to the poorest of the poor so all these four we are doing. We saw first of all how to target the 70 percent in the villages they are all sniggering society address agriculture and what in agriculture, yield intensification and also water management which is the main thing. on water management preserve the existing water as you know brick lining is going on of 66 billion Rs. add to your capacity of reservoirs and as you know at the moment Mungla dam is being raised that means 3 million acre feet of water.

You know Mirani dam is coming up and almost complete or should be complete in maximum one year. Gomal zam dam is going on and chuttiyari dam which are for the localize area. We have to address the issue of big dams and let me assure you I am going to do it. Every time there is some extraneous constraints or the other wise I would have done it but I will do it there is no doubt in my mind what ever may come I will decide.

Other than that are the canals to take the water and ALHAMDOLLILAH we are going very well Thal canal is getting developed Kachi canal is going on and these are progressing well, rainy canal in Sindh is going on and more than that in Sindh we are trying to improve and removing the affluent to the sea through RBOD so this is the agriculture side but more than that we need to do much more now we need to create jobs in rural areas and that can be through agro based industry.

we have the best fruit but no fruit processing no vegetable processing. we are the fifth larger milk producer but we don’t produce cheese, yogurt, butter and powder milk or canned milk or what ever so we must bring about a white revolution in Pakistan and I know that the Prime minister and the ministers are doing their best to generate this to incite this white revolution in Pakistan.

in agro based industry food processing and value addition is must instead of exporting all the fruit. now come to the urban side the educated unemployed what should be the strategy quit clearly information technology was the fastest mean why is it India is into billion of dollars and we are in millions not even 100 million we are the same we have the better pronunciation in English you cannot understand the English of madrassi that what he is speaking he said yum BBS instead saying MBBS so how is it that they are going ahead of us and we are lacking behind even having good accent. We haven’t bothered about it we didn’t develop the infrastructure we didn’t facilitate. we have now facilitated and in facilitation let me just tell you what we have done I give all the credit to Atta-ur-Rhman who did this in these three years and now it is continuing I would like to give credit to Owais Ghanni now who is continuing with it.

Ladies and gentlemen there are alarming, shocking rather shameful figures that there are only 30 cities 29 to be exact of Pakistan which had internet connectivity and we are living in the age of 21st century now there are 2000 who are connected every village is now connected through internet. Fiber optic connectivity was again in 40 cities of Pakistan but now there are 1000 cities and towns which are connected with fiber optic. fiber optic back bone is not only the main back bone railways is doing it oil companies are doing along the highways so it is tremendous and the biggest thing is the band width cost of 2 mega byte was 86 thousand dollars we have brought it down to 2 thousand some thing dollars can you imagine this where we were what we were doing to our selves so therefore IT can absorb a lot of educated people with small training and come into IT.

Then it is telecommunication, there is a hunger of telephone here [in Pakistan] we have a Hore Ki Haal Hai syndrome so if the rate of that telephone call is high you are not encouraging a spread. I remember just two years back when I told PTCL to make your prices competitive but they were not doing it instead they make me happy by telling me that the revenue once was 13 billion but now it is 19 billion but frankly at that time I was not comprehend enough so got very happy and appreciate them by saying very well done 19 billion revenue excellent work then next time they came to me and said it is now 22 billion Rs then I realize that they are just making me happy with the figures at that time I said that it is not expanding then what is the point having this great revenue and I actually force them to reduce there cost by 35% in one go but they were against it and they said that the revenue will suffer but by the cutting the cost revenues got a big boost so we were on a totally wrong track.

We had given licenses to Instaphone, Paktel, Mobilink free of cost and offer them to work in virgin area but now we have given licenses to Telenor and Warid of 291 million dollars and I said to Paktel and other Mobile operators to renew their licenses by giving 291 million dollars so there is a job creation in telecommunication side. there is an issue of industries we focused on textile sector of Pakistan but textile is not futuristic only 6 percent of world trade is in textile, 61 percent is in engineering so we are missing the 61 percent and focusing on 6 percent where there are so many preferences given to poorer countries and due to which we are becoming less competitive. we must shift our focus while our back bone remains agriculture and textile but we must gradually shift to an engineering and that is the strategy .

therefore you see the engineering growth ALLHAMDOLLILAH is 18 percent, all your motorcycles, your cars, auto parts, Fans, Air conditioners, televisions bicycles, tractors all of them are rising in double figures may be in triple figures so that is the boom in engineering sector therefore job creation. Only in Chakwal district three cement factories and a paper mill has been opened.

All your industry is running on 100 percent capacity and all sectors of the industry are doing well. New factories are coming up so how it is there are no jobs where are the people working I know that the Toyota is working in three shifts which use to work in one shift just about a year back. Where are the people coming from in three shifts what is the down stream industry there are 50 auto part manufacturers affected by these three shifts because there is a 300 percent increase in sales so people are employed.

I know in Lahore the factory worker used to employed for 96 Rs per day but actually he has been given 60, 70 Rs but on paper 96 Rs but today in Lahore factories they are looking for people and they are prepare to give them 130 and 140 Rs and they are less available. therefore ladies and gentlemen when we talk of poverty alleviation and agriculture for rural population we spoke of the urban educated unemployed through IT and telecommunication and now I was speaking of urban uneducated the labour and the building and construction we are emphasizing, today you don’t have any skilled labour available so building and construction which is labour intensive there is tremendous job creation.

we are concentrating on SMEs because I think we need to make sure that industrialization does not focus on or does not create 22 families which we did in the past the spread should be good and I am very glad to say that our strategy and policy very correct therefore the sunder estate which was created in Lahore 90 percent are those who are having half or one acre and all of them are SMEs there are no big chaps coming so this is encouraging the small and medium entrepreneur encouraging them to come into the industry and I am glad that this is the case so therefore we will ensure the spread of money and not focus on few 22 families so this is the strategy.

I have just talk of two pillars one is economic growth and the other is urban and rural development I will going to leave the micro finance because you know the Khushali bank progression Agha Khan is opening Micro finance and other people are coming for it. the targeted interventions are if we properly manage the system of ZAKAT that is what we have done but I keep getting feedbacks of negative influences but that is tremendous focus and in ZAKAT we have been giving 20 to 50 thousand rupees just grant to the poorest of the poor and I know how much it effects the poor so therefore this is our poverty alleviation strategy. We lump poverty alleviation, joblessness and inflation together and we say that bad is being done to the people we must see each one separately.

 Number one poverty alleviation and joblessness can be seen together, when you create jobs you are alleviating poverty, when you make a man earned more from his land you are addressing poverty. I know today from my urdly who just came back after cutting the crops I ask him how much wheat you have harvested he told me 125 mann and I ask him how much wheat did you harvested in previous year he said I never exceeded 75 mann so how this has happened.

Water yes GOD was kind but other than water there is an intervention by the govt the wheat support price has been increased to 400 Rs therefore the man is getting money into his pocket and therefore he spends that money therefore motorcycles have increased by 500 percent mainly in the rural areas and when this happens when people get more money into their pockets they spend. Inflation is the issue of demand and supply if the demand is more and supply is less then automatically there will be inflation. President’ Address with Civil Servants 😦 2) Inflation is the issue of demand and supply. If the demand is more and supply is less it will increase inflation. Inflation is because of oil increase and therefore increases but also it is fall out of economic development and prosperity. There will be inflation if there is prosperity and demands boom but supply remains stagnant. This is the first time poverty and joblessness has decreased but inflation has risen. That we need to check and that we will check through govt measures but also by increasing the supply.

FDI has opened telecommunication and a lot of people are coming.

The biggest issue when I went to Turkmanistan, Iran and Qatar 2-3 years back they wanted to give us gas and I myself would say “I don’t need your gas unless you have an arrangement with India” we don’t need it. We have enough till 2010 and this is what I was told. This is just 2-3 years back I am talking of but this growth has been so rapid that we short of power and we need power immediately.

So therefore we need to go on a very fast track on getting gas and electricity from out side generating it for ourselves and also in the process of getting power and ensuring that the oil driven electricity production units which have crippled Pakistan because of the decision of 1994. 40 IPPs came all was the oil based and rates of 7 cents were given to them. It means 4-5 rupees per unit when the hydro electricity was available at 50-70 paisas per unit. We increased our oil based electricity production from 40-70 % and that is the main malice of WAPDA today. They have to pay bills to IPPs to 116 billion rupees but now we have crossed the peak and now with every passing year IPP will keep reducing. They are reducing.

So WAPDA health on that account will keep improving but we have to turn this oil based in to gas and coal, water and alternative source. We have been doing all that and it has been strategized. So while we want to import gas we want to allow gas pipe lines not only from only Iran but also from Qatar, Turkmanistan as soon as possible. We are looking for electricity from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. They want to give us electricity. They have surplus. We have already got electricity from our coastal belt at the rate of three cents instead of 7 cents which we got in 1994. So we are looking for the import. On the local side we are looking for hydroelectricity maximum generation in the private sector, Thar coal to coal based, oil conversion to gas and alternative source of energy for the first time a hundred mega watt power unit is being put up by the private sector in the South of Badeen area which in the last tow years we researched and found this is the area of wind which has the capacity of 10000 mega watt. So if this is the success in the private sector we will give boost to this alternant source of energy. S

So this is the strategy. More than that we are having now an advisor on energy because this is such a complicated affair for the PM so that eh can look into each aspect which we are taking and we need to emphasis. We have already reduced the oil dependence by about 11 % from 70 to 59 %. We ought to bring it down to 30, 20 % or even lesser. That is energy and it is extremely important. This has been distorted and we need to correct this distortion. So far water management is concerned I have already spoken of preservation and new reservoirs. There was no focus in the past. Our education has to be related to our needs, our needs of Industrial growth. There has to a linkage.

Education has to be in sink with that. What is the use of teaching something which we don’t need. So a young man has done something that is not required in our market. We are trying to develop our higher education and HEC is trying to develop that focus. We are trying to get that industry to put their workshops for practical application of the study and practical training. More than that we realize it is the field of science and technology that we have been left behind.

There are a couple of dozen PhDs produced per year where as India produces in thousands. This was our state. So we need to concentrate on PhDs, specialization in science and technology in focused areas.

Today I know 700-800 people are doing PhDs in all sectors and we are targeting 1500 PhDs per annum with in the next three years. It is doable and it will be done. That is the path that we need to go to. So PhDs are important in the human resource development. We have increased allocation to this sector from 170 million rupees to 9.1 billion rupees. So also the developmental and non-developmental budget of the universities has been enhanced by 100 of percents. This is the focus on the human resource development. There are people who are getting educated but they don’t have jobs because there is no point in doing FA, BA and being nothing in all kinds of odd subjects. We need to go for Skill development. There we are going for technical and vocational education and training centers.

PM Koizumi was here and I asked him for help in this and he is going to help us in opening technical centers. They have very big plastic center in Karachi. So if we can do skill development. If today there was skill development in construction side-e.g. – plumbing, electricity and masonry they would all be employed in it. So therefore that is the course we need to adopt and that is what education Ministry is concentrating upon. Relevant technical school, subjects of relevance to our industry and environment which is needed to be focused and driven. No need of education as you have your basic education and then to go on to technical and skill side. That is human resource development.

I want to make just one comment on political issue. Local govt is a silent6 revolution and this is World Bank comment. Don’t be discouraged by some people not running well, that is very possible. In Pakistani environment every one is functioning efficiently but those who are functioning efficiently they are doing very very well. It is creating effect on ground at the lowest level. I know these Nazim who meet about 500-600 people a day. After all their issues are being addressed and therefore this local govt on the side of development and addressing the problems of poor is much better than before.

I want to make one comment about future. A lot of people ask me if I am not there what will happen. I believe in continuity is essential but continuity of policies is more important than continuity of individuals and govts. Yes indeed govt or an individual facilitate continuity of policies but as long as the policy we have adopted and the strategy that we have adopted continue who ever it is we will keep rising. I don’t have much to say on foreign policy. We are an important state. We must realize our importance. We are a nuclear state and a state of 150 people. We are located in a region where our location gives us an important. Our strategic location has cross roads of Middle East, Gulf and Central Asia which are entirely dependant of Pakistan to have access to the world. Western region of China may entirely be dependant on Pakistan to reach the world not over land China and South Asia. This location gives us strength. Then our importance is in umah being the most powerful and second populous state of umah. A state which the world is seeing as may be progressive and moderate Muslim state. If we can prove to them which I am trying to and which they are realizing that if Pakistan can show that this is a progressive, moderate Islamic state it will have a great impact on the Islamic world. Therefore we have an importance in the west, in the eyes of USA, Japan, China and every one.

So our geo-strategic significance, our being a very powerful state of a nuclear state, our being an Islamic state we have a tremendous clout in the world and umah. Now if we haven’t been able to use this clout to our advantage in the past it was our folly basically because we were sinking economically. If you demand from your ambassador abroad to project Pakistan you have to give ammunition to project that. He can’t project you through lies. If you are sinking he can’t project you that you are doing very well. You are sinking and every one knows it. So does he project you unless you give him ammunition to project? I know there is diplomat sitting here and I also used to blame that why you are not projecting Pakistan. But then I realized that we have to give them ammunition from Pakistan so that they can project.

In this way they can speak truth and can project our greatness. Now we are doing well economically, we are fighting extremism and terrorism, trying to contribute to the world, trying to bring harmony and we have clout and these needs to be projected. Ultimately we can do a lot. Now if the Foreign Service people fail I would blame them but not in the past may be. My theory in foreign is that we need to be proactive. I felt in the beginning that we were too defensive because we were not doing well. We were always in submissive mood. We were not able to say even to small countries who would abuse us. Now my policy to respond an abuse with abuse and say him shit on his face. Get hold of the chap, called his ambassador and tell him on his face that Pakistan doesn’t like this. Don’t do this with us, and don’t treat us as a small country. You don’t better do it. That’s why I believe in a proactive policy with every one.

Any Islamic country or any one who says anything tell his ambassador that you better behave and Pakistan doesn’t like it. That is our clout and we must follow this proactive foreign policy but not a defensive foreign policy because we are an important state and powerful state. No body should take us for granted. That should be our foreign policy and we follow that. Let me assure you I follow that policy as much as possible. We are participating in emancipation of ummah and restructuring of OIC. Though I have spoke a lot about you but let me repeat that you are guarantor of progress and prosperity of nation and I mean it.

You have to believe in competence and merit because what was sinking us was nepotism and corruption. I have been saying always. Deny wrong doing. Nobody can do wrong unless you participate in it or you close in it. Don’t let any one do wrong and have faith in Allah. No body can harm you if you are not allowing wrong and I am meaning politician. Don’t allow a politician does wrong and if any one does it you should check him. Don’t join him because remember you are making the nation suffer. Be agents of change but not be agents of blocking. See what is required and change that system. No system is permanent. Rules are not made to follow blindly but are made to facilitate. If there is a rule which is blocking but not facilitating change that rule. Don’t follow it just because it is a rule. I have no doubt that Govt should improve your terms and condition.

Yes indeed they are going about many ideas of improving your pay and converting your allowances and giving you monetization so that you should be some where near the corporate world. If you are monetized then all the facility will be drawn because there is also a great deal of corruption in certain allocation. If we talk about Govt servants there are 10 % who are incorruptible. What ever come to them but they may not be corrupted. 10 % are incorrigible come what ever will be corrupted and 80 % are fence sitters. They will tilt as per man on the top. I would request you to get this 80 % on the side of good behavior, good conduct, merit and corruption free. If you set the personal example that 80 % will tilt on your side.

Lastly, have a positive attitude. Most of us suffer from attitudinal problem. It hurts me when a lot of persons come for investment and he approaches some where and it gets my blood boiled when I hear that they are telling that there is no gas. Why do you say them that there is no gas? He is there to invest and tell him that yes we have. Rest will be arranged by us. Draw him in. work for him. Get him in to it. The person is going to put industry in 2-3 years but not putting it tomorrow. We will have the gas and electricity in three years. Why don’t say that gas is guaranteed. Gas will be there and come on and discuses what the issue is? Lets in your attitude be positive. Give a positive response on an even a very mundane issue. Give him a positive responds and if you can’t do it get back for the reasons you must explain that it can’t be done that way. The person will be to happy but if you right away give him a negative reason that it is not possible and I will not do it. That is not correct attitude. So we should have a positive attitude.

I have said it so many times and I will repeat to you that extremism is an internal threat.

We have to project Pakistan as a moderate, progressive, Islamic state in actions and words.

I am trying to project it in words but in our action we should show that. The cut line is 2007. We are at such a cross roads that we have never been because this cross road is such that either we will rise and we have taken off and we carry on or we will fall. We will be marginalized. That is why I say that is the important cross road and why I say that is because there is no in between. We have to either rise or fall. Now we are the plain ground at the moment. We are at level ground. People are watching and we are under the magnifying glass.

World is watching that is this moderate, tolerant society or is this an extremist society? They are watching is this the power of nuclear country safe or unsafe? It can fall in to wrong hands and then be a disaster. This all is being watched.

Now this plane carries on till 2007. If the extremist forces win more seats in 2007 election and gain in power that is my personal assessment is that our future will not be good because on both accounts we will show to the world that we are not that moderate and tolerant society that I am talking of that the vast majority is tolerant and moderate. So they will say dangers and do actions to bring us down. So therefore this level ground is up to 2007 and nobody knows who will up and down. Don’t let this nation fall.


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