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Press Conference by President Musharraf and Chinese Prime Minister

11 May 2001, Islamabad


BISMILLAH HIR REHMANARRAHIM. Ladies and gentlemen I, on behalf of Pakistan Government and the people of Pakistan take this opportunity to welcome Prime Minister H. E. Zhu Rongji of the People’s Republic of China and his delegation to Pakistan on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between Pakistan and China. We are honoured by this visit and may I say on this evening that we had intensive interaction on all issues of mutual concern on all global and regional issues and finally concentrated on economic issue of pertinence to both China and Pakistan. May I say that this interaction took place in the most cordial of atmospheres. In the most friendly and brotherly manner and max’ I also add that there was total unanimity of views on all global, regional and bilateral issues. Pakistan and China have had strong time-tested relations over the past fifty years and this interaction on the first ever visit of the Prime Minister of China to Pakistan further strengthens. Solidifies and further comments the bonds that Pakistan and China have always enjoyed and together with that we have an extremely bright future to look upto. We have signed a number of MOUs in all areas of economic collaboration which will go a long way to cement the already existing bonds between China and Pakistan. With these remarks I would request Chinese Prime Minister for his comments if he would like to make any.

Statement of the Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji.

Ladies and gentlemen! I am now on a visit to Pakistan on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our diplomatic relations at the invitation of the Chief Executive of Pakistan. We have been accorded a most warm welcome by the Government and people of Pakistan, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks. This afternoon I had a meeting with the President of Pakistan and I also held talks with the Chief’ Executive the talks proceeded in a most cordial and friendly atmosphere and our two sides reached the consensus or identity of vies on a wide range of questions to he dealt with. I am confident that this visit b’ the Chinese delegation will go some way to bring about even greater, higher level of friendly cooperation between our two countries and would also contribute to peace and stability in this region. Thank You.

Question & Answer Session:

Q: Saich Zafar from Jang: As you know Kashmir is the main cause of tension in South Asia. As a visionary what role do you see for the international community to play for the resolution of this problem. How do you view Pakistan’s offer to have dialogue with India to resolve this problem and India’s constant refusal to it?

A: Chinese Prime Minister: I think II e look at how the Kashmir problem came about, you can see that this is the problem felt over from history and as such this is a very complicated problem. On Chinese side we appreciate and agree with the position taken by Pakistan on the resolution of this question mainly on the peaceful settlement of this problem. China will try its utmost and will spare no efforts to bring about and supporting a peace full resolution of the Kashmir problem.

Q: By Chinese Journalist This is the first visit by a Chinese Prime Minister in the beginning of the new century and he has chosen his first visit to be in the beautiful country to Pakistan. Prime Minister You always had a much acclaimed reputation of being an economic Prime Minister. I would like to know hat is your expectation about China—Pakistan relations particularly the economic and trade relations in the new century?

A: Chief Executive of Pakistan: Thank you very much for the question. We are extremely honoured that the Prime Minister has chosen Pakistan for his first visit of the century. It is an honour and a privilege For Pakistan which we shall always remember. On the issue of our expectations of economic relations, the economic relation in all areas are already so strong that the expectations could not be better. Therefore, what we are achieving now is further cementing of these already strong bonds that we have. So really, there is no question of expectations from friends and brothers. We are already in very deep collaboration with each other and we look forward to a further era of strengthening of this collaboration in the economic field.

Q: Rana Qaiser What is China’s policy on the Defence equipment and transfer of technology to Pakistan?

A: Chinese Prime Minister China and Pakistan have carried out fruitful cooperation in all areas. We have also enhanced our exchanges and cooperation in Defence area as well and our Cooperation fl this area is based on strict observance of international agreements.

Q: By Chinese Journalist I think Pak—China relations have always been developing very smoothly in all these fifty years time and have set a very good example of a friendship between countries having different social systems. So my question to both the leaders is that what experience can you draw from such a good state of affairs of our relations.

A: By Chief Executive: Again I would say the experience has been excellent. We have total unanimity of views on all issues always and may I also add that in the past sears the world has seen great geo-strategic changes, yet the relationship between Pakistan and China in spite of all the global changes has remained constant and has carried on from strength to strength. Therefore this is the best of relationship which is unaffected by global or regional changes, which has stood the test of time and in the words of the President, may I say with the permission of the Prime Minister it is higher than the Himalayas deeper than the oceans and sweet as honey as I can put ii. So this is the relationship between Pakistan and China and it will continue in this form and we look forward to a much deeper and brighter relationship between us. Our experiences in all fields of activity are great, we need to go now more strongly into the trade, commercial and economic areas of collaboration which we are doing now. The fields in which we have shined MOU’s which are rail ways, tourism, telecommunication, petroleum and mining show the width, breath and depth of the collaboration between China and Pakistan. Chinese Prime Minister I fully agree with the comments made by the Chief Executive of Pakistan. I only would like to add the following comments. Pakistan and China have set an example of friendly relations between states. I think the reason why we could achieve this situation can be summarized into the following four phrases: o Mutual respect o Mutual understanding o Mutual help and assistance o Mutual trust In terms mutual trust I am rc1irring to the fact that Pak- China relations are based on flue principles of peaceful coexistence. By mutual understanding I mean that we can always stand in the other’s shoes to try to understand the other’s position from the perspective of the other side. so that we can always accommodate each other’s views and find a common ground for any issue. By mutual trust I refer to the friendship that has reached such an extent that no matter what changes occur in the world, the friendship of the two countries and the two peoples is unbreakable. In terms of mutual help we have been having friendly cooperation in all areas. And so the series of agreement and MOUs which are signed is a very good testimony to that. All cooperation has also reached a very large scale. I am confident such cooperation is mutually beneficial and so it will continue to develop and broaden in future in the interest of our two countries and in the interest of’ the prosperity of our two peoples.

Q: By the Chinese Journalist to the Chinese Prime Minister. For the last several months there are aggressions from the Israeli side against Palestinians. What is the stand of your government towards this?

A: China has sympathy and support for the people of Palestine in their course. We believe that Israel-Palestine conflict should he resolved on the basis of peaceful dialogue and continued efforts should he made in this direction with a view to getting an eventual resolution of the problem.

Q: For the Pakistan’s journalist [or the Pakistan’s economy the way it is. it is no longer possible for Pakistan to match India in Defence pending. how can Pakistan’s friends help us to have a Defence which is both credible and affordable?

A: Chinese Prime Minister. in one and a half ‘ear since Chief Executive took office in Pakistan quite substantial headway has been made in the country. The society is more stable, the economy has been stabilized. I am confident that your economy is now proceeding along a virtuous path and we in China feel happy about that. As I mentioned a moment ago. China and Pakistan have full cooperation in all areas including cooperation in the military field. When you ask me about the Defence of Pakistan that is an internal affair of Pakistan, It would be inappropriate for me to comment on that. Chief Executive OF Pakistan. I would like to add to this. First of all, I would like to correct this perception. India could be spending 28% more and 14% more this year of its GDP on Defence, but let me assure you and this entire gathering that we are maintaining a minimum deterrence level of capability which will de-te any aggression form India. We are very confident that this level of deterrence is maintained. Let me tell you as a professional soldier that quantity wise, resolve wise and capability wise Pakistan armed forces can defend Pakistan’s sovereignty and let me also add on this occasion that China has provided all the assistance that we needed in the past. in all fields of activity as I said. We are very proud of that and extremely grateful and at this moment there should he no cause for any alarm in any quarter in Pakistan to even doubt Pak armed forces’ capability in defending its integrity, sovereignty, honour and dignity. We are capable of doing it. No amount of increase in Defence expenditure from the Indian side deters us from maintaining this minimum deterrence level. We will always maintain it, and we are maintaining it.

Thank you very much.


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