Posted by: Administrator | 3 January, 2005

President Address to Jamshoro University

1 February 2005

Human Resource Development (HRD) forms of the progress of country. HRD means poverty alleviation, health, education and Socio Economic Development. Education is back bone of HRD. It also contributes towards health and poverty alleviation. Quality education is tied and linked with nation’s resources and prosperity. If resources are not provided, education can’t make progress. We have to generate resources for it. Economic development is necessary for it. Pakistan is weak in education sector.

I am proud of the fact that I am standing in the second oldest University of the country. The performance of any university rejoices every one. There is no standard for our universities in neither Asia nor World. We are nowhere in the world and Asia. In 57 countries of the world, we are only nuclear and missile state; our statues should be same in other areas. We have to do a lot of work in science and technology. Why we are not excellent in other fields? We have holistic view of education sector. We are addressing all parts of education. Literacy rate is 48 percent. Poverty rate is miserable and shameful. Quality of primary and secondary education is poor. We have strategy plan to improve it.

Then comes Higher Education, It demands improvisation. Now take technical education, everyone should divert to technical education. Madrassahs (Religious School) are equally important; we can’t neglect the one million students. I don’t know why they are afraid of it. We just want that they should be taught courses to have active role in mainstream life.

They should become doctor, banker, engineer, or join Army to become officers. Higher Education Commission has changed old and inactive University Grants Commission. We set up Higher Education Commission (HEC) under the leadership of Dr. Attaur Rehman is boosting the higher education in the country.

Developing Grant were 800 million rupees in past for whole country. It has increased to Rs 9.11 billions. It is 1200 per cent increase. Non development grant has increased from 3.4 billion to 7 billion. The fifty percent increase is fixed for every year. Science and technology is area which lead us to progress. The whole allocation 180 million. This is unbelievable to understand achievements in nuclear field. All credit goes to brains of people of Pakistan.

Now 800 Ph.Ds are doing courses in the country and abroad. In near Future, we will have 1500 Doctorates in the country. HEC has digital library to provide access to information. Every one has free access to 6000 journals. Our satellite worth 4 billion is being used to connect main university. You can attend the lecture of LUMS and NUST from here. In any subject if you have deficiency in faculty, it can easily facilitate to get education from some other university. It is only possible because we have economic back up. I will give 2 billion for library and research.

An amount of 3.5 billion is allocated for Sindh University. It will transform whole university over the coming years. Sindh has history. It has culture. We are proud of it. Its heritage is unique. We should also look forward for future dynamically. We can’t stick to heritage and history.

In social sector, we need to do a lot of work. Our energies are consumed in irrelevant and unproductive issues. We are using our energies only for opposition, hatred against army, Establishment and Punjab. Establish your resources for good things. Improve yourself for future. It is unfortunate that we have indulged in minor issues. We are wasting our energies for nothing. Sindh had sufferings in past, in future it will not be allowed. It can’t be allowed. The development project expenditure is being spent on Balochistan and Sindh. It is not on expenditure on Punjab.

Punjab is largest province. We have many projects in progress for Sindh Right bank outfall, Kotri dam, Reeni canal, Thar Canal and Sehwan Barrage Six irrigation canals system. These new canals will irrigate new lands.

Sindh is regarded as to be anti-Army. When I became an Army chief, I gave orders to know the reasons of less number of soldiers from Balochistan and Sindh. At the moment, 70,000 soliders are fom Sindh. Every 3rd or 4th officer in PMA is from Sindh. Now situation has improved, boys from cadet colleges are joining and encouraged for the Army. This is your Army. One third of Army belongs to you.

Punjab is sacrificing for Sindh. During water shortage, Punjab provided 5000 cusecs to you. NFC and Provincial Autonomy are being supported by Punjab. Pakistan will move forward with four provinces joining hands. We have escaped collapse.

Economy is back bone of our country. We are expecting 7 per cent growth this year. Social Sector is improving. Human Resource Development will be improved. We have problem areas. Extremism is problem. In the country majority is moderate and they are against extremism. Minorities enjoy equal rights. Extremist are away from main stream life. To exhibit their isolation, they become furious and start killing others.

Islam teaches us tolerance. In Sindh University, you have tolerance. Unfortunately one segment is against it. They should not impose anything on others. They should not hurdle the development project. Extremists are trying to dominate in our tolerant and moderate society. It can’t be allowed. Pakistan is agrarian society. Here we need development of farmer and farming. If you have no water, the development will stop. You need water reservoirs and canals to have water. Balochistan and N.W.F.P can get share as they have no canal system. Canal and Dam is a matter of life. Punjab has underground water. They are drawing water from ground through tube wells. It is matter of life and death. Mismanagement is necessarily to be removed. The poor should get justice. We can’t blame others. Powerful gets the water. CM is doing to resolve this problem. We should not put our weakness on others.

We need new water reservoirs for existing canals and new canals. Rs 66 billion have been allocated for the brick lining of canals. The present set up is not enough. They advice me not to build another dam. Mangla dam’s rising is to cover present deficiency. We have to make dams. It is matter of Pakistan’s life. It is matter of life and death of Sindh. Electricity shortage is another problem. New dam will provide cheap electricity. One dam will be providing huge 5000 Megawatt electricity.

In next five years, we need one dam, in 15 years two, in 30 years 3 dams and in 50 years we need 5 dams. We need all dams. Dam necessity is increasing year by year. We haven’t constructed any dam after Mangla and Tarbella. Some say that we have no water. It is wrong belief. Average water flowing down to sea is 35 acre feet. Silting is reducing the water availability. One dam will cover the deficiency only.

As per 1991 accord, Sindh has two percent extra share in water distribution but it will only be applied if we have water availability. Down to Kotri, water is required to stop back flow of sea water. Tele metric system is working to check the theft and misuse of water. At the moment we have two feasible dams. Both are ready to be constructed. We need two additional dams. Their capacity for water and electricity is same. The available water from Bhasha is 50MAF, 60MAF from Tarbella and 90MAF from Kala Bagh Dam. Kabul has record history in flow of water. It all went to sea. Basha requires 250 mile road by cutting mountain to reach dam site. Water will drown the road and lining.

We have to construct Karakoram Highway again. Time for road construction will take 6 years. KBD will take 6 to 8 years. Basha will be constructed not before 2014. Transmission line will have extra expenditure. Technical committee report will come soon. It should be debated in cabinet and parliament. I have given you broad comparison in layman language. I request you to understand this. Take this message wherever you go. Please stop opposing it. This is in your interest. Whosoever says to stop these, don’t listen to them, they are misleading you. They are misleading you. They are causing harm to you and our province.


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