Posted by: Administrator | 1 January, 2005

President’s Address to MNAs, MPAs and Nazims at Betto Jatoi

1 February 2005

Inshallah we will develop Sindh and people of Sindh. It is our aim. We will reduce the poverty. This is new Pakistan. It is developing now. It is leaning towards economic stability. This is not my claim. Whole world accepts it. This not a defaulter country. It doesn’t borrow but lends. It has repute in the world. No one was aware about us. Now they know our status.

Whole Muslim Ummah knows that our country is strong. We have capacity to lead the Muslim Ummah. We have capability to provide guidance for development. We have introduced real democracy in the country. It is new local government system. Earlier old system had no powers. They have resources, administrative powers, and they have authority. They have resources to conduct development programs in local level. They have resources to work for backward areas for your better interest. We have given the authority to province. These provinces are in better economic position. Now they are in better position to address the public problems. These institutions can work better if economy is strong. Now all the provinces and local bodies will work smoothly. It is ideological country. Minorities have full right to live in it. Quaid has given full security and rights to them. They are free to move in temple and Church. We need not the ideology of hatred. We need ideology of tolerance and peace. It was a desire of founder of Pakistan.

Some elements are against it. Extremist are opposing it. They kill other sects. They use loud speakers to propagate wrong beliefs among masses. I request where ever you go, spread this message of tolerance and peace. Discourage them. They mislead you. They grade Muslim as best or weak. God knows who is better. We recite same ‘Kalma’. We say prayers, some time more or less. God has given me honor to enter the House of ALLAH (KABA). They allowed me to go to roof of the KABA. Where Hazrat Bilal raised the loud voice of AZAN. Who has this honor? I have privileged to Enter Roza Rasoll. One should need to project good things. Don’t impose anything on others. I hope you will stand against extremism. This is a curse to society. I am Sindhi. I want to talk about you. The poverty is very high in your province.

Mostly people waste time in criticism against army, Punjab and establishment. The common man is influenced by wrong beliefs. We should forget past. Now everything has changed. It has realized that Sindh will have no more victimization. I am from Sindh; I know the real issues of Sindh. Whole circumstances have changed. Punjab and others have realized that united approach for development is necessary. I will not allow any one to victimize. The maximum share in development projects is for Sindh and Balochistan. Manchar Lake was destroyed. Now Right Bank Outfall (RBO) will drain polluted water to see. Thar coal will produce electricity. Now water, road and train will reach there. Sehwan barrage will have new six canals. It is the first time.

When I became army chief, I ordered to recruit Sindhis and Balochis. Now Sindh share in army is 70,000 out of which four hundred are officers. It is your army. I am proud of it. Sukkar barrage was in danger. It is life and death for Sindh. Ever one was afraid of it. Army is busy to recover the damage. Badin was drowned due to rains. No one had courage to do such projects. Many schools are being running by army. Now best education is being provided in these schools. I am always shocked by the words against army. Those elements working against army are against Pakistan. This army is for your better interest. Public welfare is our mission. It is impossible without economic development. We will keep on developing Pakistan.

Agriculture is the back bone of the country. This is agrarian province. Farmers have been given incentives. Loans are available in more banks. Rs 80 billion are available for agricultural loans which will be increased to Rs 150 billion for farmers. It will not be more than a million. So maximum can benefit. This is given to those farmers who have areas below one acre. It will help you to have better farming. Imprisonment of farming is forbidden. Water courses will be brick lined. Maximum brick lining is been conducted here. Maximum share for this development project is available to Sindh. I am chairman of the work. I will examine the project. When one is sincere, God also give assistance and blessings. Rains are good this is the reason we have attained record of cotton bales. We have expectation of high record yield of cotton and wheat. I will remove poverty. It will increase economic uplift. Water is necessary. It should be managed. I know about your problems of water shortage. Building reservoir and canals are both inter linked. For water storage, reservoirs are needed. The distribution needs canals. In Sindh water mismanagement can’t be allowed. Every one should have his share in water. CM is aware about the facts. Water should be increased in canals. Reservoir and canal both are needed. New canals will irrigate new farms. Punjab has facility to have tube well. Canal is necessary for Punjab. It is utmost requirement of time. We are waiting for technical committee’s report. I will not cheat you. I will work in your better interest. In every decision, I will support you. Because you have no water. Water storage is decreasing.

By 2010, one Mangala will be shortened. Tell me source to get water. We need to meet deficiency. Wise act is to have dams for future needs. I am sure you will support us. I promise you that I will work for the development. I will drop my last shed for its progress. I will work for poverty alleviation. This is my commitment to you. I am sure you will stand by me. Lend me your help to ok on development projects for poverty alleviation. God will be with you.


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