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President’s Address in Charsada

13 February 2006

Khalilur Rehman, governor frontier Ameer Maqam, President PML NWFP frontier Naseer Khan, district Nazim Charsada and Lal Nisar Muhammad and all the MPAs sitting here, Nazims and ladies and gentlemen. I am very proud and happy that I was given this opportunity given by Mr Lal Nisar and Mr. Naseer Khan to come, stand and talk to you all. I would like to avail this opportunity to talk to you all with an open heart.

First of all I am fully aware about my audience, I am talking to a brave nation who has always fought for this country, flowed blood and who love this country. This is the area of Kushhal Khan Khattak, Hazrat Kaka so I am fully aware that these are the people who would be pride of any country and I am proud to be talking to you today.

The people which I have just named they were vital role players of Islam who worked a lot for Islam but I want to talk about whatever is happening these days and let me tell you that these people never used Islam as a religion for their personal gains and objectives so for now I would like to condemn those who have become the contractors of Islam and I don’t know who have given such people the right to target others as being lesser or weak Muslims.

In my view every Muslim is emotional who is a Muslim by his heart and I believe that it is a virtue in Islam that who ever is a Muslim he is a Muslim by heart and is very emotional and is even ready to flow blood and sacrifice his life for Islam so nobody should think that he is the contractor of Islam, secondly Islam should not be used for personal or political gains and I am totally against that. Now coming to what ever is happening now a days and with complete surety I am telling you that if Pakistan is in danger from anything it is from religious extremism and terrorism or whatever is being done in the name of religion like see what happened in Hangu.

The world is moving forward and with this attitude we will be left behind, this is not a 16th or 18th century world, this is 19th century world, the world of economy with development of Pakistan through knowledge, science, technology and engineering otherwise progress would not take place.

 I have been to small European countries that do not have any resources but if you look at the economies of those countries like GDP would by 300 billion dollars or 400 billion dollars and we who have the most resources like if we take Saudi Arabia it only has 160 or 180 billion dollars, these small countries with only 30 to 40 lac population have their economy’s weight up to 300 billion dollars and more if you go and look there you will see that even without natural resources there is progress and development in those countries and people are happy and prosperous with everything available to them and here we are still looking for roads, gas, electricity and water.

 This is 21st century and we will be left behind if we fail to grasp this that is why I think that whoever are sheltering foreigners, as I said in an interview previously that if America bombed in Bajaur violating our sovereignty which we oppose and condemn but today I would like to ask you that are these people not violating our sovereignty who are foreigners and are sitting here without permission and without visas disrupting the peace not only within the country but abroad as well.

Going further ahead I would like to ask of what are those people into who have provided shelter to such foreigners, are they the real Muslims and Pakistanis, is terrorism a clause in Islam so I leave the decision to you as this is basically a frontier related issue and it is my request to you all that you should all unite and speak up against this as such actions will effect the entire country but Frontier province the most.

So you should all put a stop to the misuse of religion for extremism and terrorism and I am very glad that Mr. Ameer Muqam, Mr. Lal Nisar and Mr. Naseer are all against it and even all of you occasionally speak up against this. In the same context as you see that law and order situation is still persisting in Balochistan and the only thing which I want to say is that will there be any country in the world with a private army firing bullets, rockets and missiles demanding the closure of Sui, Loti gas fields and tell me can any country progress like this where people do not want development, progress and prosperity.

We are saying that we will make Gwadar port in coastal highway, we will give you Mirani Dam and Sabakzai Dam, we are initiating a Rs 8 billion dollars project in Quetta, we are spending Rs 150 to 200 billion in Kohlu but some faction are opposed to development and all these projects and no body from out side the country should come for exploration iN the areas 2 so you tell me with such system can the country progress and develop so this is my firm resolution that this will not be accepted and whoever is going to oppose any progress in government’s writ we will not compromise and any such system should be abolished and InshAllah we will cope up with all the hurdles and problems that come our way.

The country is on its way to progress and prosperity and if you go back and think about the year 1999 as we keep on forgetting a lot of things, you will recall that we were near a collapse, we were a failed state, a defaulted state no body used to come and visit Pakistan and if any body from Pakistan went to any country I know how the ambassadors had to struggle to arrange meetings so this was our condition and standing.

I remember that once I went for Umrah with Mr. Nawaz Sharif before 12 Oct as a chief and Nawaz Sharif asked the ambassador to arrange Holy Ka’aba doors to be opened for him but when we went the doors of the Holy Ka’aba were not opened up. Next time I went there after 12 Oct and it was the same ambassador, he told me that I will try to get the doors of the Holy Ka’aba opened up for you but I told him not to, I said don’t have us humiliate as the doors would not be opened like before.

So when I went the crown prince King Abdullah was taking me to everyone and not once I asked him for the doors of Holy Ka’aba to be opened up for me and at 12 in the night sometime when I officially met him last, during that visit he said to me that I have passed an order for the gates of Holy Ka’aba to be opened up for you and not only that but in Madina the Holy prophets Roza’s doors will also be opened for you.

So I would like to say that a person should have respect with standing of his country and Alhumdullilah I can assure you that today Pakistan has a social standing among the Muslim Ummah, and in the international world when we say something people listen to us.

Regarding economy I would like to tell you that economy is improving and has improved but now the problem is that we have to think on a larger scale of what should be done about the country now that we have improved economy and a sound social standing so first of all our goal is to take development and progress to grass root level as I am fully aware that there will be no use of any economic development at micro level until progress happens here in Charsada, Swabi and etc.

So I would like to tell you all that gas will come in this area InshAllah as this is what we are here for, secondly like you have talked about electricity, I have promised you all electricity for I don’t know what kind of economic development would be if all villages of Pakistan does not have electricity and I would determine how to supply electricity and how to improve this supply and WAPDA will be instructed accordingly, third issue is of remodeling of Duaba, Munda dam will no doubt be constructed though as its responsibility is under private sector so it will take some time but I will myself come to its earth breaking InshAllah, then of course what would be the use of any Dam if beds of the people are coming under water so restructuring is a necessity and will be catered in the same package, fourth issue is of development projects though I do not know about the details but for now I announce Rs 10 crore to be handled by Nazim for development.

Apart from that you must tell us of any other development projects which you feel are important for this area and should be initiated and InshAllah your needs will be well catered. I would like to tell the Nazim that wherever the local government system is working properly, development and prosperity has eased in those areas and same way where the local government is not working properly development is not taking place and whoever are going to think about its own people first I assure you like World Bank has said that it is a silent revolution and it should be made a success by all of you and if you don’t take an important role in it, this silent revolution will fail miserably.

Another very important issue backed by my own study is water strategy, if you read international magazines you will find three to four articles on Pakistan and one even goes out to say that Pakistan is one of the worst country from water conversation point of view, the divide the total storage of water with 15 crore population of how much per capita water is available and water is ranked at the lowest as one of the water scarce countries. This is very saddening as if we were like such countries where water is not available, countries which do not have rivers but in Pakistan where there are big rivers flowing, and then it is shameful and humiliating for us when the world calls us as a water scarce country. I know the place where I am standing now has always opposed dams but neither am I a hypocrite or a coward and I say whatever I feel is in the best of Pakistan’s interests and what is right for the area.

You must understand that it is not an issue of one or two dams but it is much more than that, first 3 of all we have to save the water which is available to us, we should not let it go to waste, today more than 60% of the water goes to waste. 50 to 60% of the water goes to waste on its flow from Mangla dam to the land areas which is a big dysfunction in the system so first of all this needs to be catered too and for that we are brick lining on which Rs 66 billion is being spent, we have to save more water and by this distributor and canal should also be brick lined second is better utilization of water like much of the water is wasted in the fields but if laser leveling is done only 1/4 or 1/3 water is required for fields, then there is system of drip irrigation i.e. water is only supplied at those places where water is required then the other ways are making more storages for water so in the context I gave a water vision 2016 which give details of this that we have to construct at least 5 dams Bhasha Dam, KBD, Akhori Dam, Munda Dam and Kuramtangi Dam as agriculture is our backbone and Pakistan cannot progress without better agricultural system.

My request is from all of you, from the Nazim, Mr. Ameer Muqam, governor and the other Nazims, MPAs is to understand this as it’s a question of Pakistan’s future, it’s about prosperity of Pakistan, it’s the matter of Pakistani nation and it is not an emotional or a personal affair and national interest should be supported. This was all I had to talk to you about and I am sure that InshAllah the way on which we are moving is a way of betterment for the country, a way ahead for prosperity and happiness and for which I need your support, the support of the people in the political arena. I ask all of you to support the political figures sitting here with us as they support me and my thoughts. There is direct and indirect loyalty, direct loyalty is person to person and indirect loyalty is what I refer to as thoughts, motives, stance are one and when that is one, it’s a much stronger loyalty. I am extremely grateful to Mr Lal Nisar who invited me and gave me an opportunity for this.

Thank you very much. !

Pakistan Paindabad!


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